Walter I Heartan
Walter I Heartan
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Songs of Amsnorth
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Prince of Amsnorth
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4,766 BPD
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Walter I Heartan (4,766 BPD - 4,736 BPD) was the Prince of Amsnorth thousands of years before the events of Dust and Shadow. He was the third and youngest son to Alton I Heartan, who at the time was named one of the greatest kings of all time, and still to this day remains one.

Walter I was born to his father when he was 49, making him one of the few memebers of the royal family to have been born to an monarch over the age of 45, the other being his older brother George I Heartan

The prince was killed at the age of 30 when he was ambushed by orcs, who sought to take the gold and gems that he carried.


Early LifeEdit

Walter I is the youngest son to Alton I Heartan, he was born to the king (who was prince at the time) at the age of 49. This was mainly due to his grandfather, Robert I Heartan, who had Alton wonder the lands to settle affairs, and wipe out the goblins that were still the remenants of the Army of Darkness

When Alton I returned home, he spent most of his years with his family, enjoying fatherhood. Walter shared much of his older brother's talents at an early age, as they both possessed remarkable intelligence. Walter and Bilious III Heartan spent many hours upon hours within places of study to increase their knowelage.

Life as a ScribeEdit

Walter became a known scribe at the age of 16, making him a large asset to the Royal Family. King Robert I Heartan, his grandfather, had Walter sent letters and write books about the past. Many of these books are some of the biggest sellers across the lands, and widely known as being some of the most influencal books in Amsnorth

Walter I in his study

Walter I Heartan within his study

The young prince spent most of his early teens in the company of his grandfather, sitting at many of his council mettings, and attendances, often writting down events that have took place. There were many times when Walter assisted the Master of Coin. They both would attempt settle the affairs and debts of the Human Royal Government

Walter was so known as a scribe that he was asked to scribe for many nole houses, some of which he accepted for a short time. Walter was also responsible for drawing maps, and seeking out new areas of which were not yet descovered, and translating them onto a sheet of parchment. Walter was known to have drawn down many locations up until that point were not known. 


At the age of 30 Walter was tasked with travelling to the city Phylon, to attend a meeting with the dwarves. The prince ventured forth with over twenty skilled soldiers, however as a horrific storm threw them off course, and caused them to stumble off the Titian Road, they were forced into Greatwood Forest.

After several days of the terrible storm, they were completely lost within the great forests. Walter tried to send out ravens, but none managed to fly within the harsh rains. Many of the soldiers died from fevers, and diseases, which caused few of them to abandon Walter to escape the weather. 

With only 12 soldiers left, the storm ended and they managed to escape the forests. However they were greeted by a clan of orcs. The orcs brutally slaughtered the soldiers, leaving Walter alive. The prince tried to plead with the orcs, offering them gold and riches. The Ki of the orcs, tore the throat out of Walter to shut him up, and tossed his remains into a ditch and set him ablaze along with the other soldiers. 

Skills and TalentsEdit

Walter was highly intelligent like his older brother, Bilious III Heartan. Walter spent many years educating himself, and learning to write and read. He was one of the youngest people at the time to be able to fully understand several languages. 

As a scribe he was very smart, and could use his mind to do wonders, and even helped many nobles settle affairs. However due to his intelligence, this caused Walter to pay little attention to swordplay, which made him very weak in combat.