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Rhynei Heartan (née Lukie)

Biographical information

Other names
Golden Beauty, Traitor's Queen
Date of birth
TA 9571
TA 9589 - TA 9594
Date of death
TA 9594 (23 years)

Physical description

5.6 Feet
Hair color
Golden Blonde
Eye color
Royal House

Rhynei Lukie also known as Queen Rhynei (TA 9571 - TA 9594) was the Lady of Qhylen, and later known as the Queen of Amsnorth, in which she became Rhynei Heartan, up until her death. She was the wife of King Harken II Heartan and the mother to, Kevan I Heartan, Melanie I Heartan and Lorell I Heartan

Before becoming the Queen of Amsnorth she was the Lady of Qhylen, the daughter to Rodrik Lukie. She is decribed as being largely beautiful, something of which she passed to her children. Throughout the time of her marriage to Harken, she was completely in the dark in her husband's true intentions. When she found out, she was said to have been so angry she took her children away to Qhylen for several months.

Once her return to the capital came to be, she shortly fell pregnant again with her third child, however this would not last, as she died giving birth to Lorell I Heartan

Character and AppearanceEdit

Rhynei was a kind woman and known for her generous heart. She was fond of the poor, and tended to them greatly through her time as Lady and Queen. She was also very stubborn and rather hot headed, but she always kept herself at bay, and showed much respect to those in any culture, or class. 

Like all her family, Rhynei was beautiful and was said to resemble a goddess. She had long golden blonde hair and light brown eyes. Her features were found and soft, with her cheeks often pink. Her youngest son, Lorell I Heartan looks greatly like her.


Early LifeEdit

Rhynei is the only child to Lord Rodrik Lukie , this caused much troubles during her young life. Due to her being the only child, and her mother unable to carry further children, Rodrik wished for his family bloodline to be secure within history, so planned to marry her off to another lord of another city.

However during her early life, she encountered Harken II Heartan. This played much to her father's advantage as this was much more than he bargened for. Rhynei loved the young prince greatly, as she admired his courage and kind heart. (It should be noted that Harken was not corrupted at this point.)

When she was but thirteen years of age, her father married her off to Harken, and within one year she gave birth to their first son Kevan I Heartan. Rhynei was the first woman in over four hundred years not to name a member of House Heartan the traditional name of Nark, Robert or Gaston.

Becoming QueenEdit

Rhynei was no aware of Harken II Heartan's intentions to kill his brother and King of Amsnorth, Gaston IV Heartan. However there were many times that she grew wary of his darker side towards his brother, and confronted him many times.

Two years later she gave birth to Melanie I Heartan and feared for her daughter after Harken decided to train her as if she were a boy. This was because Kevan was not the boy Harken wanted, as Kevan loved books over swords. Rhynei on many occasions tried to persaude Harken to leave their daughter to woman things, but the prince refused.

After the birth of Sinteal II Heartan, the daughter to Gaston, Rhynei began to once again hope for her husband as he tended to the girl on many occasions and was seen protecting her. 

Around 16 BPD, Rhynei was heavity pregnant and this was the point when Harken decided to launch an attack on Gran Sarathal and murder his brother. This was the first time she was included in the affairs of her husband. This shocked Rhynei and she sent out a raven to warn Gaston before the attack even took place, and this alerted the king.

Despite her efforts, Harken stilled managed to invade the capital and kill the king. Rhynei was reluctant to arrive within the city and sit upon the Golden Throne, but she had little choice as the new king demanded it of her. 

Rhynei was crowned Queen of Amsnorth shofrtly after.


When Rhynei went into labour, Harken rushed to her side, but she ordered for the king not to enter the room. This however did not stop the king as he murdered the gaurds trying to protect her. Harken stood by her side as she bled over her bedchambers, trying to push her child out.

As the baby was suffering to appear, Harken slit Rhynei around the bottom, granting the baby to push free. This caused much pain within the queen, and she lost dozens of blood. Shorty after she died.


  • She never knew of Harken's true intentions until after his rebellion

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