Royal Palace Front View
Royal Palace
Background Information
Type Palace
Location Gran Sarathal
Population 3,000
Rulers Harken I Heartan
Religion All Gods
Military Several hundred Golden Knights, and several hundred members of the Royal Guard
Institutions Golden Throne of Kings and Queens
Places of note Royal Throne Room, Royal Gardens, Royal Noble Quarters, Royal Courtyards, Royal Halls, Royal Study
Date of founding First Age
Age 24 thousand years
Founder Unknown
Other Information
Summary The Seat of the great Monarchy, and the capital foundation of Amsnorth.
Other names The White Jewel
Inhabitants Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Spoken Languages Rochillion
Lifespan Unknown -
"Built long before Gran Sarathal was even a small village, the Royal Palace is one of the oldest structures in Amsnorth. Beginning as a mere mansion, to becoming the greatest and most beautiful place in this world. The Royal Palace is a joy to witness, and those lucky enough to walk its walls, have said to have witnessed the unthinkable."
―About the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace, is the central seat of power in Amsnorth, and has been ruled by thousands of monarchs, each ruling over Amsnorth from atop the Golden Throne of Kings and Queens. The Royal Palace is one of the oldest structures in the world, with many believing it to be more than 24 thousand years old, older than the founding of Gran Sarathal. It started off nothing but a small mansion, broken and crumbled, but eventually formed into what is known today as the largest and most beautiful place in Amsnorth

The Royal Palace is the main residential place for the royal family, House Heartan.

Nearly every highborn of every powerful status lives within the palace, each with their own quarters and servants. The palace also features a servant quarter, which is said to look better than many wealther houses spread across the world. The main attraction is the Royal Throne Room, where the King or Queen of Amsnorth usualy sits upon, when encountering their people.


Little is known about the full history behind the Royal Palace, but many believe it to be one of the oldest buildings in Amsnorth. When Shalimal encountered the building during the First Age, he build his village around it. He expanded upon the palace, building expansions to it, and brining over the finest builders to work on its halls and gardens. Within his reign as Emperor of Amsnorth, he had transformed the Royal Palace into a seat of power.

Throughout history many wars have taken place to put a being of power on the throne, to name them the rulers over all Amsnorth. While many people of different races have seated there, the main family to rule over the palace, is House Heartan, and they have done so for thousands of years.

Places of NoteEdit

The Royal HallEdit

The Royal Hall is the first sight that one will witness upon entering the palace. It is rich and filled with the finest rock,
The Royal Hall

The Royal Hall

brick and paintwork. Its solid marble flooring has been refirbished many times over during history, and has been forged with gold and other valuable gems. Its massive collums that support the upper levels, have become the centre of attraction. Its large windows often assist the gleaming beams of the sun that appear over the city, flahsing the hall, making the walls sparkle.

The Royal Hall also features hundreds of different doors, which lead off into many directions around the palace. The halls are often host to countless maids and servants, as they dash in and out of the rooms, holding platters and pushing trays to meet their noble's requests.

Royal Throne RoomEdit

Further down the Royal Hall is the Royal Throne Room . While they are both one in the same hall, they are seperated
Royal Throne Room

Royal Throne Room

by a large unicorn drape. The Royal Throne Room is where the Golden Throne of Kings and Queens sits. The throne room is a beautiful place, with many landings, plants, windows and luxurous carpets. Soldiers are always present there, as they guard everything, from the smallest cabinets, to the throne itself.

While the King rarely sits on his throne, many of his trusted people goven over the people in his name, never sitting on the throne, but placing seats around it.

Royal StairwaysEdit

The Royal Stairways is a vast area which leds off into many areas of the palace. It features more than 8,000 steps,
Royal Palace Stairways

Royal Stairways

and more than three hundred stairways. Its large size takes up roughly half of the palace, and its featured just to the left of the Royal Hall. The Stairways curve over the halls, and travel around the palace. 

The stairs are also home to many fine statues, plants and ancient collectables that have been obtained by many monarchs. Each of these are guarded by soldiers, making it nearly impossible to steal any of them. Noble are often seen here, as they always travel throughout the stairways to get to their daily duties.

