Robert V Heartan
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Robert V Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The White King, Robert the Blessed, Robert the Just
King of Amsnorth, Prince of Amsnorth
Date of birth
TA 9535
TA 9574 - TA 9590
Date of death
TA 9590 (55 years)
Realms ruled
Main Lands, Dwavern Kingdom, Summer of Priest, Wizardear

Physical description

5.9 feet
Hair color
Brown (younger), White
Eye color
Royal House
Elsa Heartan
Mytha Ocatha
"The man was smart, wise and cunning. He was the king many wanted to see for a long time."
―About Robert V Heartan

Robert V Heartan (TA 9535 - TA 9590) was the King of Amsnorth up until his death. He was a respected king and was known to gain large amounts of followers. He was the first king in 80 years who was not corrupted by power and the gold House Heartan has.

He is the son of Nark IX Heartan, one of the worst kings of all time. Robert was not respected nor loved by the people because of his father's reign, however after a few years, Robert managed to calm the people down, and show them he was a better king. Robert ruled for 16 years, and was one of the best kings in around 80 years.

He is the father to Gaston IV Heartan and Harken II Heartan. His grandchildren are Kevan I Heartan, Melanie Heartan, Lorell I Heartan and Sinteal II Heartan

Character and AppearanceEdit

Robert was a very kind man, however he had a fiery temper and was known to lash out at people whenever annoyed or irritated. Unlike his father, Robert cared for his people and spent years trying to make up for the brutal rule of Nark IX.

He had soft brown eyes with a head full of white head (once brown). He was 6,4 feet tall with strong arms and legs, and a stone-like chest. He used to wear his king robes often, and only seen out of them when going to bed.


Early LifeEdit

Robert was born to Nark IX Heartan, the first of his name. Robert did not know how father throughout the beginning of his life. His mother was a maid in which his father raped. It was not until he was twenty years of age did his mother take him to meet his father.

He was terrifed when his mother told him who his father was as he knew the reputation that surrounded the sickly minded king. However his mother took him into the castle and attended an audience in which she informed Nark who Robert was. Nark being the horrible man he was ignored the claim and cast them both out of the castle, but it was halted as one of his council members pointed out the striking resemblence between them both.

Because he did not have an heir to take over the mantle of king, Nark had no choice but to accept the child into the family, and due to his evil personal, he ordered Robert's mother to be killed.

Death of Nark IX HeartanEdit

When his father went out to the Sept, he was betrayed and murdered by his own people. Robert knew his father was hated by hundreds, and did not question them when he was burnt and cast into the sea. Robert did not know much about his father, and had to pick up all the pieces after his death.

Not long after Nark died, Robert was crowned king. Due to his father teaching him nothing about being king, the council members all gave him guidence throughout his time becoming king.

Battle of Zepun TowerEdit

When new arrived at Gran Sarathal that the castle of Zepun was under attack, Robert rallied around one hundred soldiers and left to the castle.

He arrvied at the tower and was attacked by goblins and ogres. The king fought them back and managed to push them out of the castle. Robert entered and engaged in a duel with a goblin that was far beyond that of his kin. The king barely survied the duel, and won by throwing his sword into its chest.

Robert then order for all goblins and ogres around the lands of Amsnorth to be killed for ransom.


When his wife, Elsa Heartan gave brith to his first son, Gaston IV Heartan, Robert had a celebration to honour his name, in which hundreds of people attented the gathering. It was at this time when Robert noticed how much he was loved by the people of Amsnorth..

Two years later, Harken II Heartan was born. However not many attented the ceromany of Harken as he was the second son and considered less important than his older brother as he is not next in line. 

Dwavern KingdomEdit

When the boys were old enough, Robert took them to see his friend, Greme Boulderrrock of the Golden Halls. Gaston went to the liabary, while Harken befriended the son Gormar Boulderrock.

Robert spoke with Greme about the matter at Gaston's birth celebration, and asked the dwarf what kind of posion was put into the mug. The dwarf responded and told them that it was not poison, but dark magic. The king was both curious and shocked, as magic had not been seen in thousands of years.

Greme and Robert begun invesitaging around the kingdom, trying to find out if anyone would know what kind of person would be able to come by such a posion. When they found one, they were informed that there was only one known person who would be able to use magic, a necromancer named Ezgoth.

Robert sent out dozens of assassins to try and find him.


Shortly after leaving the Dwavern Kingdom, Robert became very seriously ill, and died before he could arrive back home. His death brought many questions, how did he die? What kind of disease he had? None of these questions were ever answered.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Robert was a skilled fighter, but unlike most kings and queens of Amsnorth, he was not trained by a swordmaster, but by himself.


Robert was very skilled in swordplay, taught by himself. He used all books to try and perfect his training, instead of using a swordmaster. He thought that this was a better was to understand swordplay.

The king had killed many goblins and ogres during the Battle of Zepun. He also fought a one-on-one duel with a goblin leader, and managed to defeat it by throwing his sword.