Samruid Rochandur
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Samruid Rochandur

Biographical information

Other names
Samruid the Fierce
Lord of Pēṇṭalia
Date of birth
TA 9541
Date of death
Still Alive

Physical description

4.1 feet
Hair color
Light brown
Eye color
Gold/ green
Noble House
House Rochandur
Tedmund Rochandur, Bretlin Rochandur
Lassiria Rochandur
Sognom Rochandur, Meldar Rochandur, Bunrim Rochandur
"A man with a fierce reputation, Samruid is not a man to be reckoned with. When his temper hits its highs, it is said that the Gods can he his rage."
―About Samruid

Samruid Rochandur, also known as Samruid the Fierce, is a dwarf male, and the Lord of Pēṇṭalia. Samruid has a deadly reputation, and if often regarded as being one of the most terrifying figures of his age. Born to weak parents, Samruid sought to prove himself, not only to himself, but to others as well, that Pēṇṭalia was still a powerful country. At the age of 15, he slew his mother and father due to frustration of their reign, and was awarded the title of Lord soon afterwards.

As his reputation grew, Samruid became a very imposing personm striking fear even into the likes of Kings of Amsnorth. His appearance was said to have brought a calmness about it, as when he entered a room, people decided to impress him. 

Character and AppearanceEdit

Samruid is a ruthless, cunning, fierce, brutal, and agressive being, but also kind and welcoming to those he considers friends, which is a small few. He is not overly fond of Gormar Boulderrock, and is often seen at odd ends with him. He is neither shy, nor careful of his words, fearing nothing. However despite this, he shows respect to his superiors, and is a very strong leader, even though he has little combat experience.

Samruid is a small, stocky man, like most dwarves, but instead of having a full head of hair, he enjoys a balding look, with little hair around the sides of his skull. His appearance is intimidating, but when relaxed he is said to look happy or at peace. He is always seen in furs and hides, as the weather in Pēṇṭalia is rather cool.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Tedmund Rochandur, Bretlin Rochandur, Samruid was remarked as being a weakling like his parents, however at a young age, he demonsrated remarkable courage. When he grew older, he begun to despise his parents, often seeing them as worthless. When he was 15 he lured his parents into a trap, where he killed them both. He staged the murder to look like a wolf attack, and was later crowned Lord of Pēṇṭalia.

Lord of PēṇṭaliaEdit

Since claiming his rightful title, Samruid has made an impression on both himself and others. He changed rules, and invented dozens of laws, that has made Pēṇṭalia a very strict country. Throught his life, he has attented meetings, and cause such an atmosphere that many begun to fear him. Some even say he can intimidate an orc.

Lord of Pēṇṭalia
Preceded by
Tedmund Rochandur
Samruid Rochandur Succeeded by

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