Noble HallsEdit

Royal Palace Noble Halls

Noble Halls

The Noble Halls is one of the most beautiful parts of the palace, and is soley restricted to nobles only. Any servants seen there, are scolded, beaten or even hanged for tresspassing. The noble halls are home to every wealthy being in Gran Sarathal. It is home to fine leather couches, outstanding vases filled with rare plants, beautiful glass windows that overlook the city, and brillaintly crafted statues.

Its beauty is not seen by many other than the nobles, and are kept clean by special beings who come into the halls once every month. They are always watched by soldiers, and are never left alone in either a room or in a cupboard. 

Royal StudyEdit

The Royal Study is a gigantic library which features nearly every book in Amsnorth. Here is where many beings
Royal Palace Study

The Royal Study

come to learn or read about either work, or pleasure. It is a very calm place, and anyone seen causing an outburst is removed without warning. 

It is shared by both the poor and rich, and if either cause any insults to the other, they are removed by the Golden Knights that guard it every day. Many of the wisest people in the world have come there to study, as some books found there can't be found elsewhere. The owners of the library are the Church of the Gods, and they will pay for any book to be placed there, either by a well known author, or by a no one.

Royal Meeting HallEdit

The Royal Meeting Hall is where every member of the Royal Council come to discuss their findings with the ruling
Royal Palace Meeting Hall

Royal Meeting Hall

monarch. There they are seated at a very long table, with a seat for every member of the council. If the monarch is present, they are seated upon a throne which sits at the far end of the table. This throne is not like their major one, but rather to show his or hers status above the others.

Servants always present food and drink to the nobles sitting there, and each servant is deaf, so they cannot hear the secrets of the nobles. If any servant watches or tries to concentrate on anything the lords say, they are imprisoned, and even possibly executed.

The Healers QuartersEdit

The Healers Quarters is the place of alchemy, often used by the Healer. These quarters are strictly forbidden to
The Healer's Quarters

The Healers Quarters

anyone other than the healer, monarch and couriers. The healers spend all their time there, crafting potions to help cure the sick, writting letters issued by the lords and nobles, and handing out received letters addressed to anyone within the royal palace. 

These quarters are home to many labs and stations, so that the healer can work with anything in his room. It also features a large library, so the healer does not have to keep venturing out of the quarters to find books to suit his needs. 

Royal CourtyardsEdit

Royal Palace Noble Courtyard

Royal Courtyards

The Royal Courtyards is the area which covers the entire Royal Palace. It is home to many small houses, each of which contain: food, weapons, barracks, stalls and vendors. The couryards are patroled every day all day by soldiers, who keep the peace between every person who walk there. There are also dozens of horses which sit around the courtyards. They are often seen been tending to, as they are each owned by a person of nobility.

Statues of legendary beings have been built around the courtyard, to honour and respect all the legendary kings, queens, knights, lords, ladies, dukes and duchesses which have served the people of Amsnorth. These statues are some of the most sacred things in the world, and anyone caught vandalising them are executed without trial.

Royal GardensEdit

The Royal Gardens are the most beautiful place in Gran Sarathal. They are home to rich streams and rivers,
Royal Palace Gardens

Royal Gardens

outstanding plants and trees, brought from every region of Amsnorth. Pathways and walkways which move around the entire back of the palace. Only the noble and highborns are seen there, and if ever a servant is seen wondering the grounds, they are insulted and spat upon. The monarchs often favour these places, as they are calm and allow for peaceful thoughts.

The gardens are tended to every day, and the grass, hedges and trees are kept trimmed. The ground is also always clean, as workers scrub them hourly to make sure no spot of dirt is seen on them. The streams of water and river is not home to any lifeform. They are kept clean of any weeds, plants or flowers. Many have claimed that it looks similar to Greatwood City.


  • The Royal Palace is larger than many towns and villages across Amsnorth
  • More than three thousand monarchs have sat on the throne
  • It is home to the richest nobles in the world

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