Robert II Heartam
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Robert II Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Commander King, The King who cannot Bear
Date of birth
TA 4,974
TA 5013 - TA 5013
Date of death
TA 5,054 (80 years)

Physical description

6 Feet
Hair color
Dark brown
Eye color
Chocolate brown
Royal House
"Possibly one of the bravest kings of all time. Robert was smart, cunning, and a very noble man. The interest of the people came first, and he made a rebellion to make sure the best king would sit on the throne."
―About Robert II

Robert II Heartan, (TA 4974 - TA 5054) was King of Amsnorth around four and a half thousand years prior to Dust and Shadow. He was the son to Gaston I Heartan and became the first king to be unable to have children. Due to being a failure as a king, Robert gave up the throne after only several months as king, but served as the most trusted commander to his successor, William II Heartan. His twin brother Walter II Heartan wanted the throne for himself also, but he died at sea travelling to Gran Sarathal.

William II Heartan was elected king by Robert himself, who saw the child as being a great king. This sparked an outrage among his aunts, Elizabeath I Heartan and Mary I Heartan, who wanted the throne themselves. Robert's uncle, and William's great grandfather, George II Heartan however supported his great grandson's claim to the throne.

For several years after William was crowned, a small rebellion known as, the Rebellion of Family, took place, with each Heartan battling for the throne. Walter III Heartan became the victor, the Great Uncle to William. Walter killed all his competitors, including William.

Robert lived for more than 80 years, dying in his sleep. Because of his actions as commander, he protected many kings as they took the throne, and Robert was always consulted for council and wisdom. He was buried in the Kings' Mountain, and has been named one of the best Heartan kings, despite being one for only a few months.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Robert was a kind man, and very intelligent. He was a very skilled battle commander and fighter, however was very ill tempered, and could be angered very quickly. He cared for his family, and was said to have been wounded deeply when they were forced into war against each other.

Robert was a handsome man, standing around 6 feet, and having long deep dark brown hair, with chocolate eyes. He was very broad in appearance, and was built like a bull. He worse blues and greens above the reds and gold of House Heartan.


Early LifeEdit

Robert was born to Gaston I Heartan in Gran Sarathal along with his brother Walter II Heartan. His birth
Young Robert II

Young Robert II

was celebrated across the lands, and he was given gifts from many lords. One of these gifts caused Robert in his early weeks to gain a sever illness. Many thought he would die as he would not sleep nor eat, however Gaston I Heartan managed to get a wizard named Moreusico to help. The old man used magic to take out the spell that had plauged the new prince.

After discovering that someone tried to murder his son, Gaston issued a bounty on the one responsible. Handing over the gift that placed the illness on his son to the bounty hunters. The illness caused a serious bleeding in Robert's right eye, which would haunt him for ten years, until healers managed to repair him.

King of AmsnorthEdit

When he was 39 years old, his father Gaston I Heartan died and Robert was soon crowned the new King of Amsnorth. Robert was known never to take women seriously, so was never married nor proven his interest in women, some claimed that Robert prefered men. However this is unclear as he was seen sleeping with many women, so it was implied he liked both.

As being the new king, Robert was demanded to take a wife, to bear his children. But after trying, Robert had himself checked by the healers, where he had his semen tested. It came back to the king that he would never be able to have children. Robert was broken by this, as it made him an unfit king. Many believe that it was the illness he obtained as a baby that caused this.

Soon after Robert gathered all of his family in Gran Sarathal where he informed them. His aunts Elizabeath and Mary decided to elect themselves as the new Queen of Amsnorth. But Robert refused, informing them that he did not think they would make good rulers. This sparked rage among the family, and Robert chose William II Heartan, his second cousin to become his successor. This did not go down well with the others, as William was 9th in line to the throne. However William's great grandfather, and 6th in line decided to support William's claim, believing the boy would become a great king. 

After that meeting Elizabeath I Heartan and Mary I Heartan decided to make a rebellion against William II Heartan. Thus beginning the Rebellion of Family.

Rebellion of FamilyEdit

When William II Heartan was crowned the new King of Amsnorth his family rose against him because of their stronger claim. When the rebellion started, Robert II served as the main commander to Wiliam II, and along with George II Heartan, William I Heartan, and Markus II Heartan, supported William II. 

A battle ensured between them all, and they were divided into several groups. Elizabeath had the larger
Robert II in battle

Robert II in battle

army and allies, and many battles took place. Robert II Heartan was the commander of the forces so was on the front lines in many battles. 

During the Battle of Rubies, Robert slew his Great Aunt, Mary I Heartan in battle, along with her grandson, Walter IV Heartan. With Mary out of the picture, Elizabeath decided to march on the capital, however after learning of this, Robert informed King William, and he sent out his forces to meet her.

Robert lead the Battle of Heartans, and after a brutal battle, Elizabeath was defeated, and she was killed along with her daughter and son, Arabella Heartan and Olivar Heartan. Other Heartans: Markus I Heartan, Bethany I Heartan, George II Heartan, Markus II Heartan, William I Heartan, James I Heartan, Brunhild Heartan, Henry Heartan, Thomas Heartan and Anne I Heartan all died in the battle. This event made it the first since the Great Purge to see so many Heartans perish.

Now with William II Heartan king, and no one to defeat him, Robert decided to leave the ruling to him, and left for Rivertown, where he would serve as its new lord. However when he reached the village, he learned that William II was killed by the king's great grandfather's third son, Walter III Heartan, who now named himself the new King of Amsnorth.

Robert unable to do anyting, remained at Rivertown, until Walter called for him. Robert made his way to the capital city, where the new King demanded that he serve once again as the commander. Robert refused, stating he wanted to live his life in peace. Walter granted him this, and made him the Lord of the West.


During the first few years in peace, Robert enjoyed owning his own village and farms, and gained a great
Old Robert II

Robert II as an old man

reputaiton among the people. He increased jobs, used gold to built more houses, and crafted windmils, towers and towns around the area, further increasing the poputation of Rivertown

Soon later, Robert learned that Walter III Heartan was killed by his second cousin, Anne III Heartan and who was now ruling as Queen of Amsnorth. The new queen had many of the farms and villages that Robert made burned and ruined, as she saw him as a traitor. Robert was hunted, and he was force into hiding. 

Robert took on another name, and lived as another person, until Anne died, and her son, Nark IV Heartan became king. After he was eventually forgotten, Robert moved back to Rivertown, where he spent the rest of his days, dying at 80 years old.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Robert II was a very skilled warrior, teacher, and commander. He was one of the best ever kings to become a battle leader, as well as being one of the most skilled fighters at the time. He wielded two swords in battle, and was very fast and agile.


Robert was outstanding at swordplay, regarded as one of the best. He was always seen holding two longswords in battle, and was able to use them like a fourth and fifth arm. Wielding two longswords in battle was considered impossible as they were very heavy, however Robert became one of the first people to do this, making him very skilled and powerful.

He was also very fast and agile, despite always being armoured in strong steel. He defeated many people in battle, including members of his own family, who like him were raised to perfect their skills.

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