Stafford Crachill
Stafford crackhill
Book Series(s)
Tales of Amsnorth
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Last Book
Appeared in
The Great Author
Also known as
The Great Liar
Master of Lies
Master of Treasury
450 BPD
Place of Birth
Current Status
The Eastern Territories
Ellena Crackhill - daughter

Stafford Crackhill was a famous writter and once the Master of Treasury for King Nark VIII Heartan. He is known mainly for his book Our God, Our Creator which spawned countless fame and rumours that eventually became known as the Jewels of Undar


Stafford Crackhill was born in the small village named Snowport, located within the Eastern Territories. He was raised in the orphanage and was bullied often during his childhood. At the age of six he wrote his first book, which he often gave out for people to read within the village. The book was eventaully descovered and Stafford was taken from the city to undergo education within Markwall.

During his years at Markwall, Stafford contiuned to write books and tales, but did not allow for people to read them, but instead kept them hidden within his chambers. These books were rumoured to have his intentions about money and political affairs, as he mainly specialized in politics.

Climbing the LadderEdit

When Stafford was sixteen years of age, he left Markwall and travelled to Missundi, where he furthered his education and study within politics. During his time here, he gained his first acknowelagement when he assisted Lord Gellki in sorting his gold.

Gellki asked for the young man to stay within his castle, where he would serve as an assistant to his current Master of Coin. Stafford did this for several years before he left to advise Prince Markus I Heartan, the son to King Nark VIII Heartan.

Stafford remained under the command of Markus for around ten years before he was promoted to Gran Sarathal's Chamberian. In this role he was responsible for noting information crutal to the crown's investments. He was also responsible for the leading finance of the city's marketing and trade, under only the Master of Trade.

Master of TreasuryEdit

When he was thirty, Stafford was promoted to the Master of Treasury by Nark VIII himself. This was the role he wished for years and years, so he leaped to the chance to take as much fame and gold as possible.

Stafford was responsible for many roles: trade, shpping, marketing, investments, royal weddings, meetings, travel, and banking. 

Stafford had to fund many things, mainly weddings. Those who are within the royal bloodline, held weddings within highly expensive places, which caused Stafford to loan money to all of these people. When using trade, he was responsible for organizing trasportation for crops and food supplies across Amsnorth, which caused a lot of gold because he was required to hire, horses and soldiers.

When Nark VIII begun to suffer from heavy strokes, Stafford begun to sneak behind the backs of the king and the fellow council members. He did this to steal money and rare gems from the city vaults. When he did, he always framed another for doing so, and paid for their exucution.

Stafford was one of the most dangerous men within Gran Sarathal at this point, as he was known to be highly strict whe collecting late payments. He often took with him several soldiers, and ordered them to beat or even kill the people who did not pay back their loans, he would then demand it from the next of kin.

He was in this station for ten more years, until Nark VIII died of a heart attack. The new ruler, Queen Motreen Heartan did not want Stafford as the Master of Treasury no longer, and he was disbanned.

Writing AgainEdit

When he turned forty-five, Stafford decided it was time to return back to his books and did so by publishing several small stories, which gained international fame. He was known for his tales of legendary heroes, such as Jafier Heartan, Ser Alistar Brightlight, Ser Karth Victree and Lord Billo Greybeard.

It was not until the release of his book, entitled Our God, Our Creator, did he gain further fame and worldwide fame. His name was known even within the Dwavern Kingdom, and even visited the Golden Halls to read to large amounts of dwarves.

When Stafford ventured to Missundi again, he decided to travel around the island of Summer of Priest, to try and find more insperations for his tales and stories. His major tale, and beginning of Our God, Our Creator begun there, and ended when he reached Green Mountain. 

The GriffonEdit

Stafford scouted around Green Mountains for a time, escourted by several soldiers. He wrote and planned many tales and adventures, but this all changed as he encountered something deep within the Green Mountains. 

Stafford claims that he witnessed a pile of gold that was resting beneath the claws of a deadly griffon. However this is unclear as this was only written in his book. Those who seek the truth are not granted it, because all the soldiers that went with him to the mountains all died.

Jewels of UndarEdit

As many people started to approch him concerning the jewels mentioned in his book, Stafford begun to use this to his advantage, and started the rumour of a legendary treasure that would bring fame to anyone who finds it. 

This boosted his sales further than anything before, and he then became the most famous person in Amsnorth at that time. He visited several places to advertise the myth, and gained further fans and more sales. This also led to many troubles, as hundreds of people went missing during this period, which caused countless people to violently assult him.


Stafford died at the age of 81.