Sullvenark stone

Sullvenarks are rare crystal stones that lie within the Dwavern Mountains. They are the rarest of all crystals and are worth a large amont of gold.


They are bright white crystals that sparkle like stars if put in direct like. Their bodies are surrounded in tiny little gems that make up its shape and value. There is also a long trail of platinum that circles around it. 

The inside is protected by a solid gold crust which protects a bright sapphire-type gem inside. This is known as the Nark. This area of the crystal is the most valuable. It is worth around 10,000 gold peices, per crystal. 


These crystals were found roughly 25,000 years BPD, by the dwarves not long before they rose up from underground. They were used in their buildings up until they descovered that they only lie within their lands, so they protected them highly. 

Around 15,000 BPD they were used to craft steel, and due to their rare power, it creates them using a certian magic. This steel eventually became known as Ancient Steel. The steel is regarded one of the most powerful substances in Amsnorth, strong enough to pierce through a dragon's hide.


The old wizard named Moreusico used these crystals to create his staff. These made his staff more powerful than any of the others before him, with the execption of Glisterward. 

Value in GoldEdit

  • I gram - 5,000 gold
  • 1 kg - 100,000 gold
  • 1 crate - 350,000 gold