War of the Priests


War of Hearts and Spades

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War of Kings

SA 3385


TA 0


All of Amsnorth


Founding of the High King and Human Royal Government. The new ruling of House Heartan. The destruction of all other monarchies, other than the Wood-Elves. Founding of the Academy of Magical Beings. The creation of the Magical Beings.


House Heartan

House Ashstone

Wood-Elf Monarchy

Green-Elf Government

Dark-Elf Supremacy

Dwavern Domain House Boulderarm

House Grazaxe


Jafier Heartan

Sinteal Ashstone


Carynmil of the Green-Elves


Dargorn Boulderarm

Jortharm Grazaxe


Battle of Markwall
First attack of the Dwarves
Battle of the Dead Marshes
Slaughter of the Twin Mountains
Battle of the Frozen Shore
Assault on Dragon Harbour
Battle of the Magic Sea
Battle of the Great Valour Islands
Assault of the Golden Keep
Storming of the East
Attack on the Rocky Vale
Great Battle of the Yumpi Plains
Battle of Blackend Tower
Smashing of the Dark-Elves
Attack on Gourlay
Battle of Greatwood Gorge
Final Battle of Kings

"One of the greatest and largest wars Amsnorth has ever seen. This titanic war pitted all the kings against each other in a brutal and bloody event. It shaped the world, changed the rules and created one of the greatest monarchies this land had ever seen."
―About the war

War of Kings also known as The War of the Great KingsThe Great War and Rising of Jafier Heartan was a huge war that took place between SA 3385 - TA 0. It is regarded as being one of the biggest and most brutal wars of all time, and at the time was considered the largest, until the Great Purge hundreds of years later. 

It began when Jafier Heartan attacked the city of Markwall after its king, Edmund Undertongue murdered innocent people. Jafier lead a rebellion, leading his group of freedom fighters known as the Brotherhood of Justice. After a successful attack on the city, Jafier was crowned king by the people of Markwall.

This caught the attention of all the other kings, and Dargorn Boulderarm, king on the Golden Throne, saw Jafier as a serious rival and sought to destory him. The events of the war began, but were not considered serious, as many saw it as a small civil affair between the human and dwarf. However after Dargorn attacked Jafier in a battle known as the First battle of the Dwarves, was the war begun.

The dwarves crushed the forces of Jafier in a battle that saw about the deaths of over 5,000 men. It was during this time, Saaelas, King of the Dark-Elves attacked the dwarves. Many farms and towns were assulted, and over 500 miles of lands were taken from the dwarves. This caused Jortharm Grazaxe of the Golen Halls to come to his kin's aid. 

With all the kings battling against each other, Saaelas assulted the Wood-Elves in the Battle of the Dead Marshes. King Safdraen, ruler of the Wood-Elves entered the war. An all out warfare took place, with each of the kings battling against each other. Jafier knew that his numbers did not match that of the others, so made an alliance with Queen Sinteal Ashstone, by marrying his daughter to her son, binding their houses together. Sinteal possessed one of the largest armies in Amsnorth at the time, which granted Jafier an army of over 40,000.

Many more battles were fought, with King Saaelas coming on top, and was considered the most dangerous out of them all. The Green-Elves under the leadership of Carynmil, attacked Saaelas, burning down many of his castles and farms. With the green-elves and wood-elves forming a friendship and deal, the dark-elves were forced to flee and leave the war for several months.

When Saaelas entered the battle again, and attacked the Rocky Vale, capturing Sinteal Ashstone, and taking control over her forces. He took the queen back to his home of Gourlay, where he raped and tortured her. Jafier who had been fighting against Jortharm Grazaxe, gathered his forces to try and rescue Sinteal, but later discovered that Sinteal's son had murdered his daughter after coming to an agreement with Saaelas. Jafier out of rage killed him, and gathered his troops to attack Saaelas.

Dargorn and Jortharm both gathered their armies, and started to march of Jafier as he crossed the lands to Gourlay. The massive battle, often regarded as being one of the largest battles ever fought took place, the Great Battles of the Yumpi Plains. This massive battle in which Jafier, Dargorn, Jortharm, and eventually Carynmil all attacked each other. The battle lasted six days, with Jafier retreating his armies and fleeing to Gourlay, while the others remained to fight each other. It was not untill the last day did the other kings notice Jafier was missing.

Jafier crossed the sea, where he later revealed his power to the world. His magical talents made him nearly an unstoppable machine. He transformed into a dragon and laid waste to Gourlay. It was then revealed that Safdraen had already assulted the city. The humans and wood-elves formed their first alliance in hundreds of years, and defeated Saaelas, with the dark-elf king dying in the proccess. 

