Rodrik Lukie
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Rodrik Lukie

Biographical information

Other names
Rodrik the Grump, The Lord who never smiles, Rodrik the Brave
Date of birth
TA 9550
Date of death
Still Alive

Physical description

6.5 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Dark Brown
Noble House
"Family is power, that is the words of our Great House, House Lukie. It has served out dynasty for thousands of years, because we know that the only ones we can trust, are family."
―Rodrik Lukie, talking about his house.

Rodrik Lukie is an Human military and political leader and later Duke of Ürsanthium, and Lord of Qhylen. He is one of the most powerful figures currently still living in Amsnorth. He is a hugely popular soldier, and diplomatic ruler, who is known for his caring of his people.

Born to the weathly House Lukie, albeit to a family descended from House Ashstone, a infamous royal house, Lukie was relatively obscure for the first 10 years of his life. After undergoing a religious conversion, he became an independent puritan, taking a generally tolerant view towards the many nobles and highborns around the Main Lands, with the expection of the Royal House. An intensely religious man, he fervently believed that the Gods were guiding his victories during his middle years as a soldier. He was elected General of the Crown at the age of 16, and became Duke of Ürsanthium at 19.

Lukie was one of the best warriors under the reign of Robert V Heartan, and, as a member and heir of House Lukie, he dominated the Northern and Eastern Territories. He was selected to take command of the Royal campaign in Summer of Priest between TA 9566 - TA 9567. Lukie's forces defeated the Renegate Bandits coalition in Summer of Priest and occupied the country – bringing to an end the Bandit Confederate Wars.

When he became Duke of Ürsanthium, he gained a large reputation for his unusal kindness, and firece reign. He cared much about his people, but was even more known to behead and execute those who broke his very strict rules. Under his rulership, he increased the economy of House Lukie and the surrounding countries in the Northern Terrutories.

Lukie is one of the most controversial figures in current world, as his methods of dealing with problems always ended up with someone being killed. His reputation gained the attention of Harken II Heartan, who was Prince of Amsnorth at the time. Rodrik Lukie, interested in marrying a member of his family to the royals, the first time their house has done so in 2,000 years, arranged a marriage between his daughter, Rhynei Lukie and Harken. Many have suspected that Rodrik played a role in endeing the reign of Gaston IV Heartan, to put Harken on the throne, giving him a royal connection to the Crown.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Rodrik Lukie is a very cunning, wise, fierce, bitter, independent and loyal man, known for his brutal methods of
Middle aged Rodrik

Rodrik Lukie in his early thirties

dealing with problems. He is also very caring of his people, often handing out spare gold that he has little use for. He has also shown a great deal of love for his family, an example being, when his daughter Rhynei died in childbirth to her third child, Lorell I Heartan, Rodrik closed himself in his chambers for days, and would not speak to anyone.

Rodrik is a very tall and muscular man, standing around 6.5 feet tall. His shoulders are very broad, and his hands are larger than his own face. His giant figure is said to make even Harken II Heartan look small. He has straw-like brown hair, which is often kept under a nearly straightened fashion. He has dark brown eyes, and thick lips. He is considered a handsome man, however as he aged he grew a large amount of wrinkles.


Early LifeEdit

Rodrik Lukie was born in Ivrytown in TA 9550, to Tommin Lukie and Margaret Lukie. He's directly descended from Gannon Lukie (born SA 15000), who was the families main reason for climbing to the status of Great House, by supporting the great Jafier Heartan. Through the male line, Rodrik is pure, as every male decended from Gannon bred with a highborn woman from different houses across the Main Lands.

Rodrik's land

Rodrik's land, was small

Lukies grandfather, Ser Oliver Lukie, was one of the two wealthiest landowners in the Northern Territories. Lukie's father Tommin was the Lord of Qhylen. As a younger son with many siblings, Robert inherited only a house at Ivrytown and a small amount of land. This land would have generated an income of up to 300 Golden Dragons a year, near the bottom of the range of gentry incomes.

He attended Green University. He went on to study at some of the best schools in the world. However he dropped out as the increasing bandit raids across Amsnorth begun to spring out of control. At the age of 12 he started to train in swordplay, using the little gold he had from his land to hire the best Swordmaster his gold could buy. However some were too demanded, and he asked his father for a loan of the gold. Tommin Lukie eventually agreed, upon hearing of his son's intentions in helping the Green-Elves with the bandit raids in Summer of Priest.

Military CommanderEdit

Bandit Confederate Wars beginsEdit

Failure to resolve the issues before the Long Parliament led to armed conflict between the Green-Elf Parliament and the Human Royal Government in TA 9564, but after a short few weeks, Rodrik managed to cool the situation down, by forming a friendship between the two governments, and to move their eye towards the increasing bandit raids.

Before joining the Green-Elves forces, Lukie's only military experience was in the trained bands, the local county
Rodrik holding his sword

Young Rodrik holding his sword

militia. He recruited a cavalry troop in Eastern Territories after blocking a valuable shipment of silver plate from Greyport to Greenfort, which he found out were about to be ambushed by bandits mid-sea. Lukie and his troop then rode to, but arrived too late to take part in, the indecisive Battle of Hángjīnsān. The troop was recruited to be a full regiment in the winter, making up part of the Human Warriors Justice under the Duke of Ürsanthium. Lukie gained experience in a number of successful actions afterwards. Due to his outstanding battle skills, he was appointed General of the Crown by Robert V Heartan.

