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Tharik Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
King of Nothing, Tharik the fool, Tharik the brave
Date of birth
FA 2040
FA 2040 - FA 2075
Date of death
FA 2075 (35 years)
Realms ruled
Great Valour Islands

Physical description

5.6 feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate brown
Royal House
"The king of everything, yet he had nothing. Tharik may be the most famous king in history, but his foolish actions caused the death of thousands of men."
―About the King

Tharik Heartan (FA 2040 - FA 2075) was the human king and a member of House Heartan. He was the first human Heartan to stand up against Azugon and the first Heartan to appear in public eye in thousands of years. 

Tharik formed an alliance with Melenki of the wood-elves, and together they plotted to overthrow Azugon and destory his Army of Darkness. He gathered all his armies, and marched across Amsnorth, gaining allies as he thrawt the plans of the Darkness. He also travelled into the wilderness, where he asked for the aid of the hauket tribes. Tharik became the first person ever recorded to have rallied few of the races into one huge army. 

The king attacked Gran Sarathal with all his might, crushing the defences of the city and Azugon. He along with Melenki breached the gates on several sides to catch them off guard. It seemed victory was within their grasp, however Azugon entered the battle himself as a dragon and set the entire battlefield ablaze. Thousands burned, and Melenki fleed into the woodlands, taking his army with him. Left alone and defeated, the dead rose as spawn and begun to wipe out soldiers on all fronts. The war was over so quickly Tharik did not have time to think, he was captured and held in a cell for several days, starved and tortured. 

Azugon demaned to know the whereabouts of his bloodline, but he was not give in. After days of pain, he was quartered, castreated, burned and hanged in front of the whole population of Gran Sarathal. His body was later strung up on the city walls as a warning.

When Azugon vanished thousands of years later, Tharik's decendent Robert I Heartan had his body renoved, what was left of it, and had him buried within the Kings' Mountain.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Tharik has been described as being well mannered, polite, cunning, wise and very intelligent. However he was also stubborn, arrogant, and very prideful. He was said to have loved his victories so much he would have parties after every battle. His pride was not respected by the other lords and leader. 

King Tharik

Tharik dressed for battle

He was very skilled in combat, and could use his intelligence to thrawt many plans, and help him counter attacks. Even though he was prideful, he was also very polite, and would speak with a well mannered posture whenever speaking to somone of a highborn status. Tharik had children, but it has never been stated if he cared for them or not, as a House Heartan member only had offspring to further their line after their defeat in the Great Purge.

Tharik Heartan shared the appearance of most Heartan members. Long brown hair, deep chocolate eyes and very pale skin. He was considered very handsom, and wore the finest of armours and clothing. He was fond of gems and would have on himself constent supplies of gems, which he would also use to bride people into giving him information.



Little is known about Tharik's origin, however it is implied he was raised by numerous people throughout his early years. He had spent years within all the lands of Amsnorth, disgusing himself as another person to hide his true identity.

Tharik was highly educated, and learned much about warfare and how to win battles. He spent months and weeks at sea, and trained with the Dark-Elves at the city of Garreneari. Tharik became a small time sellsword, to further his experiences in comebat. His reputation increased, and he was forced to lay low for a time before this news reached Azugon.

At some point during his early years, Tharik married and fathered children. It is not know how many he had, but many believed it was well over 8 children. As it was difficult for the young to survive until adulthood due to the slavery, Heartan's made sure they had enough offspring to carry on their bloodline. Many people believed that they married each other, to keep their bloodline pure, and that sons and daughters were seperated at birth, so that they would not form a brother/sister relationship, but this has not been proven. Tharik Heartan begun to form small friendships with high ranking lords and nobles, choosing his allies carefully as not to attract the attention of the Dark Lord. He eventually came to the attention to Melenki, the king of the elves, and he proposed a plan to overthrow Azugon. The elf accepted without a thought, and they both started to plan together.

Gaining AlliesEdit

Once Melenki was on his side, Tharik decided to gain the friendships of the other races, so they could form one huge army to break the Army of Darkness. Their main choices were the dwarves, other elves, hauket and the nimidorians. Tharik was tasked with allying himself with the hauket tribes, and also winning the human noble lords to his side. This was difficult as much of the humans were driven by massive amounts of fear, and were very reluctant to join him. However after starting his first attack against Azugon he along with thousands crushed the Darkness, and drove them from the lands. With that the humans decided to side with him, handing over supplies and gold. Even though no city had a main army, farmers, miners, slaves and workers all gave themselves to Tharik.

