Spawn Army

"Their skin was pale white and as cold as ice, their eyes white and emotionless. People claimed it was like looking into death itself. These creatures were so obedient to their master that they were willing to do whatever he commanded, without question. The races of Amsnorth named them Auya-Õva, or in common tongue, Spawn."
About the Spawn

Spawn are a army of undead soldiers that were reanimated by Azugon during the Great Purge. They are the fallen bodies of humanselvesdwarves and hauket. They were created by the Dark Lord to ensure he had an army that would never quesiton his authority or power. 

These creatures are undead which means they are immortal, making them the only non-race people to never age. However if their master was to die, or if their bodies were to be destoryed, they would also perish.


During the Great Purge, Azugon fought against the humans and elves using only goblins and ogres. He thought that this army would never gain him contorl over Amsnorth, so he decided to study further into deep magic. When he did he found an old book that belonged to the dark goddess Deyneria. Inside this book he found several information about dark magic, and found one that would put his powers to the exterme. 

When the goblins and ogres managed to defeat King Nark I Heartan, Azugon arrvied to test his new abilities. He used deep dark magic and transformed the fallen foes into an army like no other. After that day, with every victory, Azugon contiuned to use this power to keep on creating more spawn.

Freedom WarsEdit

During the wars for freedom, when King Tharik II Heartan rose up against Azugon, with elf Melenki, Azugon held his spawn back, while he sent the goblins and werewolves to find them. 

Freedom wars

Freedom Wars

As the rebels decided to attack Gran Sarathal, Azugon thought it time to unleash his new army. The spawn crushed the forces of the Kings on the battlefield, but Azugon failed to notice that Tharik had their weapons enchanted by his old student, Moreusico.

When he saw his forces being obliterated, Azugon entered the battle himself and defeated the rebels. The spawn's numbers dwindled, but they still lingered around Amsnorth

After Azugon's DisappearanceEdit

When their master vanished, the spawn followed Ezgoth, Auzgon's most loyal follower. They saw him as the only thing close to a leader, and did as he commanded, as they did their master. They however never were as obeident to him as they were Azugon, but they served him well throughout history.

Current StatusEdit

The Spawn still haunt the lands, but in less numbers. They are hunted around the wilds, mainly by the wood-elves. The spawn see no other race as being a potental threat, aside from the orcs. The spawn have fought with the giant race many times, and have never been able to wipe out a clan.

Mymera is the main leader of a group of soldiers that hunt the spawn around Amsnorth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Spawn are extremely sloppy and slow in combat, as their bodies were not as they once were. However they are some of the most dangerous creatures in Amsnorth. Mainly due to their immunity towards steel and iron. No mere slash or hack can wound or kill a spawn, their only weakness, is magic, fire or to destory their bodies.