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Societal information

Largest City
Head of State
The Golden Unicorn of House Heartan, on a golden cross, on a red background. Two sunset stars on the top left and bottom right corners.
Type of Government
Great House

Historical information

FA 0
1,564,110 Km2
Race Groups
70 million per year
"A country rich in high-borns and wealthy beings. Yet its stunning landscapes, glorious mountain peaks, vast wildernesses make way for the vile and corrupted folk residing within its borders."
―About Royalandüs

Royalandüs is a country that is apart of the Human Royal Government, and is located within the Western Territories. It shares a border with Üswana to the west, Afrana to the south and Ürsanthium to the east. It lies due-west of Prisoners Bay and is just bellow the Black Sea . Its total size is mainly in its length, which is thousands of miles long, and is one of Amsnorth's largest countries. 

Gran Sarathal is the countries largest and only city. It is the capital city of the all known world, as well as the largest. It is home to the King or Queen of Amsnorth, and is the main royal hub of government. It is home to the global wide government, the Human Royal Government, and is the main trading city in the Main Lands. While the country is under the control of House Heartan, it is not apart of the surrounding islands, but it does have control over the oil machines that are posted around these islands.

The country rose into power during the War of Kings, when Jafier Heartan , the first king of House Heartan rose to
Main land Royalandüs

Red highlighted area shows Royalandüs on the Main Lands map

power. After his successful defeat of the other rival kings, he made the country into a global wide whole known world. It shares a government with the entire world. Even though it shares a government, each race are still in control over their laws. Before hand the country was an independent nation, and had its own king and sparate system.


"Royalandüs" comes from the ancient Elvish folk, who used the word Rotaillio as a word for royalty. The word landüs comes from the world land in Gaenapease. The land was known as Rotaillion during the Dark-Elf Empire's reign, and it was not until around SA 3000 did they combine the languages and word of the Elvish and Gaenapease to form what it now known as Royalandüs.


Early HistoryEdit

During the Creation Period, around FA 0 the first known elves formed their own separate civilizations into

Shalimal was responsible for the creation of a vast part of the Royalandüs country

what is now known as the Dark-Elf Supremacy (Dark-Elf Empire at the time), Green-Elf Governmen t and the Wood-Elf Monarchy, divided into their own governments. The Wood-Elves occupated the Western Territories, so their lands spread into the whole of Royalandüs at the time, but the Dark-Elf Empire under the rulership of Shalimal wanted to expand on his lands from the island of Burnt Islands, and push further north into the unknown regions.

The wood-elf King Andriel tried to counter this attack of invasion, and so begun to War of the First. It lasted some time, until Master Soliman entered the battle, the King of the Green-Elves. They battled out for years, until Shalimal, using his much larger army, and higher resources won. He pushed his people further, gaining more and more land by each passing year. 

Around FA 1000 the first dwarves were found located across the seas in the Dwavern Kingdom - as the dwarves named it. After a much heated despute, Shalimal used his great armies to conquer the dwarves, and used their great building skills to creat and form the very first large city, which would later be known as Gran Sarathal

It was also around this time the very first humans were discovered, located within Great Valour Island . Their high intelligence, assisted the Dark-Elf Empire in forging and building across the Western and Northern Regions. The known world expanded, and the humans begun to become highly populated and migrated into Royalandüs. They set up their own towns and villages, and as thousands of years past they had built a huge portion of the country.

Human InfluenceEdit

With the humans growing in numbers greatly, Emperor Erandur decided to have the human languages of Rochilion and Gaenapease a known language within the country's borders. He decided to set up schools and places of education spread throughout the lands, and hired Gnaengus Julian to teach the speech to young elves of each culture. 

Stones of Loch Aghara

Ancient stones of Loch Aghara

When Gnaengus died, many sucessors took his place, and over the course of 100 years it became a known language, and was the most popular speech within the Western Territories. Erandur wanted the language to become the most known, so along with his children, and several more highly educated elves, spread their understanding of the languages across the seas, and ordered other civilizations to learn it. The dwarves were resistant at first, but after time they finaly agreed to teach it to their own young.

