Old Sadryn

Sadryn the Valiant

Biographical information

Other names
The Grey Elf, The Great King of Wizardear, Sadryn the Just
Date of birth
TA 2260
TA 5248 - TA 5428
Date of death
TA 5428 (3168 years)
Realms ruled

Physical description

5.2 feet
Hair color
White, Grey (older)
Eye color
Royal House
"Born during the darker times in Amsnorth, Sadryn climbed the ladder of power and fame. He was greatly admired, even by those such as Azugon. His sheer presence gained him a fierce reputation, and his wits enabled him to push his race back into glory. "
―About Sadryn

Sadryn the Valiant, also known as the Grey Elf, (TA 2260 - TA 5428) was the King of Wizardear for around 180 years, making him the first Dark-Elf king since Saaelas, over 5000 years before him. Sadryn is considered one of the best kings of the Third Age, and through his efforts he managed to pull his kingdom out of economical disaster. Wizardear became one of the wealthest countries in Amsnorth at the time, and was the central hub for education, transport and military training.

However before he became the famed king, Sadryn was born and spent thousands of years during the darker times in Amsnorth. Born in the reign of Azugon, Sadryn was raised by his mother to be a cunning, wise, patient and kind man. His father on the other hand wanted him to be a schemer, to hide in the shadows and watch as the rest of the world tore itself apart. While he did do both, Sadryn was also a very kind and caring man, loving his people above all. He also held a very racist opinion about the Dwarves, often calling them "Useless little Chubs". 

Throughout his years, Sadryn possessed a great deal of intelligence, and his greatness with healing was admired, and gained the attention of the current King of Amsnorth, Azugon. The king called him to the capital, where he asked him to serve as the healer to the city, to which he declined. Not many would have been brave enough to refuse the king, but Azugon did not mind, all he did was hope he would change his mind.

When Robert I Heartan rose up against the Army of Darkness, Sadryn, now Lord of Garreneari, offered him little support, only allowing him passage throughout Wizardear. Sadryn did not pay much attention to any monarchs that came after him, until he befriended Elizabeath II Heartan. They two grew into a very strong friendship, and for his support in defeating Yhafar Boulderrock in the War for the Two Kingdoms, she named him King of Wizardear. After their victory, Sadryn ruled for a further 180 years, and formed many governments around his new kingdom.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Sadryn is a highly intelligent being, with vast knowelage of many things such as: healing, magic, history and math. He can also speak every language in Amsnorth, which is very rare for someone. Due to his understanding of magic, Sadryn is able to craft magical potions, despite being non-magical himself. His potions include: U'kkum Elixir, Vial of Beauty, Flask of Souls and Vial of Eternal Sleep. Other than his intellect, Sadryn is also very cunning, and extremly wise. His most common trait as a king was his love for his people, caring for them above all. He showed compassion for everyone of his people, criminal or not. Many could say this was a weak trait to obtain, but due to this, he was gravely loved by his people.

Sadryn was a handsome elf in his youth, but like all elves, when they age, their appearance becomes more pointy. His hair went from a bright white, to a sinister grey. His eyes were a fire red, and slanted slightly off than they usual dark-elf.  Sadryn was also very small in height, like most of his kin, he stood around 5.2 feet, and was built very slender. 


Early LifeEdit

Born in TA 2260 to Lord Marvudryn and Lady Riraynea, Sadryn was an unexpected child. Many elves chose not to have many children during this period, as Azugon's reign had caused many of them to die younger than their ancestors. Being the third child, Sadryn's childhood was not easy, and was shunned by his siblings, and was not the central attention of his father. His mother howevered favoured him more, and taught him that all life was precious. He grew to become a very wise teenager, and would always be seen in his chambers with books and quills. He did not care much for women, like his two brothers, but rather enjoyed the quiet.

As he grew his reputation for healing became known, he experimented with herbs that no one had dared before him, causing many explosions in his own personal workshop. Eventually his efforts in healing the Rhakar Disease gained the attention of Azugon, who visisted him in Wizardear. The wizard king was very interested in how a young elf managed to create such a potion. After spending days watching the young elf, Azugon became quite fond of him, and even invited him to serve as the healer in Gran Sarathal. However Sadryn refused this, as he believed that he still had much more stuff to do, this did not anger Azugon has many refusers had before him, but instead held the offer and provided him with gold to contiune with his experiments.

Mission across the Summer of PriestEdit

Sadryn's efforts also gained the attention of the Green-Elves in the Summer of Priest, the master healers and potion makers in Amsnorth. They asked for him to continue his works there at their homeland, with many other healers to work and provide him assistance. He agreed, and spent months sailing to the kingdom. 


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