Tharik during war

Tharik was always dressed in armour, ready for a battle

However it was not these beings Tharik was so greatly interested in. Everyone in Amsnorth knew the true warriors and greatest fighters were the Orcs. They were the only ones that Azugon had not managed to conquer. He arrived at many clans, begging for a meeting with the Ki of the clan. It was very hard for Tharik to be allowed into a clan, as they were running, but when he did he was finally allowed to meet with the clan leaders. They refused his pleads without a second thought on the matter. However it is implied that they respected Tharik for his bravery, which is why they allowed him to leave alive.

With the orc a failed cause, Tharik Heartan decided to try his luck with the hauket tribes. The hauket had sufffered as much, if not more than all the other races. They were tortured, and enslaved onto a horrifying cause. They were forced into building, working, and were killed if not strong enough to work. The Hauket accepted his alliance, as they wanted to free their people. 

Beginning the AssultsEdit

When it was time to meet again with Melenki, Tharik along with his lords and nobles started to move against Azugon and his Army of Darkness. Melenki moved towards the Dwavern Kingdom to assist the dwarves in retaking their kingdom, while Tharik attacked the Eastern Territories, and sending off his lords and knights to siege the islands.

While the goblins, trolls and ogres all fell to the side of Azugon, The dark-elves refused to give their aid, along with the fairies, however the dark-elves did supply them with small amounts of weapons and armours, but would give them no soldiers. Tharik was left with little more options. His allies and the rebellion was growing thin, even though they had gathered an army of over 30,000 they still did not have enough to destory Azugon.. Many of his companions thought he should speak with the lords of the cities. But Tharik was too careful, many of the lords were cowards and in league with Azugon

However Tharik's intentions and his efforts in the war caused the people to raid their own homes. Chaos erupted across the lands, farmers, people all attacked the Army of Darkness, driving them out of their villages and towns. Castles and forts that belonged to Azugon were destroyed, and Tharik saw his chance to slaughter the Darkness on the road as they fled.

Battling the Dark LordEdit

For years Tharik and the rebellion fought against Azugon, they mainly targeted his defenses around Amsnorth, trying to break off his forces. Melenki and several of his hunters scouted around the lands for the

The Rebellion vs Army of Darkness

Dark Lord's servant, and leader of his armies, Ezgoth

The kings fought against the Army of Darkness, and managed to thrawt them many times. But the rebellion was not strong enough, Azugon was too powerful for them. So they required something to assist them in defeating his dragon form.

Time and time again, with the Freedom Wars getting larger and larger, with the people coming onto his side, he knew that the true challenge would be taking the cities. Tens of thousands of Army of Darkness soldiers resided witin the walls of the cities, and it would be very difficult for them to take control over them. Spawn the mindless, brutal and very tough monsters that Azugon created were the main problem for them. As they were difficult to kill, Tharik required magic to assit him in defeating them, but there were no Magical Beings alive to help him, or so he thought. Melenki knew of a man living in exile, but stated it would be hard to gain his alliance.


After months of searching for any Magical Beings, Tharik fond himself being approched by one of them. An old wizard not giving his name, offered his aid. However Tharik was cautious about him, but after a quick chat he eventually agreed to have him assit them. 

The wizard was very powerful he knew, and he managed to enchant their weapons. The legendary sword Dragonheart was the perfect choice for Tharik, but if he should die the sword of his ancestors would be lost, so had the wizard enchant a new weapon for him.

Invading the CitiesEdit

With the Golden Halls, Missundi, and Garreneari all under the rebellion's control, Tharik deemed it time to start with the larger cities. The king marched his forces on Qhylen, and after quickly sending in spies, the people of the city attacked the Army of Darkness, and opened the gates for Tharik to enter with his thousands. 

They took the city within a short few days, giving them the perfect place to get their ships around the Western and Northern Territories. Tharik moved his force across the lands, invading as he went. He gained allies, more and more people each day joined his cause. Along with the dwarveshauket and elves they had managed to gather an army of over 120,000 soldiers. It was now time for them to attack Gran Sarathal, but Tharik first wanted the cities to fight back, so sent out ravens along with some of his most trusted allies to infilrate the Darkness' defences.

