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Biographical information

Other names
The First Emperor, The Grey Lord
Emperor of Amsnorth
Date of birth
Likely before, FA 0
FA 0 - FA 240
Date of death
FA 240
Realms ruled
Main Lands, Burnt Islands, Dwavern Kingdom

Physical description

5.3 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Royal House
House Limal
Lolinah, Cruivah
"He was our first emperor, and the one who made our race known. He was the one true man that we could place our faith within, he was the one that formed the once great empire. One of the greatest men in history, fought many wars, and killed by a bloody wasp sting."
―Dark-Elves talking about the Emperor

Shalimal also known as Lord Shalimal and later Emperor Shalimal, (FA 0 -  FA 240) was an ancient Dark-Elf leader, and the founder of the Dark-Elf Empire. He was the first ever Emperor of Amsnorth, and was responsible for the creation of the subrace known as the Dark-Elves. 

The dark-elf emperor's history is unknown, but it is likely he was born into leadership. He was known for his aggressive personal, but it was with this he gained his feirce reputation as being a very successful leader. The dark-elf won the first ever war fought by mortals, known as the War of the First

The emperor died at the age of 240 years, and passed his titles along to his eldest daughter, Lolinah who eventually became the first empress, and led the second war known as The Rising of the Dark-Elf Empire, which increased the race's power.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Shalimal looked like most dark-elves, he has grey/black skin, with long white hair and pointy features. He stood around 5,3 feet tall, and was known for his feirce gaze with his white eyes. 

As a leader Shalimal was a aggressive and deadly man, and his word ment law. If one did not obide by his commands, he would behead them to show his authority. However despite this, he was shown as a caring man towards his family, and dedicated most of his time towards his daughters, to whom he trained and raised himself. 

Shalimal was also a great leader, and one of the best battle strategists of his time, and perhaps for thousands of years later. He was cunning and always saw a way to settle affairs with speech, but if matters failed he would turn to aggressive manners.



Little is known about Shalimal's past, but since his arrival is when the first records were made of mortal life on Amsnorth. Many stories have claimed that he was created by the gods to made the ultimite race, and show dominance over the other races.

At the age of 20 Shalimal had a disagreement with King Andriel of the Wood-Elves, this disagreement eventually became a rival relationship. Several years later, Shalimal declaired himself Emperor, and sent his scouts and spies to seek more lands to increase their power.

His spies located an island south of the Northern Territories, and he had his best men craft ships that would take himself and his people across the sea. As they arrived at the islands, they set up camp and eventually began to build villages and forts around the island. They decided to keep this a secret from the other members of their kin, as Shalimal wanted to build his empire without their knowelage.

However one night, one of Shalimal's spies caught a memeber of Andriel's troops. Shalimal met with the wood-elf king, and after a failed negotiation, Andriel attacked him, killing several of his soldiers before he feel. Shalimal decided to spare the king, and order him to be sent back, but warned him never to attack his people again.

War of the FirstEdit

Shalimal noticed that his rival Andriel was building himself an empire of his own, and decided to attack him to prevent him from rising against him. This first events eventually led to the first mortal race known as the War of the First.

As the war went on, Shalimal noticed that Andriel had gotten stronger over the years, and was struggling to hold the wood-elf back. This was mainly due to the wood-elf invention of the bow and arrow, which was proven to be a challenge for the dark-elf army as they had never faced such weapons. 

Several battles fought by the emperor was a failure, so he decided to find a way to prevent his troops from being slaughtered by the wood-elf skills. He ordered his men to carry a wooden shield, which they would use against the arrows, and had them covered in the first steel.

The Dark-Elves managed to hold off the Wood-Elves, but it was with this that they were tricked and
Shalimal in combat

Shalimal battling King Andriel

ambushed by the Green-Elf Goverment. The Green-Elves had played them both by keeping their attention elsewhere, and they were both forced into a serious retreat. The Dark-Elves faced such defeat that they were close to destruction.

