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TA 4322
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"Shrouded in solid golden steel, the Royal Guard protects and keeps order within Gran Sarathal. They obey their commander and king without hesitation."
―Description of the Royal Guard

The Royal Guard is a law-enforcement institution charged with policing Gran Sarathal. They are informally known as "Royals" due to being directly responsible for protecting members of the royal family. Apart from the Royal Guard of Gran Sarathal there are other similar institutions in other major cities in Amsnorth like Kingsport and Rocky Vale.

The Royal Guard is the main organization for protecting the people in the capital city, they are not to be confused with the Golden Knights, who protect the King of Amsnorth only, and only take orders directly from him. The Royal Commander, is responsible for keeping the Royal Guard under control.

The Royal Guard is lead by the "Commander of the Royal Guard," whom shares a similar duty to the General of the Crown.


The Royal Guard of Gran Sarathal is a strong, formally-trained and well-equipped force of guardsmen under the direct authority of the King of Amsnorth. Their salary is paid by the kingdom as a whole and unlike many of the kingdom's
Royal Soldier

A member of the Royal Guard

other institutions they do not swear fealty to any lord other than the king.

The Royal Guard is supposed to double as a defense force in the event that the city is attacked, though, a major attack on Gran Sarathal had not occurred in generations. The Royal Guard is not manned by fully trained soldiers, like the Golden Knights, only a selected amount of people are accepted into the ranks. Which makes them some of the most highly skilled fighters in Amsnorth.

The Royal Guard promotes by merit, one of the few institutions in Amsnorth not to recognise the status of birth. The leader of the Royal Guard is referred to as "Royal Commander" when of noble birth but simply as "Commander" when not. The current commander is, Ser Baelon Dedwyck, the son to Lord Daelon Dedwyck, the Lord of Helgen, so he is referred to as the Royal Commander.

All members of the Royal Guard are equipped with the same
Royal Commander

A Royal Commander

uniform, including a solid golden steel platemail, which is attached in more than fifteen different pieces. Every member of the Guard requires aid when putting on their armour. Around their platemail is a deep blue robe, which circles around their neck, over their arms and ends down to below their boots. Their helms are thick and cover their entire head, leaving only a small area to allow them to see. Every member is equiped with several weapons, including a long spear, which is always on show. A sword which is attached around their waist, and a sheild, which is latched around their belts. Each guard has several hidden daggers, which they utilize when in desperate need.

The Royal Commander's armour varies than the common soldier, the Royal Commander has a similar golden steel armour, however it is more pointy and aggressive looking. They adon a large blue cloak which covers their entire back. Their helms are vastly different, with most of their faces on show. Their helms are solid gold, with eagle wings poking out of the head. They carry similar weapons, however they no not use a sheild. Every Royal Commander is highly skilled, and uses several weapons.


The Royal Guard was founded in the year TA 4322, when Robert I Heartan defeated the Army of Darkness during the War of Flowers. Gran Sarathal was on the verge of collapse, so Robert had every memeber of his army, to be make into a Royal Guard, and to patrol the streets every day, all day to keep the people safe.

Over the course of history, the Royal Guard has changed, while their armour is never changed, their purpose has. Many monarchs have used them to fuel their own desires, such as war. While it is rare that the Royal Guard actualy participate in an actual war, they have many times. 

Known CommandersEdit


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