Thornos Bonbarik
Elder Thornos

Thornos Bonbarik

Biographical information

Other names
The Great Commander, The Loyal Knight, The Old Knight, Thronos the Valian
Date of birth
TA 9561
Date of death
Still alive
Sword, axe

Physical description

6.3 feet
Hair color
Light brown, Auburn (older)
Eye color
"One of the most respected, honoured and skilled knights of his time. Thornos was a loyal commander, and one of he greatest soldiers of his generation."
―About Thornos

Thornos Bonbarik also known as Ser Thornos is a knight and former Commander of the Royal Guard, during the reign of King Gaston IV Heartan. During his early years Thornos was considered one of the most skilled fighters and battle commanders in all the lands. At a young age, Thornos left his village of Oakfield to join the soldiers at Qhylen, and serve under Johnathan Lukie. He joined a tournament to prove his worth, and despite losing, was honoured a place within Jonathan's loyal guard because of his skills and bravery. 

Years later his skills as a soldier increased, and he was known for leading groups of men to settle affairs concerning goblins, bandits and criminals. His reputation eventually gained the attention of Robert V Heartan, the King of Amsnorth at that time. Thornos arrived at Gran Sarathal and was given a knighthood by the king because of his skills and bravery.

When Robert died, Thornos became one of the most loyal friends to his son and sucessor, Gaston IV Heartan. Gaston had made Thornos Bonbarik the Commander of the Royal Guard. Thronos kept his peace, and was one of his most loyal friends. However after Gaston's murder at the hands of his brother, Harken II Heartan, Thornos fled Gran Sarathal, and went into exile.

Thornos remained in hiding for several years, fearing that Harken II Heartan would be looking for him. Eventually he honoured his dream, and created an inn, named Knights' Honour, in the southern regions of the Eastern Territories. In the years TA 9615, Thornos heard news of an increasing Goblin threat in the Western Territories, so sent out his son, Anthony Bonbarik and several of his men to route them out. Anthony never returned.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Thornos is a kind, honourable, loyal and very humourous man. He is known for his bravery, and wise words. However he was a known drunk at times, and would often drink before entering a battle. This never dampered his senses, and felt it helped him concentrate. Thornos held a very strong friendship with Gaston IV Heartan, and was said to have been as loyal as anyone could get. Thornos greived over the death of the king for years, often travelling to the Kings' Mountain to visit his tomb.

In his youth Thornos had cropped hair, and liked to show off his broad features. He was largely built, and was very intimidating while dressed in armour. His hair was a very light brown, and sometimes black during the night, but his chair changed into a more auburn shade as he aged. Currently he is an elderly man, with a long beard, small nose and very saggy features.


Early LifeEdit

Thornos was born in the village of Oakfield around TA 9561, he was not a poor man nor was he wealthy. He spent most of his time on a farm. Thornos was abandoned his his parents when he was but one years old, left on the doorstep of a orphanage. There he was raised by several Septurs for many years, before being hired by a local farmer to help assist with farmlife. 

Thornos as a boy

Thornos before entering a tournament

For years he worked there, but his mind was set on somthing greater. He wanted to serve his country, and become a respected soldier. Thornos spent most of his spare time training with wooden swords, and that training paid off when he travelled for the city Qhylen to join the tournament that was beind held to honour the birth of Johnathan's grandson, Rodrik Lukie's 16th birthday. Being 10 years old, Thornos was laughed upon when he entered the tournament, but Johnathan allowed him to enter.

Even though he was so young of age, he showed remarkable bravery and managed to defeat several fully grown men during the tournament. Johnathan was hugely impressed by this, and he allowed the boy to join his guard. He became one of the youngest soldiers in Amsnorth's history.


Thornos' reputation increased greatly as he was the commander of his small band of soldiers. At the age of fifteen he was regarded as being one of the youngest most skilled warriors in Amsnorth. The new Lord of Qhylen, Rodrik Lukie commanded Thornos to kill a rouge orc that had been causing criminal actions around the North. This was a huge step for Thornos as orcs were the most feared fighters in the world. But to prove himself he undertook the mission.

Thornos knighted by Robert

Thornos being knighted by Robert V Heartan

Four of the set out from Qhylen and headed off to track the orc's whereabouts. They found him lurking through caves and the orc killed two of the soldiers, and wounding one, leaving Thornos to fight himself. Thornos said the orc took advantage of him, by toying and humiliating his fighting skills. Thornos used this to his asset and made himself fight more sloppy. Once the orc had lowered his guard, Thornos used all his remaining skills and managed to kill him off guard. He then cut out the orc's teeth as proof of his victory.

By killing the criminal orc, Rodrik informed King Robert V Heartan and the king summond him to Gran Sarathal where he became one of the youngest knights of all time.

Serving KingsEdit

Thornos in battle

Thornos fought in many battles

With Thornos now a man grown, and one of the most respected knights in all the lands, he begun to serve as a personal bodyguard to Robert V Heartan. He followed the king everywhere, and would undergo his personal missions himself. Often these would be debt collecting, or fending off the few criminals in the slums, but few times was he tasked with leading soldiers to defeat bandits or barbarians around the West

However when Robert died, his eldest son, Gaston IV Heartan became king. Thornos was always fond of Gaston and set his desire to serve under him as his commander, Gaston accepted this and appointed him as the Commander of the Royal Guard. Being commander of Gran Sarathal's major law enforcement, Thornos had little time to spend with his new wife, and newborn twin sons, Richardo Bonbarik and Anthony Bonbarik. Serving the crown was his life for a few years, and like Robert before, Thornos was the personal bodyguard of Gaston and Queen Lillian.

