Sangdorik Ribercon
All Gods
Includes over 20 catapults
Lords Manor
Places of note
Wooden Forge
Riverale Tavern
Bell Tower
Date of founding
24,500 BPD
9,400 BPD (rebuilt)
Likely House Ribercon
"A village, or fort, was once a great place of wonder. Its main purpose was to built catapults for war, but its massive size eventually gave home to thousands of migrates from across Amsnorth."
―About the fort/village

Rivernfell is one of the largest forts, and villages in Amsnorth. It was origianlly founded around 24,500 BPD being one of the original structures of the dwarves, but it was destroyed around 10,000 years later and later abandoned, during the War of Human Independence,

During the War of Kings, the fort was rebuilt to battle against Jafier Heartan, and built many catapults, and trained soldiers. After the war, the fort was made into a village due to its large size, and many houses were built to accomidate the large population in the Dwavern Kingdom


Ancient timesEdit

The village was first origianlly one of the ancient dwarves first civilizations, built when they surfaced after their great underground city, Orzinhall collapsed. The village housed over 240,000 dwarves, however as time past these all moved across what was named the Dwavern Kingdom. 

Since then the village has gotten smaller, and eventually after several hundreds years it became a fort. The fort was then used as a base as scouts ventured into the southern parts of the Kingdom, which they would later name the Dark Territory. 

This time the dwarves discovered the Green Death (Fur'uklorino Ayalondious), a extremely dangerous disease that killed thousands of people. The fort was later shut down and abandoned as the disease had infected large amounts of soldiers that were posted there.

Back to statusEdit

Several years after its shut down, the new Kings sent down Green-Elves, who are immune to the disease, to try and find a way to cure it. The elves remained within the fort, using it as a lab of sorts. They used their alchemy to find a way to cure the disease.

Although the disease was stable, the elves stated that it was not yet ready for people to live inside. So the dwarves around the entire area, within 50 miles of the fort, were forced to move. It wasn't for another 15 years did the elves give the go for people to move back in.

The fort was used again as a main stronghold. 

War of Human IndependenceEdit

One of the major events in history was the war unleashed by the growing human race. These human who had formed their own government called Human Sovereignty, begun to rise up against the leaders of Amsnorth to prove that they were as equals.

the dwarves were the first to backlash this claim, and they declaired war against them. However despite being increaseinly larger than the humans, they underestimated their intelligence, and after years of conflict, they were eventually invaded.

Rivernfell was one of the first places attacked, and it took only several hours to fall. The humans took over the fort, and set up camp within its walls. They used its remote position to send out ravens, and call for supplies and aid. The dwarves attempted to take the fort back, but were unable to. After the humans were done with the fort, they set it ablaze, burning it to the ground. Ever since then it has been forgotten about.


During the War of Kings, the fort was built once again to house a facility to build catapults and train soldiers for the war against Jafier Heartan and the other kings. However the fort fell once again as Jafier invaded the Dwavern Kingdom.

After the war, the current ruler turned the fort into a village, as more and more beings began to migrate into the Kingdom. Since then it has held some of the most reknowed people, such as bards, knights and nobles. 

Places of NoteEdit

Lords ManorEdit

The place where the lords and their familes house, it is large in size, and has over ten bedrooms. It was built during the War of Kings to serve as a barrack for soldiers, however turned into a manor. 

Bell TowerEdit

The bell tower was one of the biggest attributes for the fort as it signaled approching enemies. The bell tower stands above the Lords Manor, and overlooks all the lands for miles.

Riverale TavernEdit

Given its name, Riverale, it became masive. Riverale is one of the most sought out drinks in Amsnorth, and Rivernfell is where it is made and sold. The ale is very pricey due to its rare ingredents, and because of this the tavern gains a lot of customers.

Wooden ForgeEdit

The main reason of its creation, the forge has created over 1,000 catapults in its lifetime.

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