Jafier Heartan then found out that Sinteal had been on Saaelas' side this entire time, and that she had been plotting against Jafier. He out of rage killed Sinteal, and took control over her armies and lands. Drumnur Boulderrock had killed and murdered Jortharm Grazaxe, causing their ships to sink at sea. Drumnur then swam to the Dwavern Kingdom, entered Golden Halls and took control over the city, using his influence to gather their support and be crown the new king. 

Drumnur then formed a friendship with Dargorn Boulderarm, while Jafier and Safdraen teamed up. They all fought against each other in the Final Battle of Kings. Jafier then showed his true power and defeated Drumnur and Dargorn using his magic, and not wasting any life of his soldiers. The two kings died, and Jafier then defeated Safdraen. The new king then declaired that only his family, now the great House Heartan may only rule as kings and queens. However due to Safdraen's assistance, Jafier permitted him to keep his monarchy, but he would still fall under the King or Queen of Amsnorth



The War of Kings started out when Jafier Heartan recieved a message from a source from a mysterious man that Edmund Undertongue, the King of Markwall was getting out of control. The man had murdered, raped and tortured innocent people for fun. 

Jafier who was the leader of the Brotherhood of Justice, gathered his allies and marched upon the city. He sent in assassins and spies to locate the weak points in the king's defences, and gather information of the armies within the walls. It took almost three days before Jafier and his Brotherhood smashed down the gates. They stormed the city, killing soldiers and those loyal to Edmund. 

Jafier crowned

Jafier Heartan crowned new King of Markwall

While he attacked, he spoke to the people of Markwall, informing him of his task, and gained the support of more than half the city. Now with thousands at his side, he raided the city, and eventually arrived at the castle. They breached the castle, and killed to Edmund, where Jafier made him beg for forgiveness for his crimes. Edmund refused, and Jafier held him prisoner and let his people decided his fate.

When Edmund was killed, the people then proclaimed Jafier their new king, and begged him to take the throne. Jafier accepted without hesitation, and became the new King of Markwall. Now the new king, Jafier begun to make his name known when his actions reached across Amsnorth. Edmund was not loved by the other kings, but they started to grow very wary over Jafier as his reputation was good.

Dargorn Boulderarm was the first to become suspicious over the new king, and sent in several spies to find out more about him. Once he believed that Jafier Heartan was a treat, he rallied his forces and council to decide on his fate. Once he had the support of the politicians, Dargorn attacked Jafier as his forces and people were crossing the lands. This blow started the war, and Jafier took action, summoning all of his allies to his cause.

Thus the War of Kings began


Alliance of KingsEdit

Jafier and SintealEdit

The efforts of Jafier Heartan reached Sinteal Ashstone, the Queen of the Vale and the East. Sinteal possessed a huge army, and sent Jafier a raven asking for a meeting. When the two monarchs met, they discussed terms that would form an alliance between their houses. They came to the idea of marrying their two children toegther, to forever bind their houses together. 

Now bound into an alliance, Jafier and Sinteal combined their forces, and council to form a government. Bringing in all the human noble houses, they raised a massive army to their cause, and was considered to be the major threat to the other kings.

Dargorn and JorthamEdit

Being distant cousins, their friendship and alliance was expected by the people. Due to both of them possessing the greatest lands, power and force, when they combined their powers together they were feared. They roared through the lands, claiming high tax and buying sellswords and thugs. Their friendship was forged through a truce of a trade between them both.

Safdraen and CarynmilEdit

The two elf kings were not considered a deep threat, as both of them had the fewest numbers. However the Green-Elves are known for their intelligence and their great skills at forging deadly potions. The Wood-Elves were the greatest archers in all the world, so were known for being great at their offensive strategy.

Their friendship was however a shock, as the two kings have never seen eye-to-eye. But it was a desperate move of them, as they were not coming close to winning the war. They had lost a large amount of their lands, and many of their allies had left them. By forming their alliance, they kept in the shadows, and would wait for the right time to attack. 

The Course of the WarEdit

War of the Three ElvesEdit

The battle in which took place between both the Dark-Elves and Wood-Elves was unexpected, as at the time Safdraen was not involved in the war, nor did he have any intentions of doing so. But this sudden attack forced the woodland elves into action.

The first battle which took place was the Battle of the Dead Marshes, in which Saaelas ordered his forces to
Battle of the Deadm Marshes

Wood-Elves charge into battle

engage Safdraen as his people were travelling between their great woodland realms. Hearing about the attack, Safdraen sent out his armies to repel the attacks blown towards his people. The massive battle took place across over 50 miles of land. Small towns were raided and burnt to the ground, over 1,000 people died. 

This battle took place over two weeks, and there were several small battle which took place within these few weeks. As these two elf kings battled against each other, Carynmil had slowly been making his way towards the battle. He sent out spies and assassins to plant bombs and small deadly potions around the battlefields, and gave the order to explode vast amounts of soldiers on both fronts.

This signaled the beginning of Carynmil's war, and a three way battle emerged between the elves. Safdraen held over 5,000 soldiers, while Saaelas 8,000 and Carynmil over 4,000.

