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Queen Sinteal

Sinteal Cavett (née Ashstone)

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Other names
The Yellow Beauty, Sinteal the Bold
Date of birth
SA 3352
SA 3368 - SA 3398
Date of death
SA 3398 (47 years)
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Physical description

5.6 feet
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Royal House
"Sinteal Ashstone, Queen of the Rocky Vale was one of the most powerful figures of her time. She was cunning, ferocious and a sight of beauty. It's a pitty her tratorious heart got in the way. She could have been so much more."
Jafier Heartan on Sinteal Ashstone

Sinteal Ashstone also known as Queen Sinteal Ashstone, or the Yellow Bueaty and Sinteal the Bold, (SA 3352 - SA 3398) was the Queen of the Rocky Vale, and the last monarch of Engadül. Sinteal was the daughter of Eldon II Ashstone and Jennear Ashstone (née Donnet), his third wife, who was murdered several months after Sinteal's birth. After Jennear's death, Eldon annulled his marriage to her shortly before her death, which made Sinteal illegitimate. Her cousin, Jathar III Ashtone, ruled until FINISH LATER

Character and AppearanceEdit

Sinteal was smart, cunning, sadistic, power hungry, often kind, and very careful. Even as a young girl she had remarkable understanding of people, and used her skills to get her own way. Sinteal was patient and could find ways through people with ease. She had high ambitions and saw a clear path for herself, and eventually power got the better of her and she lust for more with each year. 

As queen her personallity changed often, as she could be kind and noble, but also vile and cruel. Some saw this as how a ruler should be, others as an act of cruelty. Sinteal also planned ahead, and was very good at lying, and was able to trick even Jafier Heartan amoung hundreds of others.

Sinteal was very, very beautiful. She had the brightest of blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes and pale skin. Her features were soft and gentle, with a always kind expression on her face. She took around 6.1 feet, being quite tall. Her physical appearance was appealing to many, and her clothing was always made from the finest of cottons and silks.


Early LifeEdit

Sinteal Ashstone was born to Eldon Ashstone and Kiera Ashstone. Her father who was King of the Rocky Vale wasn't considered a great king, and at the age of 6 she begun to teach herself to be a better leader. Sinteal did however love and respect her father, and they spent a lot of time with each other. 

Youn sinteal

Young Sinteal

When Sinteal was 7 her mother drowned, and this put Sinteal into almost depression. To take her mind of this, her father sent her away to serve as maid to Saaelas, the king of the dark-elves. It came to a shock to Sinteal to see how a real great king ruled, and she took notes and stuided the king with great caution.

Saaelas saw her as a pawn, and took her around the lands of Wizardear, giving her knowelage and information about lands and titles. The elf also trained her in combat, and even crafted her armour and weapons. 

While serving as maid, she also saw Saaelas' darker side, as he murdered innocents to gain control over their lands. The dark-elf slaughtered many people, sending in hundreds of elves to destroy colonzies that did not belong to any government or socity. 

Sinteal studied the king's way of working his way around power, noting that even though he murdered and invaded, he did not break any illegal laws concerning the other races. This smart move played a major part in Sinteal's ambitions as she grew older.

Queen of the Rocky ValeEdit

At the age of 11, Sinteal received a raven informing her of her father's illness. Saaelas gave her permission to return to him, and she travelled for weeks to reach the Rocky Vale. However by the time she reached home, her father had died. Sinteal grieved for him, and noticed that Eldon held a painting of her as a baby in his hands.

Sinteal was then crowned Queen several days later. Due to being only 11 years old, many of her lords served as her supervisors in her early stages of ruling. But Sinteal wanted to make an impression, so her first command of queen was to promise making her kingdom a glorious one. She then sent out over 1,000 men and builders to create a huge road that would run through the whole of the East, the Crystal Path. 

The new queen began to make allies and friends, gathering meals and hosts to bring together noble familes to share her friendships with them. Due to her high intelligence, and captivating beauty, she won over people with ease. Some of the more difficult lords were persuaded by the queen in sexual manners. Often she would take a man into her bed to gain his trust. 