As Thornos' time passed, he and the king grew very close, and became almost best of friends. Thornos was the man to announce the pregnancy of the king's only child, Sinteal II Heartan. The two friends left for a tavern to celebrate the brith of the new Princess of Amsnorth, and it is said they both go that drunk that Thornos and four other men had to carry the king to his cart. 

Harken's RebellionEdit

"Last time I saw your father, he was storming out of the capital, that was almost twenty years ago."
Ser Mathron Crumbleton on Thornos Bonbarik

Around two years after the birth of Sinteal II Heartan, Harken II Heartan attacked Gran Sarathal seeking to dismantle his brother from the throne. Thornos was present during the assult, and managed to cut down several Golden Knights. He lead the soldiers against the rebels, but was mortally wounded during the assult. He tried to reach Gaston IV Heartan, but was too late as he was already dead. Fearing for his life, Thornos quickly left the city, stealing a horse to escape the Golden Knights as they attempted to capture him.

The knight rushed off into the wilderness, and rode for more than three days before stopping to rest. He then rode down towards Greatwood City to inform Queen Nymeria about Harken's betrayal and treason. Nymeria gathered a meeting of elves to see if they should attack the capital, and bring Harken to justice for his crimes, however after a vote was in favour of allowing the new King of Amsnorth to rule as the new king, the matter was dropped.


Now lost everything he held dear, Thornos left the West and headed off into the Eastern Territories. There he became a small time sellsword. He managed to make a great deal amount of gold as a sellsword, and with the gold he had a small inn built near Boulder Reach Cave. The Knights' Honour became a huge success around the East, and a great deal of travellers, soldiers, even outlaws resided there for a time. With his increased business Thornos hired sellswords and men to help guard and protect the inn from bandits and other beings. 

The exiled life was not as bad as Thornos had believed, his family helped him run the inn, and for the first time in his life, Thornos felt happy and safe. However, every night he woke up, fearing Harken II Heartan was burst into the inn, and kill him and his family. 


"If you will not join me, then I have no choice but to refuse my protection to you. Out here you are an outcast and exile, you will not be permitted to enter Gran Sarathal, if you do you will killed on sight. And also, your taxes will rise in the next month or so. Best hope your business increases."
―Harken Threatening Thornos
Around TA 9599 King Harken II Heartan was rumoured to have been spotted around the East, and Thornos
Knights' Honour

Knights' Honour, Thornos' inn

decided to shut down the inn for a time so the king would not stay there. However the king was planning on going there anyway, and a courier was sent to inform Thornos that the King would be staying there. Thornos did not want to meet with him, but after the king remained for several hours, he had no choice but to see him. The king offered the old knight a position within his Golden Knights and that he would pay him a great deal of gold per month for his service. While the gold was very tempting, Thornos could not ignore the actions of Harken, and refused. This did not anger Harken as he believed it would, but the king did threaten him, telling him he would not have the king's protection, and his taxes would increase.

By refusing the king's offers, supplies for the inn begun to dwindle, and many of his supply carts were stopped by the King's soldiers as they past through Engadül. This caused the economy of the inn to fall, and buisness began to fail. Thornos thought about taking the king's offer, but his wife, Hydlin Bonbarik managed to convince him not to. Thornos had to think about a different approch, and decided to have his supplies transported through ship, disguised as a civilian transport. The supplies took more than one month to reach the inn, but he was willing to take the cost.

Current StatusEdit

Thornos still remains as an innkeeper, and contiunes to live his life in the East  However many have said the former knight is stressed over the recent death of his son, Anthony Bonbarik, who was killed during an assult on Summerhold. Thornos had pleaded to many of the lords of Amsnorth, begging them to help take action against the increasing Goblin raids around the Main Lands.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Thornos Bonbarik is one of the best fighters in Amsnorth. As a young age he showed great skills in combat, and as a commander was a feared being on the battlefield. He managed to cut down several Golden Knights who were very skilled fighters during Harken's Betrayal


Thornos is one of the most skilled fighters in all the lands. As a boy he trained almost every day, for hours. He became one of the youngest people to ever enter a tourny, and managed to beat men much older and most skilled than he. He became one of the few people to kill an orc, and even though he was outmatched, he used his skills and intelligence to defeat and kill the criminal. Harken II Heartan himself told that he considered Thornos one of the best fighters he had seen.


As the Commander of the Royal Guard, Thornos was one of the most feared people in Gran Sarathal. His skills in combat were known, but it was his mind for battle that made him a problem for many enemies. Thornos was known to travel across the world, and plan where, when and what he wanted to fight on, and would herd his enemies onto the battlefield. He often tampered with these battlefield, by pouring oil, burning, or setting traps. 


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Commander of the Royal Guard
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Manley Throne
Thornos Bonbarik Succeeded by
Aidan Colton

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