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Old Robert III

Robert III Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
King Pointy, Wicked King of Beards, King Cruel, Robert III the Smasher
Date of birth
TA 5326
TA 5399 - TA 5429
Date of death
TA 5429 (103 years)

Physical description

6.1 feet
Hair color
Brown, Grey (older)
Eye color
Royal House
"Robert III was as wicket in personality as he was in appearance. Like his father, he suffered from arrogance and cruelty, and cared little for his people. "
―About Robert III

Robert III Heartan, also known as Wicket King of Beards or King Pointy, (TA 5326 - TA 5429) was the King of Amsnorth after the death of his father, George VII Heartan. Robert III was raised in a hostile enviroment, as the tension and hate between his mother and father was extreme. He grew into a cruel man, only seeing other people as his subjects and lesser in status. 

Robert III became king at the age of 73 years old, rather old for someone to be crowned. Throughout his life before being king, Robert gained a reputation for his unkind ways and rather cruel personallity. He didn't do much as Prince of Amsnorth, rather than travel and act and ruel as Duke of Afarna, a title given from his father, to keep him out of Gran Sarathal. Robert ruled over Afrana in a bad way, caring little about the people and more about the riches that the country held. Robert changed several noble houses, and completely destoryed some of them. 

When the War for the North took place, Robert III did not supply his father with men and supplies, which put tention between father and son. George VII Heartan eneded uo forcing the Human Royal Government to threaten Robert that if he did not send troops, his title would be revoked. Robert eventually handed aid to his father, but not enough to make much of a difference in the early times of the war.

George VII became an old man, and sought to overthrow the ruel of the King of Wizardear and King of the Dwavern Kingdom, this action was not met well, and eventually the two kings met with Robert. They made a deal, that if George was to be removed soon, Robert III would receive a great deal of gold and gems upon his coronation as king. Robert saw the act through, and hired assassins to kill his father on his 132nd birthday.

Upon being crowned king, Robert III Heartan moved the main resident of the King of Amsnorth to the Rocky Vale, as he hated Gran Sarathal for his poor population, and refused to move back to the capital until they had been delt with. During his reign, he increased the army size of House Heartan by forcing the poor to join his forces. If they rejected they were killed. By the time Robert had ruled for five years, he held the largest army in Amsnorth

Robert III then unleashed the Invasion of the Burnt Islands, in which he sent most of his forces to take back the island, that was once apart of the King of Amsnorth's ruling realms. The action led to a war with the Dark-Elves, which lasted several days, before Robert III was killed by his son, Bilious IV Heartan.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Robert III was a cruel, sadistic and cold man, who enjoyed pain and to make people who disapointed him to suffer. He was unintelligent, impatient, and did not think much on his actions. He was however fond of adventures, and would often wonder the wilds of Amsnorth, hunting and sight-seeing the animals of the lands. He he wrote the book, Animals of the Wild, which became one of the most popular books in the world at the time, and serves as one of the major books of study within education of young children. 

Robert III was not an attractive man, he was horse-like, fat, hairy and very smelly. He did not wash much, and perfered to keep himself unkept, as he believed this made him look more fierce. It is said that many people could not stand to be near him, and his smell would often keep away preying people. Robert is best known for his beards, often cutting them so they appeared sharp and edgy. He gained the name King Pointy because of this, a title he enjoyed and employed himself many times. Robert also loved his clothings, favouring large puffy cottons and silks, and used the skins of hunted animals to fashion unusal king robes and armours.


Early LifeEdit

"My father, the pitiful fool. I was but a child, screaming for the love and care of my parents. But what I got was a red cheek and one-way ticket to another country. Alone and scared. But I don't dwell on the past, it made me stronger."
―Robert's statement which was written on his tomb

Robert III Heartan was born to George VII Heartan and Hylena Heartan. Like most memebers of House Heartan, he was born within Gran Sarathal and spent many days there before being shipped off to Summer of Priest, where he would spend a further four years. Throughout his childhood he rarely saw his parents, and when he did his mother and father were always hostile towards each other, and Robert was witness to abuse and rape. He would try and comfort his mother, but his father would beat him, always informing him that a man should be strong and brave. 

This got into the head of Robert and he begun to see women as tools. By the time he became ten years old, he had mistreated, raped and assulted maids, servants and even noble ladies. This sparked a great deal of hate towards Robert, and he was forced to leave Summer of Priest

Robert returned to Gran Sarathal where he would spend a further four years, and during this time he would study at many schools and be tutured by different instructors. He was trained in the art of swordplay by many different soldiers and experienced swordmasters.

Due to his increasing bad reputation, George VII Heartan had Robert removed and sent to rule over Afrana as the Duke of Afrana. There he hoped it would mature him and get him ready to eventually become King of Amnsorth. However this did not work, as Robert used his newly fond power to make himself rather greedy and imposing. He did not pay any attention to the people and rose their taxes greatly. A small revolt rose against him in order to force him to lower his high laws, but they were met with either death or imprisoment. 

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