King Saaelas
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Saaelas of Spinmox

Biographical information

Other names
The Dark King, Saaelas the Cruel, The Grey Lord, King of Dead, Saaelas the Great
Date of birth
SA 2359
SA 2364 - TA 0
Date of death
TA 0 (1024 years)
Realms ruled

Physical description

5.2 feet
Hair color
Eye color
White, yellow (when enraged)
Royal House
"Saaelas was one of the most renowned monarchs in history. His fierce reputation for being utterly fearless is known worldwide. He was the most ruthless, merciless and cunning King of his time."
―About Saaelas

Saaelas of Spinmox or just commonly known as Saaelas (SA 2359 - TA 0), was the King of Wizardear for over 1019 years, making him one of the longest monarchs of the Dark-Elf race. He is considered to be one of the most ruthless Kings in history, mainly because he was completely fearless, and held a very powerful hold over his people. Many rival kings and queens feared him, mainly because of his massive intelligence and strong persense within many cultures across Amsnorth

Saaelas was born to Victrulas, and was made Lord of Spinmox and sent away at a young age, and raised to be a ruthless and cunning man, on his father's orders. After only five years, his father was killed of unknown causes, and Saaelas was made the next King of Wizardear, despite being only five years of age. Because he was too young to reign from the throne, he instead was kept away, while Wizardear was ruled by politicians. In the meantime, Saaelas was raised by several people, including his mother Ervona, however she held little power over his youth, as the politicians wanted him to be raised without the hold of a woman. 

Saaelas grew into a fierce King, and was begun to expand his power by taking over many small islands spreaded across Amsnorth, and managed to build some of the most rich mines in the world, the most common being the mining of minerals and metals. He also forged his own kind of gold, which enabled him to amass great deals of gold within a short period of time. He soon became one of the richest men alive, and used his gold to forge alliances with other kingdoms of monarchs. 

The King of Wizardear build more and more houses, villages and towns across Wizardear and forced his people into building them, along with human slaves. This was not met well with other highborns, who sought to overthrow him due to his massive amounts of slave operations. The War for Independence took place in the year SA 2463 when a group of human nobles, and Hauket soldiers formed an alliance in order to break their people free of deadly slavery. This war sealed Saaelas' reputation as a brutal and cunning king, as he managed to destory all his foes within a short period of time, and increased his slavery by taken hold of more human settlements across Amsnorth. Because no one held the power or the forces to take him out, he remained invincible. Many people saw him as being souless and heatless, and this made him more and more deadly, and he had his mother killed to prove this.

No one challenged him, not until a young man named Jafier Heartan had taken control over Markwall, and was crowned as its new king. This made Saaelas both curious and cautious as he held a strong trading route with the Markwall people. Trying to get in contact with Jafier proved to be a problem, and soon Jafier grew in power which enranged Saaelas and he managed to convince Dargorn Boulderarm into unleashing war upon the new human king. While the dwarves battled against the humans for control and power, Saaelas turned against Dargorn and attacked his forces while they suffered a loss at the First battle of the Dwarves. An all out war called War of Kings took place soon after, and Saaelas was the main figure and held the greatest power. However he underestimated Jafier Heartan and his power, and was soon defeated near the end of the war. He was slain in the Attack of Gourlay when Jafier along with Safdraen attacked him unawares. His body was later burned in a pyre.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Saaelas was a brillaint minded elf, with high cunning and a very great mind for battle. He was fearless above all, being affaird of nothing, not even death itself. He was also very intelligent, charasmatic, disciplined, focused, and wise. He was known to be very resilant, which made him heartless and often called souless by his peers. Saaelas was also very unkind, and was feared across Amsnorth for his lack of mercy, empathy and love. He cared about no one, not even his own children.

Saaelas was a handsome man, but very slender and skinny. He was also short, like most Dark-Elves, but had a rare white colour of hair. His features were baby-like, and smooth with rounded features and gentle eyes. His eyes were generally pale, but would turn a shade of yellow whenever he was enraged. His skin was grey, unlike the purple/brown of his fellow race. Like most royalty, he enjoyed his status, which involved his luxury clothings, and was often seen wearing the finest of silks, wool and fabrics. He was also fond of jewls, and would spend much money to have them placed into all kinds of his clothings.


Early LifeEdit

Saaelas was born in SA 2359 to King Victrulas and Queen Ervona in Spinmox, a large town located within Wizardear. Due to the history House of Las being known for tough cold-hearted people, Victrulas was sent off to live in solitary, away from the love of his family, to make him a strong ruler. Shortly after he was born, Saaelas was shipped away to the Burnt Islands, where he would spend most of his early childhood. He was trained and tutored by many people, and would only ever see his mother on rare and special occasions. 

Saaelas was taught by many highborns to be utterly ruthless, and would force him to kill animals and not feel anything afterwards, stripping him of his emotions. By the time he was three years old, he was made to murder his first slave. Saaelas' childhood was not pleasant and he was tortured, punished and made to read countless books per day, and faced very harsh training in combat.

King of WizardearEdit

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