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The Conflict of Dwarves and Elves

Rebellion of Family

TA 5013


TA 5014


Western Territories


William II Heartan being crowned the King of Amsnorth


House Heartan at
Gran Sarathal

House Heartan of
Rocky Vale


William II Heartan

Elizabeath I Heartan


Battle of Rubies
Battle of Heartans

"A War fought between families, who all wanted the same thing, the Throne. Plotters, betrayers, kings, lords, queens all rose up against each other - all family."
―About the Rebellion

Rebellion of Family was a rebellion that too place between TA 5013 - TA 5014. It begun when Robert II Heartan gave up his position as King of Amsnorth due to his fertility problem. Robert then chose an heir to succeed him, and he chose William II Heartan because of his good reputation with the people of Amsnorth.

Robert's twin brother, Walter II Heartan was the next in line to the throne, and he decided to travel to the capital, to take the throne through rights, however he died at sea.

Robert II Heartan's father, Gaston I Heartan's sisters rose up against this claim, demanding that they take the throne as William was 9th in line to the Throne. However Robert refused and gave his support to William, and along with Williams father, William I Heartan, grandfather, Markus II Heartan and great-grandfather George I Heartan all supported the new king. 

When the Rebellion begun, Elizabeath moved to the Rocky Vale, where she flew the banner of the True Heartans, claiming that William had no claim next to her own. Elizabeath was very old at the time, so her children and grandchildren joined her, as they also had a better claim to the throne than William.

The Rebellion lasted 1 year, and despite being outnumbered, William II Heartan won, with the death of his rivals granting him the position of King of Amsnorth. However this would only last a short period of time, when the third child to George II Heartan, Walter III Heartan betrayed and murdered William, taking the throne for himself.



After the death of Gaston I Heartan his eldest son (by several minuets) was crowned the new King of AmsnorthRobert II Heartan now king decided to take a wife to sire his children, however after trying he found himself being unable to produce enough semen to have children. So he had his royal healer to tests on him, using old potions, and after the result came back that Robert would never have children, he decided he was unfit to rule as king.

William II Heartan was known for his kindess and good personallity, so Robert decided he was the right person to become the next king. Williams grandfather, great grandfather and father all agreed to this, and supported the claim. However Robert's twin brother, Walter II Heartan heard about this and informed Robert that he had a better claim over anyone by right. Walter sailed for the city, but his ship collided with a rock and he died at sea.

Elizabeath I Heartan, the second child to Areothan II Heartan, and aunt of Robert II Heartan, potested against this as she was the next in line to the throne. She rallied her allies and family, and rose up against William. Only a short time later the rebellion begun.


  • House Heartan at Gran Sarathal: William II Heartan becomes the new King of Amsnorth after Robert II Heartan elected him as his successor. He holds a great deal of soldies, ranging from over 4,000 soldiers loyal to him. He also has over 10,000 soldiers in the capital, who are sworn to him due to being king.
  • House Heartan at Rocky Vale: Elizabeath I Heartan moved her allies and forces to the ancient Heartan seat in Rocky Vale. There along with her sister Mary I Heartan and her children and grandchildren, as well as cousins all supported her claim. She holds a greater army than William and allies, as she is by right the next in line. Her army reached over 6,000, with her allies putting her around 18,000 soldiers.

Schemes and PlotsEdit

While a great deal of the rebellion took place on the battlefield, much of it was within the cities and towns. Gran Sarathal had many spies that were lurking around the streets, trying to gather people to Elizabeath's side. Her claim was indeed stronger than William, however because Robert I Heartan was loved by the people of the capital, and that as his last act as king, was to make William his successor, many thought his decision to make William King was a good one.

Riots erupted around both the capital, and the Rocky Vale. Each ruler attempted to overthrow the other by breaking them inside. Neither of them wanted to pitty their own people against each other, so relied on using slippery tatics. Elizabeath even sent assassins to kill William while he slept, however each time failed.

Knowing it would be too hard to destory their foes without bloodshed, William gathered his people to try and defeat her in battle. Robert I Heartan was tasked with gathering people to William's side, and did this by travelling all over the West, to villages, towns and castles, begging for support in William's claim. He did succeed at a time, and gathered an additonal 50 men to his side. 


  • Battle of Rubies: While only two battles were fought in the rebellion, they were brutal and very large. Over 10,000 in total engaged in this battle, with the commanders being Mary I Heartan and her
    Rebellion Robert.

    Robert during the rebellion

    grandson Walter IV Heartan being slain by Robert II Heartan himself. The battle soared across the Western Territories, with thousands dying before Elizabeath ordered her forces to retreat. Elizabeath was no commander, and her lack in battles caused this major defeat.
  • Battle of Heartans: Several months after the Battle of Rubies, Elizabeath I Heartan decided to launch another attack against William, this time near the city of Phylon. This battle had all the commanders of both sides in the one battle. Elizabeath saw to defeat them all in the one day, and had many battle commanders on her side that were skilled. However Robert I and several others led the battle, it took three days before it came to an end with over 2,000 people dying. Elizabeath along with every other of her family were killed in the battle, and saw William II winning the throne.


Now with the rebellion at an end, William II Heartan had now secured his position as King of Amsnorth. Robert II Heartan decided to have a life of peace and left to the village if Rivertown. However shortly after the events of the rebellion, Walter III Heartan, the third son to George II Heartan, killed William and crowned himself the new king, and shortly after that, Anne III Heartan, granddaughter of Mary I Heartan, shoved a sword into Walter's III back, killing him instantly. 

Anne being one of the few Heartans left, and the next in line to the Throne took it without any competition.

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