Royal Throne Room

The Royal Throne Room

"The Royal Throne Room, is the cleanest, most elegant place in the Western Territories. One look upon its beauty, and you will forget the horrors that have taken place there."
―About the Royal Throne Room

The Royal Throne Room is a location within the Royal Palace, seat of the ruler of the Amsnorth. In it stands the Golden Throne of Kings and Queens, the symbol of the power and authority of the King over all of Amsnorth. Within the Throne Room, the King, or his Māgorun, in the former's absence, holds court, receives petitioners and oversees official ceremonies.

The Royal Throne Room on are occasions, serves as a court, where the criminal is judged by the king hismself. While this is very, very rare, those judged by the monarch, are given their punishment, without a jury.


The Royal Throne Room consists of a large, cavernous room. Its entrance is made up of two huge crimson and golden drapes, to separate it from the Royal Halls. The Golden Throne sits on the opposite side, atop a raised dais climbed up to by two sets of wide steps of shiny white stone; small chairs may be placed when the King or the Māgorun is accompanied by members of the Royal Council. The floor is made of different types of marble, with a long darkened pathway trailing from the drapes, to the throne. Overhead is the towering vaulted ceiling, with massive arches and columns, above the throne, is a massive dome glass window, which reflects the sunlight when it is directy above the Royal Palace. On the right side of the Hall stands a raised gallery that connects to other areas of the Royal Palace. To the left side of the Hall, several windows with stained-glass depictions of all different religions and Gods.

During the early reign of House Heartan, the walls of the Hall were decorated with the paintings of ancient kings, from Jafier Heartan to Nark III Heartan. However, after the Great Purge, the paintings were destroyed by Azugon. Vine motifs were placed as decorations of the Hall's columns and several candelabra placed to illuminate the place. Behind the throne, is a wide glass window, ribbed with golden trims and a very light design of a unicorn, printed in the middle. Surrounding the Throne Room, are vast plants, each of them were harvest from the rarest and most beautiful forests in Amsnorth.

Each King and Queen who have ruled over Amsnorth have modified the Throne Room to suit their tastes, however after the reign of George VIII Heartan, the Throne room has remained the same, with very minor changes being made to the decor.


The Royal Throne Room is used mainly by the royal family, the King of Amsnorth, sits upon his throne, listening to comments from his people, or to address his commoners, nobles or issue orders to his soldiers. While there are endless reasons why a king may sit on this throne, the current king, Harken II Heartan rarely does.


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