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Biographical information

Other names
Thunder King, Cowardly Elf
Date of birth
8,970 BPD
8,960 BPD - 7,995 BPD (965 years)
Date of death
7,995 BPD
Realms ruled
Woodland Realms

Physical description

5.5 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Sapphire blue
Royal House
Elves of Greatwood
"Thurdan saved the Wood-Elf race, he gathered them all and fled into the mountains and forests. He waited and waited, protecting his people against the wraith of Azugon."
―About Thurdan

Thurdan also known as the Thunder King (8,970 BPD - 7,995 BPD), was the King of the Wood-Elves and ruler over the Elves for nearly 1,000 years. He was known to have been born during Azugon's conquest, and was forced into hiding when his father, Safdraen had thw Woodland Realms cleared of the Wood-Elf people, to prevent them from falling into Azugon's slavery. 

When his fathered died, Thurdan was only but 10 years old, and many of his close council members ruled the Wood-Elf race until he was able to rule himself. Thurdan was forced to disguise himself whenever he left his hidden city, and would always travel alone. He loved to explore the lands, much to the recluctance of his people. 

Thurdan kept his people hidden for hundreds of years, never allowing any elf to enter his city, unless he knew who they were. His strict rules wee critizised, but also respected as if it were not for these laws the Wood-Elves would have likely have been caught by Azugon.

The elf king did not participate in any of the battles in Amsnorth, however he was close to one around his 400 years of reign, when a foolish elf left the secret city. Thurdan was forced to take action, as thousands were marched on him and his people. The elf king, gathered his people, and fled into the mountains, with the aid of many loyal human lords.

Thurdan had a son, who would eventually go on to become the legendary Melenki. When Melenki was hut 20 years old, Thurdan was slain by a group of goblins as he was returning from one of his travels.

Character and AppearanceEdit

"He looked more like a skeleton rather than a king."
―Description of Thurdan

Thurdan was very intelliegent, however he was not as cunning nor as ruthless as his father, Safdraen. He loved to educated himself, rather than his fighting skills. Thurdan did care very much about his people, and even the humans and dwarves, whom he assisted many times in their troubles.

Thurdan looked much like his father, however Thurdan grew a long sharp beard which he used to disguse himself many times when leaving his city. He did wear fine clothing, but would often wear rags and scruffy clothing. He stood around 5,5 feet high, and was very slender in appearance. People have stated that he looked like he starvs himself, as he was very skinny.


Early LifeEdit

Thurdan is the only son to Safdraen, the great king who fought against the legendary human king named Jafier Heartan. However Thurdan was born after Azugon's Great Purge and like most of the Races of Amsnorth, he was forced into a brutal life. His early weeks after birth, he spent running, and his mother was slaughtered by a group of spawn

When he wa 10 years old his father was killed, and due to being such a young age, Thurdan was not allowed to rule until he came of age (which was around 20 for an elf). While he waited, he took lessons and read countless books on how to rule, while always on the move. Thurda first left the hidden city when he was 12 years old, without informing anyone. He disgused himself as a pesant elf, and wondered the nearby villages. He was horrified by the look of these places, and tried to help many of them, by handing over his gems and gold to the poor. This caught the attention of the Army of Darkness and he fled back to his city.

His 20 year arrived, and Thurdan was thrown into ruling the Wood-Elf race. It was not easy for him, but many of his followers wanted him to build a new army, to eventually protect them. However Thurdan did not want this, but rather wanted to educate them. This was not very approved by the people, as many thought it was soldiers they needed and not scholars.


Azugon hunted the Wood-Elf Monarchy across the lands of Amsnorth, and Thurdan made it his main piority to make sure they were not fond. He placed magical barriers around his cities, to shield them from wondering spies. This is something not many had thought of, and Thurdan was lauded for it. For hundreds of years the Wood-Elves remained hidden, and their population had increased greatly.

With a not great population, Thurdan ordered the creation of an army, and wanted them trained to almost perfection. Within decades, young elves were taught fighting styles with a brutal manner. A few years later he had an army of over 3,000 soliders. However it was then Azugon had managed to track him down by destroying a portion of magic around the Eastern Territories.

Thurdan gathered his people, and set sail across the Magic Sea, to tajke refuge wiithin Wizardear. He did not inform anyone of these actions, as Azugonhad many spies under his command. With thousands of ships he sailed across the sea, and within months he laned ashore. 

The elf king moved his people towards the hidden hills and mountains, using magic again to hide his whereabouts. Then he got his most trusted allies, and ordered them to take a few thousand elves and move them across the lands, to scatter their race. 

Death and LegacyEdit

Thurdan eventually married during some point of his life, and later fathered a child named Melenki, who would later become a legenadry hero. However Thurdan did not spend great deal of time with his son, as he was too fixtated on trying to rebuild the population of his race.

When Melenki was just 20 years old., Thurdan was travelling back from one of his travels when he was ambushed and killed by goblins. His body was never fond, but a scout had spotted his death. Thurdan is considered a legend in some way, as if not for him the Wood-Elves would have crumbled into dust. Thurdan rebuilt the race.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Thurdan is very talented in many arts, however he is not a fighter but relies on his intelligence to win battles and affairs. He has not been in an exact battle in his whole near 1,000 years, but this has been to his advantage as he has never lost any people.


  • Is possibly the first king in history to never have seen battle
  • He is regarded as being the saviour of the race

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