True Steel Islands
True Steel Island full
Military Training
Training Facility
Large mountain ranges
vast forests, rivers, lakes, caves. Very rocky, hills and deadly quarries
10,000 (roughly)
Mainly recruits
Places of note
Ancient Island
Crystal Island
Fort Manksuni
Cave Granki
Steel Harbour
Date of founding
Golden Age
1,500 BPD
Margon Steelion

True Steel Islands also known as Ancient Islands, or Crystal Islands is a small island located within the Dwavern Kingdom. It is a training facility operated by the Lord of the Dwavern Kingdom. It serves as the main hub for steelwork, ironwork and woodwork within the kingdom. It is also the largest area in Amsnorth that is entirely covered in mountains, hills and woodlands. 

The island trains soldiers named, Guerrelos, highly skilled warriors that are considered some of the greatest soldiers in the whole of the world. They are raised from the age of 10 until the hit the age of 30. Around 3 out of 20 dwarves make it through the whole process.


True Steel Islands is located around 40 miles east of the central area of the Dwavern Kingdom. It is surrounded by
True Steel Islands

Location of the islands in the Dwavern Kingdom

the Black Sea, and is an uncharted place. There are no citizans living within any of the three major islands. Instead there are over 10,000 recruits that are placed there to begin their training. 

The whole of its area is covered in mountains, hills, rocks, trees, rivers and lakes. There are around one hundred training facilities, but only one major facility that is home to only the most qualified soldiers. There are many roads that snake around the islands, along with docks that take passengers from one island to the other. 

The Climate of the island is very average, ranging from cool days, to blazing hot summers. However there are many times during winter, the island can be home to horrific blizzards. Due to its mountains, there is very rarely any wind, but there can be thunderstorms. The blazing heat can prove to be a very dangerous thing for the soldiers in training, but this also plays to their advantage when fully trained, as they can fight in all kinds of weathers. 


There are several facilities in which different operations take place, the most important being Fort Manksuni, where the greatest trained soldiers go to become knighted, or elected generals. There are also several caves within the island that do woodwork, which are crafted down to make houses and other things.


There are three main islands, the True Steel Island, Ancient Island, and Crystal Island. These islands have different usages, with the True Steel Island being the major one out of them all, which deals with training. 

  • Ancient Island: Home to the famous Ancient Steel, this island is the largest in the whole of Amsnorth of its massive mountains which contain steel, iron, copper and very rare minerals. There are thousands of beings that work there, they are responsible for creating, melting and building ships, and weapons. They also forge armours, which are used to serve the soldiers that are currently in training within the major island.
  • Crystal Island: A place that is used for harvesting gems and other valuable resources. It is also rumoured to be home to the harpies. The mythical half beast half woman creature that stalks the night. Even though they are considered mythical, many dwarves claim that they invade and kill people that are seen harvesting gems from the mountains.

While each of the islands all have their own different operations, they all thrive for one purpose, the bring in gold. The islands are one of the largest income areas in the whole kingdom. 



When the first dwarves rose up from the underground cities, they begun to move across the Dwavern Kingdom, building and forging new villages. Like all the Races of Amsnorth they faced many troubles, for example, the materials they needed to construct their villages and castles. 

The dwarves used the small boats, and carried several people across the Black Sea, where they ended up within the island. They knew that such a place would be perfect for harvesting the goods the required. Once the island was discovered, there were many people who sought to take it from the dwarves, thus it became one of the major places that suffered much attacks during wars. 

Current StatusEdit

The island is currently still the largest area in the kingdom for training new soldiers. Their brutal operations make sure that the soldiers are trained with perfection, and are raise since the age of 10 until 30. The soldiers are some of the most skilled in the world.

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