As the humans grew and grew, they started to create their own landmarks and ancient religions. Their intelligence saw about the formation of the city Phylon and they pushed further north. Soon the race known as Hauket was discovered, and the humans along with the elves moved into actions to try and repel these unusal folk. Their appearance was considered an outlawed mark, as the humans, dwarves and elves looked similar in features, while these had the looks of animals. They were not considered a race until several hundred years later, when they were understood, and known as not animals, but beings.

War of KingsEdit

See: War of Kings for further detail

In the year SA 3385 the outbreak of the War of Kings begun. When Jafier Heartan begun his quest to rise to power within the country of Afrana, King Dargorn Boulderarm wanted him dead. He feared the human's growing status and sought to put him down. However he underestimated the skills of Jafier and he was repeled. 

Jafier Heartan to gain further allies and power, married his daughter off to the son of Sinteal Ashstone
Old Jafier Heartan

An Old Jafier Heartan was responsible for the formation of the entire current world.

. This formed the first bonds of marriage through House Heartan, and thus a huge army was created in friendship of House Heartan and House Ashstone. Sinteal Ashstone, who ruled over the country of Engadül had secretly begun to betray Jafier, so plotted with the Dark-Elf king, Saaelas. However after an attempt to defeat the human king, she failed after he revealed his outstanding magical abilities. He won the battle along with the help of Wood-Elf king, Safdraen

With the War of Kings coming to an end, and after the defeat of Sinteal Ashstone and Saaelas, Jafier Heartan took command over Engadül, and wiped out the remains of House Ashstone. Now with the country under his command, along with Afrana, Jafier now had the largest army, and full supply over gold mines from the Rocky Vale regions. He formed an alliance with Safdraen, and he arose his army to battle the two dwarf kings, Drumnur Boulderrock and Dargorn Boulderarm. He did not use any of his soldiers, but instead showed great magical talents, by summoning waves of storms and blizzards to wipe out his foes, killing the two dwarf kings in the process.

He then turned his army onto Safdraen and defeated the elf king with great ease, who then surrendered due to the power of Jafier Heartan. Jafier made several rules as the new King of Amsnorth, and decided to dismantle all titles of king, queen, emperor or empress, but did allow Safdraen to keep his due to his aid in the war.

Now with the war over, Jafier Heartan decided to split the Main Lands into different countries, under the rulership of one Great House. He did still have ownership over Engadül, and made it a region under the command of House Heartan. The Human Royal Government was then formed out of the ruins of the war, with each government broken. With this now founded government, each race had the support of the other, and thus begun the Amsnorth Trading Company

Great PurgeEdit

See: Great Purge for further detail

Another huge war that plagued the world. The powerful wizard known as Azugon was reported as gone rouge. He used his great powers to influence the minds of weaker, poorer races such as the Goblins, Ogres and Trolls. With House Heartan being the main rulers over most of the lands, Royalandüs was his main target, as he knew that the country was the most powerful out of them all.

King Nark III Heartan and a great deal of rulers across the lands of Amsnorth gathered to repel the growing threat. Raids and invasions took place across each country, with Azugon gaining lands and castles along the way. He made his way to invade the cities, taking many of them down in the process. He burned towns and villages, trying to force the armies of the royal house to meet him in battle. However another wizard known as Moreusico assisted the king in not falling for the dark lord's tricks.

With the war raging, Azugon managed to conquer at least 1/2 of the known world, until he decided to attack Royalandüs. He fired his entire force against the people, burning all in his path. Many thought of surrendering to him, to prevent more deaths, but Moreusico informed them that they would suffer under his rulership. More years past, and the events of the war caused the world to crumble. Riots erupted across all countries because of the lack of food. Death found its way everywhere, and the lands were scorched in fire. Lands as far as the eye could see was black, little green was to be found anywhere. Goblins and the newly created army of dead soldiers, spawn covered most of the country, and did as they pleased, raiding and killing.

