"The Ten Powerful Spells are the most dangerous spells known to man. They are dangerous and uncontrollable, it is almost impossible to block or escape them."
―About the spells
Azugon casting Hellfire

Azugon casting Hellfire

The Ten Powerful Spells, are a list of magical spells than can be cast by most magical creatures. These ten spells  are considered to be the most powerful and dangerous spells known. These spells are forbidden to be taught to young Magical Beings, however some of them can be taught to experienced memebers. Most of these spells fall under the Dark Magic category, so most of them are tainted and can drain the users mortallity and morals.

There has only been one person in history to have been able to cast all these spells, Azugon. It was because of his mastery over these spells, that he became so feared during his reign as King of Amsnorth


  • Firestorm: Possibly the most simple spell on the list. Firestorm is a distructive spell that can cause the air to turn to fire, burning almost everything in its path, while also casting a toxic fume which can kill anyone who breathes it in.
  • Meteorite: The Meteorite spell is a disasterous spell than can cause a gigantic explosion, which can cause the very ground to crumble. It is summond from the sky, can has the ability to destory cities.
  • Hellfire: Hellfire is a Dark spell that causes the ground to erupt, brining forth a hurricane of lava and clouds of ash. This is similar to Firestorm, but is much more unstable.
  • Remdulshaka: This dark spell was invented by Azugon himself, while studying Dark Magic. This spell can reanimate the dead, using darkness to control their bodies. This spell was used to create every Spawn in Amsnorth.
  • Blakunza: A powerful single bolt of purple that has the ability to kill anything it touches. This spell is almost unblockable, and everytime the user casts it, they fell a bit of their soul being torn.
  • Earthshatter: An ultimate fizzure than causes the ground to erupt and crumble, causing gigantic earthquakes for miles. It is a powerful spell that requires concentration.
  • Godsblast: One of the most powerful spells of all time. The user brings down a blast from the sky, which explodes and rips everything into it. This spell is unblockable.
  • Vielvortex: Is a Spiritual Spell that that rips the souls from everything that comes near it. This spell is one of the most dangerous spell to cast on this list. It requires for the caster to dwell deep into the Vale, absorbing the power within, and must then bring the power back, without being corrupted or tainted by the Vale. It was this spell, that tore the life from Azugon.
  • Valetare: Another spell that uses the power of The Vale, Valetare causes the sky to tare open, revealing the Vale for several seconds, before closing again. This is considered the most dangerous spell in the world, Valetare brings forth demons and ancient creatures if used. If not controlled, the spell can become more powerful, and many Magical Beings have claimed that if left long enough, it could even possible bring forth ancient gods.


Every spell in the list is considered the most powerful spells known, so any caster must be experienced when casting. If not, like most spells, it could kill the conjurer if they are not skilled enough. All of these spells require a staff to conjure, to allow them to further expand on their powers.


Jafier HeartanEdit

The legendary Jafier Heartan created four of these ten powerful spells, and used them many times during his reign. It is unkown how Jafier managed to create these spells, but he taught most of them to his students. However the four spells that he considered to be too dangerous to teach to others, was forbidden to the young.

Dark MagicEdit

Another four of these spells fall into the Dark Magic category, and have been around longer than Jafier Heartan. It is unknown if anyone was able to cast or conjure these spells, as Magical Beings were created by Jafier Heartan. However, the Gods were said to have used these spells to bring punishment upon the people of Amsnorth

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