Rusty Mountains whole
Rusty Mountains
Prominence 9,556 m (31,351 Ft)

Ranked 1st

Location Information
Location Dwavern Kingdom
Regional Location Dark Territory
Range Dead Forest, for 2,500 miles, to the Bronze Shore
Mountain Inhabitants
Race Groups Goblins, Nimidorians, Trolls, Ogres, Dragons (possibly)
Civilizations Scaly City, Dangul
First Ascent FA 7500, Oppa Grazaxe, and Ysunder Blackstone
Easiest Route Through the Trench
Other Information
Summary Largest mountains in Amsnorth, by total area
Other names Yamasabitt, Razhvvik
Age Unknown -
"A place so full of myth and legend, that most of its rumours have been told thousands of times. Lying in the most dangerous place in the Kingdom, the Rusty Mountains is a mysterious place, where those who venture into the beyond, never return. "
―About the Rusty Mountains

Rusty Mountains also known in Elvish as Yamasabitt and in Dwarfik as Razhvvik, is Amsnorth's largest mountain by total area, and holds the third highest by highest peak, with the Bronze Peak reaching the height of 31,351 feet. It covers over 2,500 miles in total square miles, making it larger in size than Greatwood Forest. It takes up more than half of the Dark Territory and 1/5 of the entire Dwavern Kingdom

Even though the mountains are within the forbidden regions of the kingdom, the Rusty Mountains attracts many highly experienced mountaineers as well as capable climbers willing to hire professional guides from any civilization in the kingdom. There are two main climbing routes, one approaching the summit from the eastern areas, coming from the Bronze Shore. Through this way is the longest route, taking the average climber around 1-2 weeks to reach the high peaks. The other is through the Trench, but this road is regarded as being very dangerous as many large beasts stalk its grounds. While not posing substantial technical climbing challenges on the standard route, the mountain presents dangers such as altitude sickness, weather, wind as well as significant objective hazards from rockslids, fissures, and hostile inhabitants.

The first ever people to have travelled up to the highest peak, were Oppa Grazaxe and Ysunder Blackstone. They spent three months planning and plotting how to climb the steepest parts of the mountain. A map was created by the two, and they mapped each tunnel, cave, valley and gorge within the mountains, and routed the safest areas in which one could use. They also named the highest peaks and summits within the mountains. 


The mountains were first discovered by the first dwarves who ventured out of their underground cities after their destruction. While it could be clearly seen from afar, the dwarves did not ventured to it, as they were freighened of its appearance. For thousands of years the mountains lay uncharted and undiscovered. However after the founding of the Nimidorians, the dwarves found it a major event to travel across the mountains.

Rusty Mountains area

Rusty Mountains from a distance

There were many times when travellers from across all Amsnorth attempted to climb the mountains, but most of these times the travellers died from either, starvation, or killed by the residing goblins. It was considered impossible for the mountains to be mapped, however two lords, Oppa Grazaxe and Ysunder Blackstone made it their life's work to make the founding of the mountains theirs. They took years gaining funding to venture out on several months expeditions, to map all the safest routs into and out of the mountains. They travelled across the seas, sailed around the whole of the mountains, drawing down images and writting novels of their experiences. It was not until they reached the Bronze Shore, did they decide to move into the mountains. They travelled only during the midday, as they wanted to avoid a fight with goblins or ogres as much as possibly. 

They spent months moving across the mountains, drawing peaks, and mapping as many caves, tunnels, rivers, gorges, woods, and fruit trees as much as possibly. It was then they discovered the famous fruit known as Pugandus, a rich berry that would eventually go on to become the most globally used fruit in the world. 

Within the mountains, they also left trails and marked rocks, and caves that possessed vast riches of gold, bronzem silver and rubies. As they finally reached the highest peak, the Bronze Peak, they dwarves marked and left their names upon a rock within the tip of the mountains, and dated it. When they returned home they became legends, and Oppa's uncle, King Gartheous Grazaxe awarded him a lordship and named him Lord of the Mountains. Oppa then sent out hundreds of miners to harvest as much riches as they possibly could.


While the Rusty Mountains was not named its offical name until TA 4615, when the humans named it so after its bronze appearance. Before hand it was only named in the languages of the dwarves and elves, the name Yamasabitt came from the elvish word for Great One, while the dwarves named it Razhvvik for Large Death. It is
Rusty Mountains

The eastern region of the mountains

unknown if the Nimidorians give the mountains any name, as they live within its rocky peaks, but it is likely that they do. While the Nimidorians' language is uknown to anyone but those who speak it, being only the race itself. 

The humans who moved into the mountains, to harvest and mine gold and minerals, decided to name it the Rusty Mountains due to its great amount of bronze and copper. Due to the amount of rust that appeared on their carriages and mining tools, the humans decided to name it the Rusty Mountains.



The biggest and largest attribute of the mountains are its mining, there are thousands of caves that burry hundreds of feet into the mountains itself, that host millions of gold, silver, copper, metals, and rare minerals. For thousands of years people from across all kingdoms have brought their own people to harvest as much as they could. As the mountains are within the Dark Territory, which has been marked as being uncharted and not within the Dwavern Kingdom, it belongs to no man, so the dwarves have no claim over it. 

Because it remains under the property of no one, the other races took as much advantage over it as possibly, and with an agreement and truce between the other races, several areas of the mountains are owned by different factions. 


Another great deal of economic income for the dwarves are the amount of tourtists that the mountains attract. While
First dwarf lords

The first dwarf lords

they do not charge for people to venture into the mountains, they charge for guides and protection into the mountains. They gain a total of 40,000 gold each year from such things.

The most common attraction would be the gigantic statues that are the largest in Amsnorth. The Giant Dwarf Lords are two massive statues created around 10,000 BPD and remain to this day as the highest ever structures to have been built by hands. They reach over 2,000 feet in height and are made from solid stone.



While there are hundreds of caves that have yet to be named, the most famous is Dangul. A cave rich with all kinds of materials, however is completely full of goblins. It is regarded as being their major stronghold, and because of their vast numbers and its position, taking it from them would be very hard and costly. 

Dangul is the only cave named on the map, however there are few ones that have been named:

  • Dangul: the largest gold dwelled cave in the mountains, and home to goblins
  • Glenwood Caves: a series of caves that are joined together to form several tunnels. It is owned by the Green-Elves and is rich in emeralds and crystals.
  • Eastwater Cave: a cave located near the very edge of the cave, at the eastern shores of the kingdom. It is owned by the humans and is the largest sapphire cave in the world.
  • Gaping Gill: a cave that is populated by the Nimidorians, the Nimidorians name it Gagirō Ouphā, and is one of their largest civilizations. 
  • Sinanthon Cave: named after the explorer Sinanthon Vik'undr. It is owned by the Dark-Elves and is the largest cave in the Dwavern Kingdom. It mines copper, gold, silver, steel, iron and crystals.


The capital city of the Nimidorians, Scaly City is a huge city that is located at the very end of the caves, surrounded by a massive enclosed peak. It sits on top of the ground, but also travells hundreds of miles underground, and even goes into the Black Sea. 


  • Is larger than real live Mount Everest
  • There are hundreds, even thousands of caves in the mountains that have not been named, yet Dangul is the most famous, and is the only one mapped

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