It was not until the final years did Azugon attack the capital city, Gran Sarathal. They battled for several days, before the city fell under the sheer force of the army attacking them. Once the city fell the rest of the country surrendered. It was soon after the Great Purge had ended, and the world was now under the command of Azugon.

Freedom WarsEdit

See: Freedom Wars for more information

Thus begun a rebellion, the hidden members of House Heartan started to arise to defeat the tyrant naming himself King of Amsnorth. Thousands of years had passed since the Great Purge ended, and the world has still remained within a presense of anger and murder. The current ruling government, Army of Darkness ruled across all countries, and saw about the rising of taxes, rent and the decrease of gold intake and jobs. People were homeless across all fronts, and the population had dwindled beyond a near extinction for some races, including the leavon.

Tharik Heartan was the first to begin the rebellion. He rallied all the beings loyal to him, and created a massive army that would purge across Royalandüs to take back land, and influence the people to fight for him. While many feared the power and wraith of the dark lord Azugon, some did join. It was his growing reputation, that caught the attention of many other lords, including the King of the Wood-Elves, Melenki.

They both used their skills to try and gather the Races of Amsnorth to fight against the Army of Darkness and restore peace and justice to the lands. However after years, the Freedom Wars ended, with Tharik Heartan killed and over 1,000,000 innocent people killed. Azugon remained on the throne, and yet again thousands of years of terror plunged the lands into choas.

War of FlowersEdit

When Azugon vanished and did not appear in public eye for years, some begun to debate that he had died. Rumours spread across the countries, and came to the attention of Robert I Heartan. He rose against the Army of Darkness, knowing they would not be strong without their leader and attacked Gran Sarathal first. He breached the gates, and stormed through the city, killing goblins, spawn and other unwanted people they could find. They managed to rally the people to their aid, and thousands of civilains came to his aid. The city finally after thousands of years was back in the hands of House Heartan.

Melenki entered the war again, and this time he chased the Army of Darkness across known lands. They fled into the mountains where they were trapped by the infamous Nimidorians and killed. Years passed and the known world was finally becoming rid of the horror that had tainted it for so long.

Restoring PeaceEdit

See: Alton I Heartan for further detail about the king who restored peace

Alton I Heartan

Alton I Heartan became the king that brought the world back to its fullest

Now with the kingdoms and countries back on track, Royalandüs started to thrive once again. Gold mines were built, along with more farms, houses, towns, villages, and cities restored. Robert I Heartan kept the balance of nature and kept the peace, but the horror of Azugon's reign still lingered. It was not until Robert's son, Alton I Heartan did Amsnorth finally become the beauty it was once. 

He orderd for millions of Gold to be sent to the far reaches of the world, where ruins were rebuilt. All the races assisted in creating the lands, and the world florished.

His reign allowed House Heartan to collect their place as the rulers across all countries. Human Royal Government was reformed and the trading route erupted once more. Alton had the creation of thousands of ships, to carry people, food and other supplies across the seas. Even after Alton died, his children, and offspring that followed him kept rebuilding the lands, despite some being good and bad. It was not until 700 years later did the world finally become as it once was. 

Government and PoliticsEdit

Main articles: House Heartan and Human Royal Government

See also: Dwavern Domain , Dark-Elf Supremacy and Wood-Elf Monarchy for further details

Royalandüs' head of state is currently Harken II Heartan (ruling since TA 9597), the King of Amsnorth. His climb to power brought much controversy as Harken was known for killing his older brother, and predessesor Gaston IV Heartan. After much debate to remove Harken from the throne, Harken eventually won by killing all those who apposed him, and electing his own personal allies to replace them. This would have been a great deal of problems for him and House Heartan, however he played it in the shadows, making their deaths looks like accidents. The case was dropped after several months.

