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Other names
The Great Elf King
Date of birth
SA 3000
SA 15055 - TA 655
Date of death
TA 655 (1,040 years)
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5.1 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Sapphire blue
"It has always confused hundreds of the true intentions of Safdraen. His motives were unknown to all. He could be your friend one day, and your greatest enemy the next."
―About Safdraen

King Safdraen (SA 3000 - TA 655) was the King of the Wood-Elves during the War of Kings . He was a respected man within both his own race and the humans. He is known for being the only one, aside from Jafier Heartan, to have kept the title of king after the war.

The son to Lvaeanal, Safdraen was held in high esteam and respected due to his father's fierce reputation. When the events of the War of Kings broke out, Safdraen did not want to participate in the war, but had little choice after Saaelas invaded his lands. 

The elf king fought back, and with his forces he managed to put up a great fight, and became one of the biggest threats. He moved his forces across the lands, and even managed to break the Dark-Elf defences. He eventually managed to defeat Saaelas, with the help of Jafier Heartan.

Safdraen fought in the Great Purge, and managed to avoid his race from being forced into slavery. However in TA 655 he was found by Ezgoth who captured the king, and took him before Azugon. The Dark Lord then beheaded him in public eye, and mounted his head on a spike above the Royal Palace.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Safdraen was a king and gentle man, but he was also greedy and stubborn. He cared little about anyone, unless it brought him gain and powers. Although despite this, he was also very smart, and always threw himself forwards to find a way to keep himself and his people alive.

The great elf was described as being very handsome, with long blonde silver hair, and piercing blue eyes. He is tall for his race, and rather slender.

Early LifeEdit

Born to the great Lvaeanal, Safdraen was much loved by the elvin people, mainly because of his father's reputation in the lands. Safdraen was not born into royalty, as his father was a respected Lord. Safdraen was expected to be as great as his fathe, but Safdraen wanted more.

Little is known about Safdraen, but it is said that he spent his early life within the great forests of Amsnorth. The man that later became the great king he is known as today, was a mere boy who spent his years being nothing more than a hunter. 

He used to be a sellsword and spent most of his early years travelling around Amsnorth looking for jobs that would enable him more gold. However during this period he stumbled across a hidden fort that was buried within the ruins of the Greatwood Gorge . Many of his friends said that once Safdraen left the Gorge he was not the same as he once was, and that he held a silver crown. 

It is said that was the day he declaried himself the King of the Wood-Elves.

War of KingsEdit

When Jafier Heartan took over control of Markwall, he then became the King of Humans. Safdraen did not concern himself with such things, and choose not to see Jafier as a enemy, and instead began an early trade with the humans. However after King Saaelas interups their furture friendship. The both Humans and Wood-Elves both fight together to defeat the Dark-Elves, and after a bloody battle, the finally managed to throw the vile king into a retreat. 

Battle.war of kiings

Early stages of the war

Safdraen did not continue the trade and friendship as he saw Jafier a one who would slow him down and cause more trouble that worth. The elf king left and began to fight the war on his own, but kept to the shadows, only striking when a great chance arrived.

Despite their chance at friendship, Sadraen also attacked Jafier Heartan, and managed to take over many of his forts around his borders. The king also invaded several of the villages within Markwall's borders. This caused Jafier to attack the wood-elf at his own home, and they both fought against each other.

During the troubled part of the war, King Saaelas was beginning to gain the upper hand in the war, and began to take over vast lands of Amsnorth. Safdraen decided it time to meet the dark-elf head on, and they both engaged in a all out battle, however Safdraen was beaten easily.

Greiving over his loss, Safdraen knew that he could not win the war alone, so saw the chance to form another alliance with Jafier Heartan. The wood-elf king attacked the home of Saaelas while he and his armies where attacking the King of the Golden Halls. Safdraen knew that Queen Sinteal Ashstone was being held there, and also knew of her allegance with Jafier.

After a battle, Safdraen managed to infiltrate Garreneari, and rescue Sinteal. However as the king met with the queen, he descovered that he was pregnant with Saaelas' child. As it was impossible for a human to breed with any of the other races, Safdraen gave her a posion that would kill the baby while in the womb.

When Saaelas arrived at Garreneari with a host of vast armies, Safdraen was forced to hold the city using Saaelas' own forces. However the wood-elf king was unable to fight off the dark-elf. As the end of the reign of Safdraen seemed to be at hand, out of the sky a great dragon flew. The dragon landed within the city with an army of its own. 

The army tore through Saaelas with great ease, which caused the dark-elf to be destracted, which gave
Jafier Showing his power

Jafier Heartan showing his power

Sinteal time to drive a sword through his heart, killing him instantly.

The great revealed itself to be Jafier Heartan. After Jafier killed Sinteal due to trechery, the human and the wood-elf formed an alliance that is still intact in current times.

Jafier and Safdraen both gathered their forces and marched upon Gran Sarathal, however the dwavern kings both demanded an all out battle off the coast of the Eastern Territories. Safdraen and Jafier turned their armies around and met with the dwarves. 

After a quick battle, Jafier summond waves of magic that wiped out all the dwarves, shocking all. Safdraen watched from afar as the human king obliterated all his foes, and was glad he was on his side.

After the WarEdit

Safdraen was honoured by Jafier Heartan because of his efforts during the war. The human king, now claimed the King of Amsnorth, granted Safdraen the titles of king, and allowed his future offspring to claim the title of monarch.

Little is known what happened to Safdraen after this, but it is said that he died not long after the events of the war. His son Melenki eventually became one of the most important elves in history, and led the forces of elves against the most powerful magical being at the time.


Safdraen is known as one of the first wood-elf kings who took the title through his power instead of gaining it through a bloodline. He has a statue within Greatwood City, and is regared as one of the best kings in Amsnorth, among both humans and wood-elves.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Safdraen was a very skilled archer and swordsmaster. He was trained in the arts of Higu-Vihm. A style
invented by the ancient elves to allow the user great speed and balance. 


Safdraen was one of the best swordsmasters of his time, being trained in Higu-Vihm. He is known for his great speed. He has fought in many battles and is seen moving at great speeds, he also has vast strength.


Like all Wood-Elves, he was outstanding using the bow. He was very fast, and was seen using the bow over any other kind of weapon. 


Safdraen was a great in mind, and was able to see many things before others. This enabled him to be a great battle strategist, and also made him a dangerous enemy. He on many occassions used his great intelligence to defeat his foes, by seeing ahead, and planning battles before they even happen.

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