The upper class, also known as Nobility is the social group constituted by higher status members society. This is in contrast to the term "'the privileged", which is used for the group at the opposite end of the middle class stratum.

The upper class is defined similarly using income, education and occupation as the predominant indicators. In Royalandüs, the upper class is defined as consisting mostly of humans,  who not only have above-average personal incomes and advanced educational degrees, but also a higher degree of autonomy in their work. The upper class cultures and considered slightly less important than the Royals. but have nearly as much influence and power. Most members of the upper class society are small land owners, or are a member of a noble house. 

Human Upper-ClassEdit

Humans dominate Amsnorth and are the most populated race in the world, around 3/4 of their total population is a member of the upper-class/noble society. Humans are not the only races who are classed as being nobles, all members of any noble house, is considered an upper-class person, even if their wealth isn't as high as others. 


Upper-Class people have far greater privileges than the other classes, aside from Royalty, and they also have a much greater chance of getting better education, higher income and influence. 


Most upper class people get their money from their jobs. Most upper class workers are high up, and are mostly land owners, renting out their houses, or owning buisnesses. The upper class culture, earn more money than all the other cultures below them.

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