Royalandüs, like all the countries of Amsnorth have complete control over their governments and lands. However each of these countries and kingdoms will fall under the main global power, Human Royal Government. While sperate from the others, Royalandüs is ruled by House Heartan and remains a royal country. It is possibly the
War Council

Politicians and the War Council debating at the Senate

country that has complete control over everything it does. Harken II Heartan or any king or queen sitting on the throne, have the final say over taxes within the lands, however other noble houses under the command of lords or ladies, can decide on their own rent, education, military and mail. They must consult with the King of Amsnorth before such changes can be accepted, but even though the King of Amsnorth is the high power, it must pass through the Senate before all arrangements can be made.

Each country under the power of their Great House are awarded their own personal War Council. This council does not only deal with manners their name applies, but also commands their own lands and titles. They have command over everything that goes on within the borders, and no one else can have a say in what goes on. For example, House Heartan may be the royal house, but it cannot command House Boulderrock of the Dwavern Kingdom, as the house has no power over them, but if the house were to use the Senate and the Human Royal Government, then they can pass for changes as please to the Kingdom.

Another place of power is a Sep . There where religion is respected in all manners of gods, the Sept is where justice and law is taken place. If a being is condemed to face justice, they pass through a court of law, in which all people of nobillity can press charges, and decided on if someone is guilty or not. A King or Queen of Amsnorth however can suppass all these courts, and can pass a charge without a trail. 

Law and Criminal JusticeEdit

Something that has changed many times over the course of history. Law and Justice was first founded around TA  5615, when new rules and laws were placed concering matters not only throughout Royalandüs, but across the world as well. Within Royalandüs however is the main country in which has command over Prisoners' Bay, the major prison in which all deadly criminals are sent to, unless their deeds are so bad the law decides to execute them.

Laws have to be processed through the Senate, who all decide on new laws and justice systems. Many have been changed over time, but some ancient ones still linger. Many laws have been made illegal through the interets of common beings, and some have been made legal through the same reasons.

These are as follows:

Current LawsEdit

  • Murder - the worst crime of all, and considered the one way ticket to the Prisoners' Bay. Prisoners' Bay currently houses more than 300,000 prisoners. Murder was first brought to attention around FA 5000 when the first civilizations deemed it shocking that one could simply kill another for sport. While Man-Slaughter is up there as a sidekick to murder, one may only be sent to a cell, and serve out a lesser sentence. The average sentence for a murder is depending on the act and their race:
  • Theft - a crime that can result in having your hands chopped off, or your fingers. Depending on what you have stolen, and who it is from, the person in which that being stole from, can kill the theif if it is on their land. 
  • Violance - a crime that is not greatly seen as a major crime, depending on the act and cause. If a commoner assults anyone of noble blood they will be sent to Prisoners' Bay without trial. This has met complains by many people across Royalandüs, as nobles can do as they please, but if there are any witnesses there can be a trial held.
  • Vandalism - a crime that depends on where it is done. The price can be sent to a cell for the total of one week to one year.
  • Rape - a crime that is appalled across all countries. Rape can result in castration after a trail has been held, death can also become the outcome of this crime. Criminals can also be sent to Prisoners' Bay, and like murder depends on what race.
  • Bullying - a crime that can result in getting thrown into the cells for around 3 days.

Crimes made LegalEdit

  • Prostitution - a crime that was once against all laws, was accepted after a gathering of people demanded it to become legal. Royalandüs has the highest count of brothels than any other country, and it is also the second highest intake of gold, behind only trade.
  • Smoking - smoking different herbs was considered illgeal around TA 1000 as it was known to kill youths and elderly. However after Green-Elves dwelled further into the herbs that can become positive, smoking was used again to treat the wounded and sick.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Royalandüs is one of the largest countries in Amsnorth, it takes up around 1/4 of the Western Territories , and is home to many forests and hills. Its total size is around 1,564,110 Km2 from its west to the east. Unlike most of its country sisters located within the Western region, it is a very beautiful place full of green wildernesses and outstanding landscapes. Royalandüs is around 500 miles from the Dwavern Kingdom and shares a border with all countries within the west.