At the age of 12, Saaelas arrived to pay his respects to her, and during the king's time within the Vale, he
Sinteal ready for battle

Sinteal ready for battle

fed her interesting information. Giving her tips about ruling, and how she could take control over the East with ease. Sinteal did not directly listen to ever word her said, as she did not want to come off as a tyrant, but more of a liberator. Within months Sinteal had took control over many villages in the East, and built many farms, castles, forts, towns and inns around the lands. This attracted people to the East, which increased the flow of gold into the crown.

However she did meet resistance to her growing power. Sinteal gathered over 3,000 men into a battle across the Hills of Despair. Before she entered a battle with the resistance, she sent out scouts to check out the hills, and provide a layout of its structure. Once she knew where she was fighting, she moved her army and split them up into three groups of 1,000. Once she battle begun, she attacked with her 1,000, while the other 2,000 attacked from the side and behind, flanking them. This caught them off guard, and Sinteal won with great ease. 

Her reputation begun to grow, and eventually she had Dargorn Boulderarm, Jortham Grazaxe, Saaelas, Edmund Undertongue and Safdraen all arriving to make friendships and plan for a trade and joint partnership.

Sinteal held a good hold on herself as they all gathered, studing each one of them. Sinteal then had a plan to defeat each of these men, and make herself the major queen. Sinteal then spoke with each king while they stayed within her palace, and played them all against each other. She slept with Edmund and teased Jortham, making them dislike each other. 

When they left, Sinteal soon discovered that she was with child. Giving birth to Edmund Undertongues child, without informing him of this, and as the child grew she informed the child that Edmund murdered his father. This sparked a small civil war against Edmund, and many of his people turned on him. The King of Markwall in turn fought back and started to kill his own people to defend himself. It was because of this Jafier Heartan moved against him.

War of KingsEdit

When the War of Kings broke out Sinteal used this to plan her way into the Golden Throne. The first few months of the outbreak, the queen remained within the Rocky Vale, overseeing the war. It was difficult for her in terms of finding the stronger ally to side herself with. 

Saaelas was regarded as being the front runner to win the war as he held a massive army, and possessed one of the most skilled soldiers in the lands. However the growing reputation of Jafier Heartan was beginning to interest Sinteal.

Sinteal fromed a secret alliance with Saaelas before she sent out a raven to Markwall, requesting Jafier. It was shortly after the human king approched the Rocky Vale, Saaelas moved against his armies. While Sinteal became friends with Jafier, she promised her son to his daughter, to bind their houses together. 

While the war raged on, Sinteal remained hidden behind scenes, offering her assistance to both Jafier and Saaelas. Her beauty offered greater betryal, as she managed to convince the most trusted lords of each king. She slept with many people to get her way, and managed to cause havok within several of the cities.

However Saaelas' armies arrived outside of the Rocky Vale, and attacked. A stunned Sinteal fought back, but was taken aback that much surprised that her forces were overwhelmed. It was then revealed that her son, Sewell Ashstone had betryaled her to Saaelas, informing the king that she was playing everyone. Out of rage Saaelas took Sinteal to Gourlay, where he tortured and raped her.

Sinteal spent months there before Safdraen attacked Saaelas. A battle insured, but it was not until Jafier Heartan arrived did the war finally defeat Saaelas. Sinteal killed the elf, in attempt to burry the secret, but the elf had already informed the human of her betryal. Jafier who was enraged with the grief of his daughter's death, at the hands of Sewell, killed Sinteal.


Sinteal Ashstone is considered one of the greatest monarchs of all time, mainly because of her immense skills in strategy. Her cunning nature provided great assistance to her cause, and she managed to defeat nearly all of her enemies. 

At such a young age she had commanded a vast army, and held control over the entire Eastern Territories, something no other monarch had been able to do. This gave her the reputation of a legend, and a huge statue was built to honour her.

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