Sarathor Wolfbane
Sarathor Wolfbane
Book Series(s)
World of Amsnorth
First Book
Dancing with Magic
Last Book
Dancing with Magic
Appeared in
Dancing with Magic
Also known as
9,178 BPD
Place of Birth
Current Status
Gower Wolfbane - father
Tavia Wolfbane - mother
Mandon Wolfbane - son
Norwin Wolfbane - son
"One of the most respected lords of his time."
―About Sarathor

Sarathor Wolfbane also known as Lord Sarathor Wolfbane (9,178 BPD - 9,140 BPD) was a human and the Lord of Markwall. He was one of the most respected men of his time, and was considered one of the most powerful people in Amsnorth. This was mainly due to his great friendship with King Nark III Heartan, the King of Amsnorth. Sarathor squired for the king when he was a boy, and Nark thought of him like a son. It was rumoured Sarathor would marry Nark's daughter, Martha I Heartan, but no such thing took place. 

Sarathor later became the Lord of Markwall, after his father died, and changed much of the city's operations, which gained him great favour of the people. He increased the jobs, and instructed new farms to be built. Nark III loaned him great sums of gold, which enabled him to double his armies, and expand on the city.

Around 9,142 BPD the Grand Wizard Azugon launched an all out war on the Races of Amsnorth, summoning large dark creatures to his side. The Great Purge began when the Dark Lord killed many dragons, and Sarathor was one of the first people to send out assassins to kill him.

When Azugon attacked Gran Sarathal, Sarathor was summoned by Nark III and he without hesitation gathered his forces and marched to the capital. With his son, Mandon Wolfbane, he held the defences of the city, but after leading an army of 40,000 men into battle, Sarathor was later overrun and killed, his son shortly followed.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Sarathor was a very kind and noble man, known to help others. He had a keen eye for knowelage and was often seen reading books, somehting he fouhnd soothing. He also cared much for the weak and poor, and one point he even ordered his soldiers to go around every house in Markwall and hand out food and gold. 

Sarathor was tall and handsome, with brown hair in his youth, that eventually turned grey by the time he was 30 years of age. His skin was leather like and pale, but he was broad in appearance, and strongly built. Like most nobles and upper-class people, he loved to wear the finest of clothing, mainly reds and blues.


Early LifeEdit

Sarathor was born to Gower and Tavia Wolfbane. As a boy he spent time within education, somehting his father demaned of him. His teacher was descibed by him as being cruel and very strict. Sarathor took in this education, and used it to increase his wisdom, somehting that played a major part in his success later in life.

Squiring for the KingEdit

When he was but four years of age, his father Gower, sent Sarathor to squire for Nark III Heartan. During this time, Sarathor got his first taste at ruling, and spent much time with the king in his council meetings. Sarathor found this very interesting, and took notes of what was happening.

Sarathor as a squire

Young Sarathor as a squire

Nark also was fond of the boy, and even offered to train him in swordplay. Sarathor while not too into swordplay, accepted. Nark trained him, and within only a few years Sarathor was highly skilled in combat, and even managed to kill his first goblin.

Sarathor also started to grow attatched to Nark's eldest daughter, Martha I Heartan. Even though she was around 8 years his senior, he at some point at sexual relations with her. Martha used the boy for her own pleasures, and did not see him as anything else.

Nark also saw the affection the young boy had towards his daughter, and it was implied that he was considering marrying them. 

At the age of nine years old, Nark took him to the Dwavern Kingdom for several months, and later to Wizardear. The king told the boy this was to increase his knowelage of the outside world. At Wizardear he visited the Academy of Magical Beings, and was toured around the school by Azugon. Sarathor instantly did not like the man, as he thought there was something dark about him. He brought this to the king, and Nark agreed, but informed him not to mention it to anyone alse, as Azugon was considered one of the most powerful men alive.

A New LordEdit

Around 9,168 BPD Sarathor was informed that his father, Gower and his mother Tavia were both killed at sea. Nark III Heartan arrived with him at Markwall, and helped the young boy through the suffering of his loss.

Nark raised the both for several weeks, teaching him more about being a lord, before Sarathor was made the new Lord of Markwall. When Nark took his leave of the city, Sarathor used his first command as Lord to build more farms around the city. This was respected by his people, as it increased the flow of food and supplies into the city.

Through his time as lord he was loved by his people as he always did things to increase the living standards of his city. He increased jobs by building, mines, windmils, farms, castles, forts, small towns, taverns and much more. He also had the southern area of the city knocked down, and built over 1,000 more houses, which increased the population by almost 400, and it further increased over the years.

Martha IEdit

Still Sarathor loved Martha, and travelled to Gran Sarathal when she was to fight in the tournaments. He watched his former lover battle through the rings, and waited until it was a good time to approch her. he visited her in her tent, and she did not greet him with much affection. However after stripping naked in front
Sarathor and Martha

Sarathor and Martha

of him, they both had sex. 

Martha kicked him out shortly after, and began training again. When it was her time to fight again, Sarathor took her lance and handing it over to her, whispering something in her ear. Martha showed a little passion for it, but did not pay further attention to him,

After the tournament was over, they slept with each other again and again, until Sarathor left for Markwall. It was not long later Martha turned up at his door, claiming to be pregnant. However he informed him that she had killed the baby. This enraged him, and he cast her out of the city, vowing never to speak to her again.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

At the age of 18 years old, Sarathor married, and within 9 months was a father. His friend Nark III Heartan along with many others appeared to see the birth of the boy. There was a large celebration held to honour the boy.

Sarathor loved being a father, and spent much time with his son, Mandon Wolfbane. He taught him many of the things he was taught when he was a boy, and even hired the same teacher he had. Over 15 years later he had another boy, Norwin Wolfbane.

Great PurgeEdit

In 9,144 BPD Sarathor was informed that Azugon had murdered many people, and he was the first to hire and sent assassins to track him down. However after two years, Azugon appeared and launched war on the people, the Great Purge

Lord Sarathor in battle

Sarathor and his son, Mandon Wolfbane

Sarathor gathered his forces, and fought against him, being one of the major houses in the war. He fought in many battles, some with his son, Mandon. Sarathor could not spend much time with his youngest son, Norwin, so his mother raised him while he fougth in the war.

When the Battle of Gran Sarathal came, Sarathor answered the call without thought. He along with 40,000 men, and his son, marched to the capital. They held the city, and fought against Azugon's pawn, Ezgoth. When the second day arised, Sarathor decided to take his men through the underground tunnels, and flank the armies. When they did, they smashed through the forces, and killed over 20,000, before Azugon arrived. They were overrun, and Sarathor was killed.


Sarathor was one of the greatest lords of his time, and very respected, mainly because he increased the city and expanded much on its appearance and size. He also founded and created over 40 farms, and helped build many roads for trade and transportation.

Like his son, Mandon, a statue was made of him and is resting in Markwall. His son Norwin later became his successor, after Markwall surrendered to the new King of Amsnorth, Azugon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sarathor was very skilled in combat, being trained by Nark III Heartan. He mastered a swordplay at an early age, and was considered one of the best fighters of his time. He was also very cunning and highly intelligence, somehting his hardship as a boy paid off.


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