Background Information
Type City
Location Dwavern Kingdom, Pātauna
Population 450,000
Rulers Durgak Asander
Military 10,000 footsoldiers, 100 catapults
Institutions Palace of the Kraken
Places of note Bridge of Gods, Sapphire Harbour, Tower of Just, Villa'Ve'Guntak, Honoured Bard
Date of founding Golden Age
Age SA 1000
Other Information
Summary Capital city of Pātauna, and its second largest city.
Other names Chéngona, Kajōsik
Inhabitants Dwarves, Humans, Elves
Spoken Languages Rochillion
Lifespan SA 1000 -
"A city built during a time of glory. Its greatness flourishes off the Golden Sea. The people here are at peace, and live a life of just and prosperity."
―About the city

Seaborrow, also known as Chéngona, Kajōsik in Elvish (meaning City of the Ocean), is the capital city of Pātauna and its second largest city, behind Cambreto. It is one of the greatest cities within the Dwavern Kingdom, and is known for its great usage of grain, which the Golden Sea is responsible for much of the city's success. Seaborrow is one of the youngest cities in the kingdoms, and has not suffered an invasion. While an attack has been close, when Azugon Eshakāra launched his Great Purge, however Lord Darion Asander bent the knee to the Dark Lord, to spare his people from horror.

Since the end of Azugon's reign as King of Amsnorth, the city assisted Robert I Heartan in the Army of Darkness' destruction. Around 2,000 soldiers from Seaborrow chased them across the Dark Territory, and was responsible for herding them into the clutches of the Nimidorians.

Seaborrow remains a power house among the kingdoms, and is one of the greatest cities. Its great income of gold and resources are responsible for much of the success of the dwarves.



Seaborrow was founded around 12,000 years ago, created by an unknown builder. All that is known about its founder is that he was a Hauket settler. During its creation, it is said that over 200,000 dwarves assisted in its founding, and
Seaborrow under construction

Seaborrow being built

over 40,000 died during its entire construction, making it the greatest cause of death within slavery. Many claim that it was because of its harsh storms that arose from the Golden Sea. Countless times large waves smashed the rocks to pieces, however the builders did not stop building, they only created stronger walls. 

Great PurgeEdit

When Azugon launched a great war on the races, he targeted the Dwavern Kingdom first. He landed near the Rusty Mountains and invaded across the kingdoms. When he arrived at Pātauna, Seaborrown was his major target. However the success of Azugon's invasions reached the ears of Darion Asander, and in order to prevent a great war and deaths of many of his people, Darion met with the Dark Lord. There he bent the knee, begging for him to spare the lives of his people. Azugon accepted, however ordered Darion to send him weapons and other resources during his quest up the kingdom.

Chasing DarknessEdit

Once Azugon vanished, Seaborrow made up for its cowardance, by sending 2,000 soldiers to assist the armies of House Heartan and House Boulderrock. They waited until the Army of Darkness was close enough for battle, and they engaged in a huge battle, that forced the goblins into the Dark Territory. They contiuned to battle them, even across the Rusty Mountains. During these battles, the sounds of war caught the attention of the Nimidorians, who sent out their own armies, and squashed the forced wih ease.

Palace of the KrakenEdit

The one of the largest palace's in the Dwavern Kingdom, the Palace of the Kraken is a huge glorious place that was
Palace of the Kraken

Palace of the Kraken

built right after the city's creation. It has over 10,000 rooms, including bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, training rooms, dining rooms, gardens, and halls of historical objects. It also has a huge garden, located around the palace itself. There are over 2 miles of garden, with massive ponds, and fish caught from the Golden Sea.

The palace is the main seat of House Asander, and holds the Kraken Seat, one of the oldest thrones in Amsnorth. The throne was built long before the creaiton of the city, and is rumoured to be one of the oldest thrones of the ancient dwarves and their kings.

Places of NoteEdit

Bridge of GodsEdit

Located near the end of the city, the Bridge of Gods is one of the largest bridges in Amsnorth. It is where the Palace of the Kraken sits upon, and can be seen from miles away. It is regarded as being as the city's signature landscape.

Sapphire HarbourEdit

Sapphire Harbour

Sapphire Harbour

A small harbour located right at the enterance to the city itself. Its is named for its pure blue oceans, and attracts a great deal of shipping in and out of the city. It is Seaborrow's main hub for transport around the Dwavern Kingdom. It was built during the foundation of the city, as the city is near the ocean.

Tower of JustEdit

The fourth largest tower in the world, the Tower of Just was built around 200 years ago. It got its name after Hyghor Asander, a tyrant lord who was ill loved by his people, fell from atop the tower and plunged to his death, just after its construction. The people named it Just, as they believed it was justice that the gods helped get rid of a tyrant.


A huge building that is often used as a hotel for travellers, Villa'Ve'Guntak is a 50 year old mansion used to harbour the massive amount of travellers that pass into the city, as the in often gets to full.

Honoured BardEdit

The inn located in the middle of the city, the Honoured Bard was named after a very talented bard, Nirman Colon. Nirman sung a song so beautifully that the people were halted into a state of mind. The building in which he sung the song was transformed into an inn, to honour and respect him. 


The city is located within the county of Pātauna, and around 60 miles from the largest city in the country, Cambreto.
Seaborrow location

Seaborrow's location

It is surrouned in small hils, trees and ponds. It is located right at the edge of a cliffside, with more than half its body across the water. 


The city suffers a great deal of storms, and horrific waves, however over the years the city has learned to adapt the the harshness of these things. During summer the ocean is said to look beautiful, as the sun beams across the water forming golden sparkels. 

Current StatusEdit

The city is currently still one of the greatest successes in the Dwavern Kingdom and is one of the largest trading cities in Amsnorth. It is not seen in the books, but is mentioned throughout the series.

See AlsoEdit

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