Societal information

Largest City
Head of State
Valrick Symoset

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Three black doves of House Symoest
on a chequered yellow and blue background


Northern Territories
Type of Government
Federal Republic
Great House
House Symoset

Historical information

Creation Period
1,276,941 km2
88,000,000 (roughly)

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Giants" style="vertical-align: top; background: #F5F5F5; padding: 4px 0 4px 0; width:100%; float:left; color:#000;">

Race Groups


Golden Dove


"The most populated area in Amsnorth, Seginthul is delightful and peaceful place, but very crammed, you will find yourself being stuck in a crowd anywhere you wonder."
―About Seguinthul

Seginthul, formerly known as the Kingdom of Thuall, is federal republic located in the Northern Territories. Seginthul covers an area of around 1,276,941 km2 (493,030 sq mi) and has a largely mediterranean climate; due to its very close borders with the snowy, cold Eastern Territory. With 88 million inhabitants, it is the most populated country in Amsnorth. Seginthul is a highly developed country and has the sixth largest economy in the world.

The country was one of the last places in the Main Lands to be inhabited by dwarves, who take up around 30% of its population. At the time of the Dark-Elf Empire, the country was used mainly as a place where the overpopulating humans were sent. During many wars, including the War of Kings, the country was host to many battles, and suffered a great blow of destroyed villages, roads and the loss of hundreds of farms. Once Jafier Heartan declaired himself King of Amsnorth, he handed over 20 million gold to the country to repair the damages caused. 

Seginthul suffered more than any country yet again, when Azugon launched the Great Purge, with a total of 300,000 innocents being killed, more than any region during the war. The country nearly plunged into destruction, with the loss of jobs, diseases, riots and increase in criminal affairs. It was discribed as being a death zone, with many travellers avoiding the country completely, sailing around its borders. It was not until Robert I Heartan defeated the Army of Darkness, and with Azugon's disappearance, did the country finaly begin to recover. Robert's son, Alton I Heartan was responsible for assisting the people in recovering and reconstructing houses and villages. It took the country over 350 years before it managed to come back into full status.

A person from Seginthul is called a Thuall.
Main land seginthul

Seginthul marked in red


The assumptions on the etymology of the name "Thaull" are very numerous and the corpus of the solutions proposed by historians and linguists is very wide. According to one of the more common explanations, the term Thaull, from Elvish, meaning dove, which would later go on to become its country's national creature. 'Segin' comes from the ancient Rochillion word for glorious. 

The country was named Kingdom of Thaull, around the period of 23,000 - 13,000 BPD. It was not until the humans begun to dominate the place, was the name Seginthul adopted, and has been its name since.



Excavations throughout Seginthul revealed a Dark-Elf presence dating back before the Creation period, some 30,000 years ago, modern Humans arrived about 16,000 years ago. The Ancient peoples of pre-Royalandüs – such as the
Early seginthul villages

Early Seginthul village

House Boulderarm, the Wood-Elves (from ancient elvish cultures), Hauket Tribes, Goblins, the Trolls and the Green-Elves which inhabited northern Seginthul.

Between the periods 16,000-15,000 BPD, Afrana  established contacts with Seginthul, in which large trading operations were set between the two countries, by selling animals, to attempt to breed and increase the livestock and farms across the countries.

Kingsport became one of the largest and most powerful countries during this period, its great sums of gold and increasing populations made it a stronghold for many humans and elves. The Dark-Elf Empire saw this as a dangerous threat, which would eventually cause the humans to lead an event that would become the War of Gold and Black. Kingsport's empire, which was lead by Kings of Seginthul, dominated the Eastern Regions, settling into the northern borders, near Albaia. Due to the sudden increasing power of Seginthul, the Wood-Elves of Albaia decided to send them a warning, to keep out of their borders. The threat was ignored, and a possible war was issued. If it was not for the War of Gold and Black, the two would have possibly gone to war if it were not for that.


After the fall of the Dark-Elf Empire, Seginthul was seized by the dwarves, followed in early Golden Age century by a brief reconquest under King Justan Symoset, who saw to defeat the dwarves. The conquest was successful, and the invading dwarves were thrawt, however a rivarly was made between them both, which casued problems during trasport, and sailing.

Alistar II Symoset

Alistair II Symoset

Now with House Boulderarm in control of Gran Sarathal and Royalandüs, Seginthul was in a dangerous threat of invasion from the dwarves. But no such thing took place, which made them grow even more cautious. After King Alistair II Symoset sent his eldest son, Alistair III Heartan and several of his most loyal nobles to the capital, to try and negotate reason and an aillance, they were brutally slaughtered at the walls of Gran Sarathal. This sparked rage, and a civil war broke out between the two countries. Seginthul was immensely more populated and with a much larger army than House Boulderarm, but that did not stop the growing raids. 

For years they battled, and eventually the dwarves defeated House Symoset, and dismantled their monarchy titles. The country was then forced into a slavery with the country, where the dwarves ruled over as their kings, ruling from Gran Sarathal.

War of KingsEdit

A major event that saw about the possible recreation of House Symoset, was when Jafier Heartan rose up in power, by claiming Markwall from House Undertongue. Duncan Symoset send ravens to Jafier, asking for a secret alliance between the two. Jafier responded and arrived at Kingsport, where they discussed terms. 

House Symoset were one of the first to join Jafier and his cause against the other kings. With the great population of Seginthul, around 1/3 of Jafier's armies. Once the war was over, Jafier awarded the country with riches and power, but did not restablish their monarchy titles.


Seginthul is located in Main Lands, in the Northern Regiond. To the east, Seginthul borders Albaia and Engadül, to the west the largest country in AmsnorthÜrsanthium. To the south, it consists of the entirety of many small islands, which were once within the lands of Seginthul, but after desputes during historical events, it now belongs to Ürsanthium.

The country's total area is 1,276,941 km2 (493,030 sq mi), Seginthul also has one of the largest coastal lines in the
Seingthul rivers

Seginthul is covered in rivers

world, being thousands of miles long. The bottom of the country, which is called the Dragon Head, due to its shape, consists of many small rivers, which take up around half of its land area. Seginthul also has hundreds of miles worth of land under the sea, where a massive earthquake caused it to crumble into the Magic Sea.

The Solar Mountains form a bridge of sorts between Seginthul and Ürsanthium, where many people due to the mountain's exitance in both countries, find out that they are in Seginthul. Darkwood Forest also shares a border along with the Mountain. The mountain is the largest in Amsnorth in terms of height, being around 49,000 feet high.


The climate in Seginthul is one of the warmest places in Amsnorth, due to its location. It is in direct line of the sun shine, and faces severe heat waves. However, because of its closeness with the Eastern Regions, many blizzards can be blown into Seginthul, and cause serious cold weathers, and harsh winds. 

Also the coastal line also proves a great problem for those living around the south/west of the country, as winds from across the seas can force waves onto land, flooding villages and towns. Many of them were moved as one was completely drenched in sea water, killing hundreds of people. 


Seginthul has a very strong and strict government, with many noble houses ruling over a great deal of lands. As it is a human country, and under a truce, it is a country within the Human Royal Government. Like most countries around the Main Lands it had a Senate, which debates the intrests of both the people and high borns.

Noble FactionsEdit

Seginthul is devided into 20 different regions, all which are controlled by a noble house. Each of these nobles houses are under the control of a Great House which rules over the entire of the country. These noble houses are in complete command over their lands, and deal with tax rent and costs of supplies

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