Rochillion or Common Speech, of Humanik, is the major language of the Races of Amsnorth, it is spoken by six of the thirteen races. Every member of the humans, dwarves, elves, trolls and orcs are raised to speak this tongue from the age of their first words. 

It is the orignal language of the humans, who adopted the tongue from their native island, Great Valour Islands. it is very similar to the real-life englishand gaelic. Its pronunciation is the exact same to that of english, as well as spelling, although some words are mixed and muddled with several different letters from gaelic, as well as leters from chinese.


In A World of Amsnorth, Rochillion was presented as having been completely translated by English. This had certain important implications: first of all, proper names with derivations somewhat evident to speakers of Rochillion had been translated, to preserve the effect. Thus, names like Heartan, Gran Sarathal, Mthendale, Moreusico etc., are presented as not the actual names. (For example, Jafier Heartan actual name is supposed to have been Javier Hart, short Tan (meaning Tanning, as Heartans are skilled at crafting).

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