Victoria III
Young Victoria

Victoria III Ealme (née Heartan)

Biographical information

Other names
Date of birth
TA 9474
Date of death
Still alive

Physical description

5.6 feet
Hair color
Blonde (young), grey
Eye color
Noble House

Victoria III Heartan, also known as Victoria Ealme, is a Princess of Amsnorth, the third eldest child to Thalore II Heartan, and is the oldest living Heartan, being 141 years old. Due to her very old age she lives in Greentown and rarely every leaves. Through her marriage with Lindon Ealme, she has 6 children, and countless grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great great-grandchildren. Victoria was the main heir to the Throne when her older brothers died in battle, however due to Nark IX Heartan's actions in the Seginthul Civil War, Thalore decided to make him his heir instead.

Victoria has lived a very basic life, marriage, children and work. Due to being the Countess of the East, she has command over the governments in that area of the Main Lands. During her earlier years she was considered a rather good ruler, often helping create roads, farms, villages, taverns, windmills, and other structures to improve the rather uncharted Eastern Territories.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Victoria is a very kind woman, softly spoken and very shy. Unlike many of her siblings, she has never been in battle nor been the cause of it, however she has prevented and sent soldier into battle, being it small or large, but allows her soldiers and commanders to take control of them. Victoria was more of a politician when a young woman, and was very cunning with her words.

Victoria stands around 5.6 feet tall and had long blonde hair as a young woman, which later formed into a dark grey. Her eyes, like most members of House Heartan were brown. Like mant women, she loved her clothings, favouring her luxury silks, cottons and other fabrics. She has spend millions of gold on dresses and outfits, which she wears everyday. Despite being 141 years old, she still likes to make sure she dresses and acts like a member of her class.


Early LifeEdit

Born Victoria III Heartan, to Thalore II Heartan and Igraine Heartan, Victoria is the third child to six siblings. Unlike her last siblings, she was born in a very peaceful time, and spent her entire child years in Gran Sarathal. She was always required to act lady-like, and was always seen studying, cleaning, tending to duties and caring for other young children. 

Death of her brothersEdit

When the Seginthul Civil War broke out, Victoria was kept under protection in Gran Sarathal when her brothers were killed in battle. However due to the deaths of her siblings, she was next in line for the Throne, a title that Victoria was not too fond on. 

When the civil war ended, due to the efforts made by her younger brother, Nark IX Heartan, he was made the next heir to the throne, and Victoria moved out of the city, where she was to be wed to Lindon Ealme

Later LifeEdit

When her father Thalore II Heartan died, and Nark was crowned King of Amsnorth, Victoria was present at the ceremony, but Nark never saw her again, as their relationship was troubled with his vile actions. She was made the Countess of the East, and ruled over there with many advises coming from her younger brother, which she always ignored.

She has seen many monarchs in her years, and has managed to stay out of all of their affairs, and has lived the rest of her years in a private life with her large family.

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Countess of the East
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Victoria III Heartan Succeeded by

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