Western Territories
3,000 (approx.)
Lord of Seatown
Lord Oalson Thrash
King Harken Heartan
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Places of note
Statue of Mimek
Date of founding
Area of Kings
300 years(approx,)
"Seatown is one of the largest villages in the Western Territories. It is quiet, remote and beautiful."
- About Seatown

Seatown is a large city within Phylon's borders. It is a quiet place which makes it an attraction for many people from all the different races. 

Its unusal location however brings unwanted and dreadful weather upon it. The houses are built from stone and strong oak to prevent any serious destructions. 

The village was built around 300 years ago by a young elf builder named Mimek. It has since been a refuge for many wonderers and traders.


Seatown was the newest village in all Amsnorth; it gained its name when a small wood-elf man named Mimek set up his house on the land the village now rests upon. The small hut that the elf built was the first house ever to be built next to the Shardlake – a deadly lake that is home to vicious fish with razor sharp teeth that can sheer of the flesh of bones within seconds.  

The king said that building a house there was foolish; and did not support the elf throughout his time staying there. And so the elf had to find food, build and craft without the help of the king or his guards, but granted the elf all lands around that area. 

On one stormy day the lake was forced up in a large tidal wave which destroyed Mimek’s house and the farm he had built around it. It took him a year to clean the mess that was left over, but the good thing that came out of it was that the Shardlake was now three miles from the land and proved no danger. And so it was that he had a better idea – he built a large tavern in order to bring in travelers and merchants from all over the world.

One human man ate and drank at his tavern, and he gossiped the news to more humans, and eventually hundreds of people spent the night there. The elf had to give the tavern name, one that many could recognize – the Barred-Maid.  


The tavern was one of the main beauties of the village; it was made from pure dark oak from the Oakwood forest, and each meter of wood was supported by thick mountain rock. Every wooden table was a shade of crimson; through the grain was an ancient elvish design. The floor was made from hard pine and tiled stone, there was a large red and blue carpet sitting in the centre.

The walls on the inside were made from oak and rubies. The elf had paid a large amount of gold for rubies to be engraved through the wood, giving the tavern a dark red glow. Above the bar was a large skull of a mammoth that was sitting on a large wooden shelf, its gigantic trunk swinging low.

The rooms upstairs were designed by the elf himself; he had each size of the rooms to match those of the different races. One day a dwarf wobbled into Mimek’s tavern and complimented it, he asked the elf if he would accept houses to be built around it, the elf agreed and the dwarf brought over five more of his kin. The elf frowned when the five dwarves appeared thinking, ‘how are five dwarves going to build so many houses?’ But Mimek underestimated the master craftsmanship of the dwarves. 

They built the houses within days, by the end of the month there was over two hundred small houses. Mimek asked one of the dwarves if they would build him a large mansion for seven hundred gold pieces. The dwarf accepted.  

The small house that Mimek built had turned into a village, one of the largest in the western side of Amsnorth. People from all over paid him for one of the houses, some even paid for more to bring their families with them. Sadly Mimek was killed a few more years after the village was full of people. Not many knew the true story of what had happened, but many believed that he went on a hunting trip searching for boar when he was attacked and killed by an orc. None knows why the orc attacked him, but all that was left of the kind man was an ear.

The village is known for its finely crafted houses and its large tavern, the Barred-Maid. Although there is nothing famous within the village, many travellers have ventured there to glimpse upon its beauty.

Seatown LordEdit

The lord of the village is Lord Hamish Hount. 

In the BooksEdit

Seatown is the first major place the readers visit. It is where the story begins and is the home to Isabella Mthendale. The first six chapters are spent within the village, and throughout we see Isabella trying to live her life and to keep her Dragon safe.

After Isabella leaves the villlage is not seen again, but is mention throughout the books.


The villiage is located near the edge of the Western Territories, also near the beginning of Greatwood Forest. The Ruby Ocean also lies to the east of it.