Shalimal knowing he would have to improve his ways, had to increase his powers further, and had more of his people train in the ways of swordplay. Shalimal also trained the first men how to use and fight on horseback, which eventually became their primary way of combat.

After several months of gaining recovery, while his strongholds were attacked by both the Wood-Elf Monarchy and the Green-Elf Goverment, he decided to send his new army out into attack, leading the attack himself.

Shalimal crushed the wood-elf forces at the Charge Across the West, and managed to use their horseback riders to chase the green-elf troops from their strongholds across the Western Territories. The emperor then sent more of his spies across the sea where they spied upon Master Soliman.

The Battle of the Claws was the next major battle which took place on Shalimal's homeland. Foolish for the wood-elves, Shalimal forsaw this attack and managed to defeat the elves, and captured Andriel.

After several attempts to reason with the wood-elf king, Shalimal decided it was time to wipe them out and seal his title as leader. However he was attacked by Master Soliman who freeed Andriel and formed an alliance. 

During the Sacking of Greatwood, Shalimal came face to face with King Andriel and barely managed to hold his own against the might of the king. Luckily as he was disarmed, he managed to throw a knife and wounded the king before his troops captured him. To ensure he would never arise against him again, he beheaded Andriel.

Master Soliman pulled his forces back towards the East, however he was caught off guard as Shalimal had sent his own forces to sack his city. The emperor then arrived at the battle and killed Soliman himself, and proclaimed his leadership over the Green-Elves.

After the WarEdit

After the defeat of his rivals, Shalimal decided to take over all the regions avalible to him across Amsnorth. As the Dark-Elf Empire increased in power, new mortals begun to appear on the lands, the Hauket and Humans. To show his power, Shalimal showed them that he was their leader, and they were forced to accept him.

Dragon Attack Edit

As Shalimal's power furthered, he begun to gain the attention of higher powers. The dragons saw his quest for power to be getting out of hand, to they decided to intervein in his affairs. This was not expected by the emperor, and he tried to reason with them.

His attempts to resolve this new matter, but they failed as the dragons saw him as dangerous. A small outburst took place, where several of the dark-elf villages were burnt to the ground by dragons, and hundreds of his people were killed, not only Dark-Elves, but Wood-Elves and Humans too.

Shalimal vs dragon

Shalimal became the first ever person to slay a dragon

Shalimal was enraged by this, and decided to attack the dragons. He entered a battle himself with a dragon known as Sirtathon. After a close battle, he managed to kill the beast by using the ancient steel weapons he had constructed from steel found by his people across the seas. This shocked thousands, and Shalimal was feared as being the only one able to slay a dragon. Of course the dragons saw this as a event of war, and attacked Shalimal at his home, and destroyed his entire city, burning his people within the walls.

Shalimal knew he could not defeat the dragons so pleaded that he would cease his empire's efforts, as long as the dragons left his people be. This was accepted, but they were warned that if they got out of control once more, the dragons would not be so forgiving.


At the age of 240 Shalimal died from a serious sting from a wasp. This confused many as wasp stngs were not known to kill, which made the people believe that the Green-Elves were behind the attack, as they were known for their skills in posions.

After the green-elves told they had not part in it, they were forced to believe that the emperor had caught an illness, and eventually died from the venom inside the sting.

Shalimal was cremated, and his ashes were scattered across the seas. His daughter then took up his mantle and continued her father's matters, despite the threats by the dragons.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shalimal was a skilled combat artist, and was known for his duel wielding combat style. He was a feirce warrior and many called him one of the most dangerous fighters in history, as he took no mercy from others. 


Shalimal was a master combat artist, he was known for his impressive speed and skills. He had not lost many battles, and managed to kill dozens of wood-elves and green-elves. However he did manage to hold his own against King Andriel before he was disarmed by the king.


Shalimal was a legend in art of strategy. He used his mass intelligence to defeat his enemies, and his mind in battle had him feared across the races. 

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