The Climate of Royalandüs can be very changeable. It can become sunny a portion of the day, then a stormy rain the next. Its winds are rather cool, and an average day can be a very chillful day. When it suns, the heat can become very hot, depending on where in the country you are. While some parts may recive rain and the other sun, most of its lands are casual weathers, with light rain or a gentle grey morning. 

The heat tends to arrive during nightime, as the seas settle, and the Black Sea blows across its warm heats across the lands. During winter times it can become very cold, and can become home to some of the worst snowstorms in the Main Lands. The snow sticks to everything, and can reach up to 2 feet in height.


Royalandüs is teeming with wildlife, mainly home to lions and wolves. While alot of deer, elk and does may patrol across most of its greenlands, beasts are the main rulers of the animal kingdom within the country. It is home to some of the most dangerous creatures in the West, which is mainly because of its huge wildernesses. Forests and hills, along with mountains are home to different kinds of beasts. 

Royalandüs is also home to the Great Elk, a huge creature that can feed a family for up to one week. Other wild dogs and cats are seen roaming the lands. Mammoths are also very common around the wilds, and are seen with giants


Royalandüs is the second most wealthy region in all Amsnorth, behind the northern areas of the Dwavern Kingdom, under the rulership of House Boulderrock. Royalandüs get most of its wealth from its Great House host, House Heartan. The House commands all the mines, farms and other buisnesses around its lands. It also gains gold from the oil machines that are placed within the Black Sea, and islands that inhabit large amounts of it. 

The country's main income is trade, as due to its large wildlife, it can supply a great deal of food and clothing materials, as well as objects and weapons from its strong steel. The Kings' Mountain is also home to perfect rock and ash, which serves as perfect building material. It also sells for a huge amount of gold.


Like most regions within the Main Lands, Royalandüs adopts the Golden Unicorn, a currency used since the War of Kings. There is only gold, and depending on the size of the gold the higher its worth. 


Like every country and region, horses are the main trasportation. Most farmers and rich folk own their own horses

Drawn carriage

which are stored at the local stables, but those who can't afford to buy one, hire a carriage. A carriage will take a person anywhere within their country. Depending on how far, will increase the price. Also depending on the range, will result in staying at an inn, in which the transporter will have to buy their carriage rider their bed and food for the day. 

Across the sea, ships and gallerys are the main hub for transport. While there is little harbours in Royalandüs, the cost of travelling across sea is very costly, because most ships are used for trading and warfare.


One of the major aspects of Royalandüs, something that it thrives from. Education is something that is taught mainly to those who can afford the price of education for the year. Even though it is paid through taxes, education price is still required depending on what school or education that person wishes. 

There are several categories in which education takes place, the most common being writting and reading, as well as farming and building. The country has the highest rate of educated beings than any part of the world, and is home to the University of Royalandüs, one of the largest schools in Amsnorth

Around 60-65% of the population within Royalandüs are educated, with around 10% of them falling under the reading and writting courses, while only 2% undertake training to become soldiers. While any person can apply to become a Golden Knight, the training is very hard, but free of charge. The person is transported across the sea to different islands where they undergo different training depending on what they want to be trained in.

Types of Education


Religion is a very strong part of Royalandüs, dating back thousands of years. The main god in which people worship is the Mystic Dragon. Around 40% of people worship the great god, and there are dozens of temples throughout the country which are used to worship him.


Due to being under the command of House Heartan, Royalandüs has a massive army. It holds one of the largest footsoldier force in the known world, and has a set of highly skilled knights known as Golden Knights. While most of the military people are trained in the useage of swordplay, there are different courses in military in which people are trained:

Around 1/3 of the income is used to pay for soldiers, as there are so many of them.


See: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Giants, Goblins for more detail

Due to being sperated by so many races, there are different cultures for each race. The most common aspect of the culture is signing and musical instruments. There have been many bards that have hailed from Royalandüs, and it is also where most misical instruments are made.

See AlsoEdit

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