Renegate BanditsEdit

By the time of the Battle of Ginger's Manor in late, TA 9566, Rodrik had risen to the rank of Lieutenant General, in the Human Warriors Justice. The success of his cavalry in breaking the ranks of the Bandit cavalry and then attacking their infantry from the rear at Ginger's Manor was a major factor in the Green-Elf victory. Lukie fought at the head of his troops in the battle and was slightly wounded in the neck, stepping away briefly to receive treatment during the battle but returning to help force the victory. After Rodrik's brothers were killed at Ginger's Manor he wrote a letter to his father, who later informed him that Rodrik was now heir to Qhylen, and House Lukie. Tommin Lukie, greived by his sons' deaths, wished to have Rodrik brought back home, fearing he too would perish in battle, however Rodrik refused as victory was so close.

The indecisive outcome of the Battle of Riverfall, it was obvious that the war was almost over. Rodrik leading a large army of 12,000, was summond by Robert V Heartan, who was waiting with a host of 20,000 strong infantry off the
Another battle

Rodrik charging into battle

coast of the Dragonborn Island. The King of Amsnorth was planning a full assult on the Renegate Bandits, who were in full retrate after their defeat in Riverfall and their feeble attempt to take Missundi.

Battle of SummerEdit

At the critical Battle of Summer in the summer of TA 9567, the Human Warriors Justice and the Royal Crown smashed the Bandit's major army. Rodrik led his wing with great success, again routing the Bandit cavalry. Robert V Heartan changed in dead on, with his catapults raining fire on them from hundreds of yards in the woods. The 40,000 bandit soldiers were take off guard, and their lead Tygor-Boneface was slain in combat. With their leader dead, the bandit forces scattered. Rodrik lead a large group to hunt them down, slaughtering them on the road, in the mountains and within villages and towns.

Rodrik's military styleEdit

Rodrik had no formal training in military tactics, and followed the common practice of ranging his cavalry in three
Wounded Rodrik

Rodrik was wounded during the battle

ranks and pressing forward, relying on impact rather than firepower. His strengths were an instinctive ability to lead and train his men, and his moral authority. In a war fought mostly by amateurs, these strengths were significant and are likely to have contributed to the discipline of his cavalry.

Lukie introduced close-order cavalry formations, with troopers riding knee to knee; this was an innovation in Summer of Priest at the time, and was a major factor in his success. He kept his troops close together following skirmishes where they had gained superiority, rather than allowing them to chase opponents off the battlefield. This facilitated further engagements in short order, which allowed greater intensity and quick reaction to battle developments. This style of command was decisive at both Ginger's Manor and Battle of Summer.

Duke of ÜrsanthiumEdit

In his 19th year, Rodrik's father, Tommin Lukie suffered from an illness that kept him out of political life for over a month. By the time he had recovered, he fell from his horse and broke his neck. Rodrik was summond to Qhylen for
Qhylen throne room

Qhylen Throne Room, where Rodrik spends most of his time

the funeral, and was later presented with the title of Duke by his fellow nobles and lords.

Within the space of a few months Rodrik had become one of the best lords in Amsnorth, his cunning and wise way of rulership. Throughout his years, he participated in many battles, and political affairs that took place around the world. Because of his relationship with the Green-Elves, he has held a very strong relationship with them, forming a massive trading company, called, Lukie Trading Company. It is the second largest in the world.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

At the age of 20 Rodrik begun to look for sutiable women to marry, over 100 different human females from across the Main Lands arrived at Qhylen to meet with the Duke. However none seemed to interest him at all. It was not until Ianthq Knollwood presented his youngest daughter Justalyne Knollwood did Rodrik change his mind.

He found Justalyne largely fasanating, and often met with her on many occasions. When they finally married, by the following year she had given birth to their first child, Rhynei Lukie. Their marriage has always been very great, and many maids have said that none have ever heard them argue.

Betrayal of Harken II HeartanEdit

Like many lords and nobles across Amsnorth, Rodrik was approched by Harken II Heartan. Rodrik already had a good friendship with the Prince of Amsnorth, mainly because of his marriage to his daughter. However he was not impressed when Harken proposed the idea of betraying Gaston IV Heartan, to claim the throne for himself.

However he did not inform the king of his brother's plans, but instead remeined silent. This caused many people to speculate that he was in on the whole thing. When Harken succedded in claiming the throne, Rodrik was not present at his coronation, which angered Harken deeply.

Current StatusEdit

Rodrik still rules as Lord of Qhylen, and is known as one of the best and fierce lords in Amnsorth.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Rodrik Lukie is considered to be one of the best swordsmen in the world. His mastery of the form was advanced,
Rodrik Kills

Rodrik kills a soldier

and he applied it in many battles and duels, always with his trademark glare. He went head to head with many of the most dangerous adversaries and survived. He is a master strategist, and was best known for planning ahead, and scouting areas before he sends in his soldiers.

See AlsoEdit

Duke of Ürsanthium
Preceded by
Tommin Lukie
Rodrik Lukie Succeeded by

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