Walter III Heartan
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Walter III Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Traitor King, The King who Didn't age, King of Beauty
Date of birth
TA 4970
TA 5015 - TA 5017
Date of death
TA 5017 (47 years)

Physical description

5.7 Feet
Hair color
Dark brown
Eye color
Golden Brown
Royal House
"Walter is perhaps the most complicated king in history of House Heartan. He was neither a bad king, nor a great one. His personality was matched only by his weirdness, and his unusual unaging appearance."
―About Walter III

Walter III Heartan (TA 4970 - TA 5017), was the King of Amsnorth, who obtained the throne through betryal of his predecessor, William II Heartan. Walter was one of the few Heartans, who did not participate in the Rebellion of Family, a large civil war that pitted two factions of House Heartan against each other, for the title of King and Queen of Amsnorth.

Walter was considered a very strange man, and was known for his never aging appearance, which gave him the attention of many scholers, as they believed he was included in magic. However this was never proven, as Walter was never seen showing any kind of magic.

When Walter became king, was considered a good king, but not a great one. His reputation was neither good nor bad, as he often kept to himself, and rarely attended meetings concerning his people. However in his two years of king, he solved the issues that had rose between his neightbouring lords and highborns. Peace covered Amsnorth for his entire reign, with not one serious raid, battle or problem rising, making him the only king in history to have ruled without any kind of problem.

However after his two years as king, Walter was eventually killed by his third cousin, Anne III Heartan.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Walter was a strange man, he was never seen as cruel, but also never kind. He was very bitter and difficult to read. He was said to look like he was always smiling, as his eyes were always bright and welcoming, however this appearance never change. He rarely spoke, but when he did, his voice was almost like he was attemtping to sign, which brought a relaxing feeling to those around him.

Walter was an uncommonly beautiful being, with perfect features, and golden brown eyes, that often sparkled. His hair was dark brown, and was never seen unkept, or messy, it always sat in perfect position. Walter moved with grace, to the point where it looked like he hovered above the ground. Like many royal beings, Walter loved his wardrobe. He was always seen in the best silks and cottons, enjoying reds and creams.


Early LifeEdit

Born to George II Heartan and Joanne Gardner, Walter was always a calm child, and was said to rarely cry as a baby. Like he was most of his childhood, Walter loved his books, and was never seen holding a sword. There have never been any record of Walter being a warrior, but it is likely he knew how to use a blade. Unlike most of his siblings, who loved to explore around Amsnorth, Walter never left the Main Lands, only wondering around highly populated civilizations.

Rebellion of FamilyEdit

Due to the actions of Robert II Heartan, a rebellion had started between two factions of House Heartan, as each side wanted the throne, either through right or power of force. Unlike many Heartans, Walter did not participate, even though his father, George II Heartan, his fellow siblings and cousins did. Walter fled the Main Lands, while the rebellion took place, where he went is a mystery, however he did return when the civil war ended.

Taking the ThroneEdit

Only a short time after William II Heartan won the throne, Walter arrived back at Gran Sarathal. He resumed his previous duties as Prince of Amsnorth, often tending to matters that the King ordered. But it was in this moment Walter III Heartan killed William and took his crown. 

When the news spread across Amsnorth, many lords and nobles were forced to rise against his claim, however before they managed overthrow his reign, Walter had crowned himself King of Amsnorth, and used his trusted allies to kill anyone who would stand against him. Over the course of several months, no one rose up against him.

King of AmsnorthEdit

As King, Walter was very mysterious, he was neither cruel, nor kind to his subjects, however he did manage to hold a strong relationship with many governments throughout the world. He also doubled the guard and increased the military of his house and vassels. Due to his vast numbers there was a massive decline in crime throughout Amsnorth.

However only several years into his reign, he was murdered by Anne III Heartan.

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King of Amsnorth
Preceded by
William II Heartan
Walter III Heartan Succeeded by
Edwyne Elendra

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