Scaly City full
Scaly City
Background Information
Type City
Location Dwavern Kingdom, Dark Territory, Rusty Mountains
Population 16,000,000
Rulers Gam-Leem'Kio
Military 400,000
Institutions Palace of Kio
Places of note Temple Yu'zi, Statue of Pykio'Hiz'Oponyi, Bridge of Maza'Hix, nderwater Factions
Date of founding
Age Unknown, likely around FA
Other Information
Summary Capital city of the Nimidorians, and their only city
Other names Kubacruátiko
Inhabitants Nimidorians
Spoken Languages Lapawòlikan
Lifespan Before FA 0 -

Scaly City also known as Kubacruátiko in the Nimidorian language, is a massive city that is located within the Rusty Mountains, that is located within the Dwavern Kingdom. It is the most populated city in Amsnorth with a groundbreaking 16,000,000 people. Its size is not entirely large, but its underground cities possibly make it the largest city in the world, but it is unknown as it has yet to be measured.

It is the only known city that is owned by the Nimidorian race, and is possibly one of the few places in which they reside. It is a mysterious place, with only few people outside their own race being granted entry. The King or Queen of Amsnorth have no power nor control over them, as they have their own government, which has not be named. Even though the High King or Queen have no power over them, they are permitted to enter the city is they require, and are treated with respect. The last Heartan king to have visisted the Nimidorians was Edward IV Heartan.

During all Wars of Amsnorth the Scaly City has never been invaded, nor conquered. The Nimidorians have the strongest known defence operations in the world, as well as magical barriers that cover their entire city. They also have places underwater, which make it impossible for people to invade them. Azugon struggled to hold them, as he attempted to reason with them, however he was never able to defeat them, even though he never entered a direct battle with them.


It is unknown when the city was first discovered, but the Nimidorians are one of the very first known races. When they were first discovered, they were already very aware of the outside world, and knew of nearly everything. Which implies that they were there for a very long time before their finding. 

Places of NoteEdit

Temple Yu'ziEdit

The most known out of all the known places. The Temple of Yu'zi is the oldest, strongest and most famous temple
Temple of Yu'zi

Temple of Yu'zi

in Amsnorth. It dates back before the first ever recorded times, 25,000 BPD, which implies that it was even there before the Nimidorians even settled there.

The temple was named after Yu'zi'Grygon, one of the very first nimidorian rulers. It is the main area of education in the city, which makes it the oldest school in Amsnorth

Statue of Pykio'Hiz'OponyiEdit

A statue of a legendary hero of the nimidorian folk lore. He is
Statue of Pykio'Hiz'Oponyi

The legendary hero

considered a mythical hero by many, as there is little evidence of his existance. However The Nimidorians hold him dearly, and a nim will be highly offended if Pykio'Hiz'Oponyi is used in bad name.

The statue was built around 20,000 BPD and has traces of evern older creation. The statue stands around 250 feet in the air, and is made from solid steel and rusty copper. The nimidorians often pray to him, not as their god, but as a rather guider and man of wisdom.

Bridge of Maza'HixEdit

Bridge of Maza'Hix

Bridge of Maza'Hix

A bridge that wedges itself between the underwater faction and the ground floor. It is around 300 feet in size, and curves over a huge stream which flows through the whole of the Rusty Mountains. It is made from marbel, which comes from the Shard Mountains, thousands of miles away. 

The bridge is named after Maza'Hix, an ancient nimidorian lord that built the bridge himself, and took three years to do so. He took no help in its creation, and built hundreds of collums to bring the two factions of the city together.

Underwater FactionEdit

As the Nimidorians can breathe under water, a huge part of their city is underwater. Around half of the city's population lives in this region, which makes it the largest known underwater city. It has a magical light that is always present in the water. There are thousands of houses, as well as soldiers It is protected by a magical shield which hides its presense from others, including large beasts.

Known MembersEdit

Current StatusEdit

The city is the only known nimidorian city, and is mentioned several times. It is not seen until the later on books.


  • Is the highest populated city in Amsnorth
  • Does not have a king
  • Has never been conquered

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