Sinteal II Heartan
Sinteal II Heartan
Book Series(s)
Tales of Amsnorth
First Book
Last Book
Appeared in
Princess of Amsnorth
Also known as
18 BPD
Place of Birth
Current Status
Mystic Dragon (most likely)

Sinteal II Heartan also known as Princess Sinteal II was the daughter to King Gaston IV Heartan and Lillian Heartan. She was born around 18 BPD, and lived up until she was only 2 years of age, before she was murdered during her uncle, Harken II Heartan betrayal.

Sinteal's death casued much ciaos around Amsnorth, and the crown recived very harsh behaviour from the public, who even attempted to bash down the castle gates to get to Harken. However Harken was not responsible for the death of the child, and was heartbroken. He killed all thoes responsible for her death.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Sinteal was described as being a beautfiul child. Thousands appeared at her birth, and granted their gifts to the crown to honour her bith. Her hair and eyes was like most of House Heartan, pure brillant chocolate brown. 

At a young age Sinteal was proven to be much like her father, even though she was so young she had much kindness, and often gave away her food to the poor. 


Early LifeEdit

Sinteal II was the second of her name, and the daughter to Gaston IV Heartan. When she was born, thousands of people from all over Amsnorth arrived at Gran Sarathal to hand over gifts to the king and his new daughter. 

As she grew older Sinteal begun to possess very kind activities. Gaston would often take her to wonder around the city, and when she did she often handed over food for the poor, and would try and attempt to comfort anyone she thought was troubled.

This made her father have more hope in the future of the kingdom, as he wanted the crown to be once again something the people could trust. 

With an evil uncleEdit

Sinteal was the only one who did not hate her uncle (although it should be noted that Sinteal did not know much about her uncle at this point). She would often rush to his bedchambers to seek him out, and she found protection within him. Harken returned most of these favours, and would give her treats and gifts whenever he returned back from his travels.

One day Harken ventured with the child outside of the city gates, without informing the king or queen. When he rode her down the roads and towards the remote woodland, Greatwood Forest, they were attacked by bandits. Harken managed to get out the way, but arrows took down his horse, and Sinteal was left exposed to the attack. However before she could be killed, the bandits were slain by Queen Nymeria and her daughter Mymera as she heard the attack.

Once Gaston IV Heartan heard about this he was furious and cast Harken from the city, until he came to his senses. After a discussion with the queen of the elves, Sinteal was taken back to the city by Mymera who took her right to Lillian Heartan.


When Harken II Heartan launched the attack on Gran Sarathal, Sinteal was taken from her crib by several of the king's guards, and to be ordered out of the city. 

As she was being taken from the attack, the guards were halted by men dressed in gold. The guards were killed and Sinteal was dragged from their arms and bashed against the walls.

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