Shadow Forest

Shadow Forest

Shadow Forest is a large forest located within the Dwavern Kingdom. It passed through Oaklands and covers most of the large road that trails through the whole island.

There have been rumours that werewolves came from within these woods, due to the amount of howling and sinister mist floating above the ground. Many also believe that the mythical cyclops and harpies also origin from these woods.


The woods are often remarked as being the sister of Darkwood Forest. Its trees are dark and sinster, with creepy surroundings and dark swamps. 

Most of the trees are leafless and the brances often reaching out with jagging claws and fingers.


Many people have claimed that the legendary and mythical creatures known as cyclops lives within the forest. This however has not been fully proven as the forest is very large and has many deepend and hidden places. 



There have been many stories surrounding this creature, some of which often led to the forest. Many travellers have ventured to Shadow Forest with hopes of finding one. Only two have returned and only one of them said to have seen one. 

The traveler claimed that the beast chased him into the open where he led it into the Blocked Pass, where he tricked and killed the beast. This rumour has not been confirmed as many have went to try and find the body of the creature and have found nothing.