Robert I Heartan
Robert I Heartan
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Songs of Amsnorth
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The King that Brought us Back
Around 4,830 BPD
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Alton I Heartan - son
Brandon I Heartan - son
Areothan I Heartan - son
"The King that begun the second reign of House Heartan. Many say that he was a great king, but that can be debated as his cruel heart brought the end to most of the lords and nobles around Amsnorth."
―About Robert I Heartan

Robert I Heartan (4,830 BPD - 4,679 BPD) was the King of Amsnorth for over 120 years. Aside from Jafier Heartan he is the longest lived human king in history. He is also the first Heartan to claim the throne after their destruction due to the events of the Great Purge and Freedom Wars. Robert is the first of his name, and is considered both one of the best and worst kings in history.

Robert is known throughout Amsnorth for leading the attack on Gran Sarathal that wiped out thousands of Goblins and Ogres, and brought about the end of the purge and darkness that tainted the lands of Amsnorth. For his whole reign as king, he ended the plague that tainted the lands, of the Army of Darkness and was the main leader in reforming the Human Royal Government.

Unlike most memebers of House Heartan Robert possessed the magical abilties that his ancestors, Jafier Heartan and Nark I Heartan also had. This makes him the first memeber of his house to have these talents in over 5 thousand years, and has been the only one since to have had magical talents.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Like most of his family he was either evil or kind, but Robert I possessed both of these personals. Whatever his mood was, he would either be a kind and caring man, who loved his people, or he would be cruel towards others who displeased him in any way.

Robert I Heartan had much of House Heartan's main features, the brown hair and chocolate eyes. His skin was pale and smooth and he was considered very handsome. 


Early LifeEdit

Robert I Heartan was born to an unnamed king. It is likely that his childhood was mainly trying to train him to become the King of Amsnorth once again. 

The training that many family members of House Heartan faced were to make them powerful and utter resistant to dark magic. Lukily for Robert he possessed the magical talents his ancestors had, so this made him the main key figure in trying to eradicate the darkness from Amsnorth. It is unknown who taught him his to use magic, but whoever did must have been powerful as Robert was rather skilled himself.

Reclaiming AmsnorthEdit

Attacking Gran SarathalEdit

When the news reached Robert I that Azugon had mysteriously vanished, Robert masked an army of thousands and marched upon Gran Sarathal. He sent word to the elves of Greatwood City to assult the villages that held any goblins or other dark creatures.

Holding the legendary sword Dragonheart to burn through the forces of Azugon's left over armies, Robert slaughtered hundreds of dark creatures until eventaully he entered the grounds of his family's home city.

The elf king, Melenki arrived to give his assistance to Robert I and they both killed their way through the capital until they faced the dark necromancer named Ezgoth. Robert engaged in a magical duel with the dark man, and managed to chase him out of the city, and also winning the city.

Fighting off the DarknessEdit

After claiming Gran Sarathal and brining about the end of Azugon's forces, however there were still spawn and goblins assulting the villages and forts around the lands of Amsnorth. Robert along with the elves and dwarves fought against them, driving them into the mountains, where the nimidorians ambushed them within the great peaks of the Rusty Mountains.

Robert I Heartan rode atop a great black horse and rode into many battles, slashing down hundreds of foes. It took almost five years before the lands were once again rid of the taint that Azugon had placed over it, however there was still darkness that circled Amsnorth. In order for complete destruction of the darkness Robert ordered a bounty on all goblins and other creatures.

Ruling as the new KingEdit

After seizing the throne, Robert began to rule as the new King of Amsnorth. This had proven to be more difficult than he has thought, and many of the people rebelled against him. This was unclear at first why the people would turn against him, but they all had been under the horror of Azugon that many did not know of a different time without him.

In order to show that he was not as cruel as the previous king, Robert lowered the tax and abolished the lower-class section of Gran Sarathal, giving gold and money to all within the city. This did help, but not for long, as many of the people demanded more of Robert and this caused a riot within the walls of the capital.

Robert had to bring in Melenki to help settle the affairs of the people, however the Wood-Elf king did not want to help the king as he had other matter of his own concerning his own people. Robert was left alone and broken, however a man appeared to him revealing himself as a powerful wizard known as Moreusico

Moreusico offered him his assistance, but Robert was cautious. However after telling him that they both shared the same magical talents, Robert was willing to accept the man as both his councilor and his mentor in teaching magic.


Robert I was the first of his name, with many other kings being named after him. His legacy has changed over the course of time, and many people consider him both a tyrant and a hero. This was mainy due to his cold heart and sometimes generous personal.

A statue was placed of him within the Kings' Mountain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is implied that Robert was a very skilled being, and some even consider him to be one of the most powerful of all the kings. He was very talented in swordplay and with his ancestral blood, he possessed the magical talents that very rare people are able to obtain.


Robert was trained to use a blade since he was a boy, therefore making him a very skilled combat artist. His skill with a blade has been recoreded throughout the time of House Heartan and he is used as an example to train many people within the order of the Royal Guard.

Robert charged through many battles wielding the great sword Dragonheart. He rode into battle on a black horse, and the flaming sword was said to cast blinding lights over his foes. 


Due to his magic blood, Robert was very skilled iin the use of magic, particularly the use of the elements and spirital magic.