Attacking the Captial After only five years of fighting against Azugon, Tharik demmed it time to launch their attack on Gran Sarathal, while most of his advisors thought that he was not yet ready, the king was too ambitious and ignored their wisdom. Thairk and Melenki gathered their forces and marched upon the capital. The hauket brought with them skilled stragegists, while the elf king had his greatest archers posted around the city,

Tharik was a skilled fighter

Tharik was notorious on the battlefield

The human king had his armies drag dozens of catipults to the city, prepared to destroy his home in the process if it means killing the Dark Lord. What the rebellion was not expecting was to be greeted by not only goblins, ogres, trolls, werewolves and vampires, but an army of undead monsters, the spawn.

Their armies were struggling to hold off the spawn, but with their enchanted weapons, they managed to force them back. The old wizard showed his true powers and managed to summon a cloud of fire around the battlefield, cutting off retreat from the Army of Darkness

Tharik along with Melenki knew that their victory was close and decided to rush into the city. The old wizard parted and went off to find the Dark Lord himself. The human king fought through the place he has called home, but never visited. His armies and loyal friends fought and died by his side, but his victory was ended as Azugon entered the battle himself after the wizard had failed to defeat him.

When the greatest Dark Lord in history entered the battle, the rebellion was forced into retreat. Summond monsters from the Vale appeared, cutting them off and slaughtering them like sheep. Azugon moved in and out of the rebellion, burning them into ash, until Melenki drew his forces and fled.

This shocking turn of events caught them all off guard, and his fallen soldiers took up sword against him. Poeple fought against each other, and Azugon now as a huge dragon burned everyone in his wake, slaughtering innocent people. Tharik knew it was over, and decided to surrender himself, begging his people to lay down their weapons. Azugon captured the king where he threw him into a cell.

Last MomentsEdit

When Tharik woke and found his entire army dead, he fell into depression. Azugon arrived many times to torture him, seeking information about his family and how they survied, but the king did not answer, no matter how much pain was cast upon him.

Tharik was dragged out into the city where he was quartered by Azugon himself in front of the entire population. The king held in his pain as the Dark Lord inflicted pain upon him. As the rope tied around his neck, Tharik shouted out something to Azugon, 'My family will never die!'

Azugon lashed out in rage and hanged him, killing him within seconds. His body was placed above the city walls, to serve as a warning to all who may rise up against Azugon in the future. But Tharik's death had taken its toll across all the lands, as people within the cities were killed and their familes wiped out for their assistance in the Freedom Wars.


"Tharik was a hero, no matter how much you thought of him. He did what we all should have done, rose up against a man who slaughter our children, and made our lives hell for thousands of years. He was a hero, and he will go down in history as being one the greatest leaders this world has ever seen."
Robert I Heartan, on writing about Tharik

Tharik was considered a fool for his actions in the rebellion, but also a respected and legendary hero. Many songs, tales and books have been written about his story, and each of them describe him being a reckless prideful tyrant, who only wanted war. However many other stated that he was a great king, honourable and loving to his people.

Melenki had written a book about him at some point, which was later placed in Gran Sarathal thousands of years later when Azugon was finally defeated. Tharik's decendent, Robert I Heartan took his body down from the walls, and used magic to clean it up a little. He later had him rested within the Kings' Mountain, and named him the true king.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Tharik was known to be an amazing fighter in swordplay. He was trained since he was a boy to perfect his combat skills. His skills in the battlefield as a leader were also near perfection, but despite his superiour skills, he was very stubborn and quick tempered.


Tharik was a master with a sword, being one of the best in his generation. He was trained to perfect his skills, and knew nothing other that training. He was taught by many different people from different races. His strength was taught by the dwarves, his speed the elves and his skills by a dark-elf warrior. Tharik cut through hundreds of goblins, spawn, ogres and more dark creatures through his uprising against the Dark Lord. He even encountered Ezgoth and managed to disarm him.


Tharik was a master at understanding his enemy. He plotted countless battles against Azugon and won just about all of them. He managed to gather enough love, he had the people within the cities and villages to rally againt the Army of Darkness, causing chaos within the walls.


  • Is regarded as being one of the greatest heroes
  • Was and still is the only person to rally a few races into one army
  • His body rotted for thousands of years, Azugon did not allow his body to decay, because he wanted the example to be forever known
  • He has one of the largest statues in the Kings' Mountain