Male Sorcerer

"Sorcerer is the next stage. It is dangerous and requires much learning and time. This stage is where the Order will expect the most from you and if you fail to deliver, you will be cast out."
Azugon on the Sorcerer stage

Sorcerer is referred to the second stage within the Magical Beings, who has completed their Mage training and passed the Selection.

As a Sorcerer and a full member of the Order, these individuals received assignments from the Council and strove to find knowlage within the world of Amsnorth, and may further their magic. They can study deeper magical skills. 

Many Sorcerers still stay with their masters, but they are left more to do their own things, and try and understand life on their own. Many of these become travellers seeking to find objects about magic and history.

Overview and HistoryEdit

"This rank is tricky, and for hundreds of years many mages have never reached this rank."
Unknown source on the rank of Sorcerer

When Jafier Heartan founded the Magical Beings, he had strick thoughts on the sorcerer rank. He thought this stage would test the person beyond that of any of the other ranks, because of the pressure and requirements that are needed for them to progress to the next stage of their training.

As the Order grew more centralized with the foundation of the Council, the new Grand Wizards of the acadmey became more advanced in their thoughts of the sorcerer ranks. They believed that they must be able to perfect more of the stages of magic before progressing to necromancer. In doing so, they were instructed to take more classes and be sent out on tasks and missions throughout Amsnorth.

Sometimes they begun working as peacekeepers, diplomats, and investigators during peace time, the sorcerers helped to establish peace following many wars and battles that the corruption of power and politics has brought. However there was a time when many mages failed to reach this rank due to lack of teachings. But when the Grand Wizard Orismac took over the order begun to take step once more.

When the Order recovered, the training of mage was further enchanted and the progression to sorcerer was much more common around. By the end of another hundred years, more magical beings reached this rank than they did any other.


Much like the mage, the sorcerer must perfect all within their field of training before they can reach the next rank within their order. The sorcerer has proven to be the most difficult due to the advancement within the magical requirements. 


Sorcerer Training

Sorcerers must undergo thousands of tests and missions throughout their time. Even though they still take orders from their master, they must find their own tasks and settle them alone. Within their field of magic, a sorcerer must investigate strange artifacts and uncover secrets within it. Also they must understand the power of healing, which causes many of them to take jobs within cities, learning how to heal wounded people and find potions of the sick.


Sorcerers can chose their choice of cloting this time around, but there are still strick rules on which colours they are not allowed to wear. For example, they are only allowed to craft clothing with the colours of: White, silver, blue, red and green. They must also hold a badge which is supposed to be mended onto all of their clothing, with a small blue gem to signal which rank they are to the other members of their order.

Like the mage they contain a small pack around their waist, which can hold many useful objects. But they must wear one in this rank, as they must store equipment for their healing magic, and travels throughout the lands. Also if they chose to travel, they can protect their clothing with several soild armours, to make sure they are suited to the outside enviroment. 


Sorcerers must perfect all from their last rank before advancing to their present on, and before they can reach necromancer, they must master all withint the sorcerer field. In this one there are more categories and dozens of different kinds and types of magical spells they can learn.

  • Healing Magic: Their primary stage. 
  • Destruction Magic
  • Conjuring Magic
  • Lightening