  • Battle of the Dead Marshes. The beginning of the three way battle was huge and vast. It began when Saaelas found out about Safdraen's venture across the East to the West. The elves were invaded and several generals were killed on all fronts, and the Dark-Elves came out victorious.
  • Slaughter of the Twin Mountains. This second major battle fought between Saaelas and Carynmil was considered one of the most violant battles in the war. After around four years of warfare, Saaelas had decided to end Carynmil once and for all. He did so after his inside information provided news that Carynmil was residing within the Twin Mountains and was planning to attack the West. Saaelas summond great deals of soldiers to surround the Mountains, and seal all the doors and hidden tunnels to prevent anyone from fleeing. He then unleashed catapults upon the mountain, causing it to shatter and crumble. After the Green-Elves attempted to flee they were struck down by arrows and hidden soldiers waiting to take them out. Carynmil died within the attack.
  • Battle of the Frozen Shore. Another battle unleashed by Saaelas as he attacked Safdraen as he was informed of his stay near the Frozen Shore. Saaelas planned to flank him, by, like Carynmil, trapping him. He sent out ships to attack by the sea, while his footsoldiers and heavy horse attacked on land. However Safdraen saw this coming, and lay traps around the battlefield. The battle lasted two days, with not actual winner. Both kings fled the battle.
  • Storming of the East. The major event in which saw about one of the final battles fought between the two last elves. Even though this battle consisted of numerous battles, both from humans and elves, Safdraen and Saaelas were both the major leaders. While Saaelas plotted to take over the Rocky Vale, Safdraen decided to attack him while he was unexpecting it. They battled across the East, with the affair lasting for more than 8 months. This was the largest battle fought in the entire war. After the defeat of the wood-elves, Saaelas attacked the Vale and won.
  • Smashing of the Dark-Elves. Believing the Wood-Elves were defeated and wounded after their last battle, Saaelas decided to avert his attention from them, and towards the humans and dwarves. Saaelas was wrong about this, as Safdraen had rallied more than 10,000 wood-elves, making it the only time all the wood-elves gathered into the one army. Saaelas was shocked as the elves smashed down his gates and invaded his home. The battle was brutal and took place over several days. However it was not until the Attack on Gourlay, when Jafier Heartan arrived with his forces and defeated the Dark-Elves was Saaelas finaly defeated.

Diplomatic and bloodless WarEdit

A war fought without bloodshed nor battles, this huge war lasted the longest out of them all, being over 10 years long. This war had several politicians battle against each other, using their charisma and knowelage to defeat their foes, by making friends and breaking them.

Jafier Heartan, Dargorn Boulderarm, Jortham Grazaxe, Safdraen, Saaelas and Carynmil all battled with each other without knowelage of doing so, without a battle taking place. Jafier had plotted against all of these kings, by using his former friends the Brotherhood of Justice, to serve as his personal spies. These people were skilled and very smart, which enabled Jafier to break them from the inside. 

During these affairs many politics were broken, riots were started and religious groups were formed within areas that previously had none. This caused uprisings in all the major cities, with Gran Sarathal suffering the most. A group of religious beings rose up against Dargorn Boulderarm, and gathered a group of people to form a debate to try and cast the king from command. However Amexilia who was causing all of these problems was later found out and killed.

Drumnur Boulderrock was selected by Jafier Heartan to break Jortham Grazaxe and cause his people to turn against him. However Drumnur had other plans that he kept from Jafier, but did plot against Jortham. The dwarf slowly made allies within the city of Golden Halls and begun to make a name of himself. Jortham then asked for him, and due to his high popular reputation, he elected him as his Lord Commander. Drumnur then played the part well, but had his allies started to fight amongs themselves, and eventually they turned on each other. Chaos erupted within the city, and just before Jortham left to fight with Dargorn, Drumnur had spies damage their ships. When they sailed Drumnur shattered their ships, killing thousands along with Jortham. Drumnur had snuk aboard a small boat before such things took place.

Drumnur then arrived back to the Dwavern Kingdom and named himself the new king.

War of KingsEdit

The major battles fought within the war shattered forces, raised and destroyed statuses and formed alliances. Noble houses of great and lesser joined forces with winning teams, in attempt to climb the ladder of power. This caused further chaos around Amsnorth as the weak saw this as a chance to break the strong, and claim their titles.

A small civil war broke out across the West and North, with many small houses rising up and forming small commites to try and dismantle their superiour lords. With this happening each king faced troubles concenring food and trade. As each member were once in the trade buisness with each other, they no longer had supplies, which caused the people in the lands to turn on each other. Theft, murder and all sorts of crimes increased. As they tried to fight battles at home and on strange lands, each king begun to fall and break.

  • Attack on Gourlay. Saaelas had just invaded the Rocky Vale and captured Sinteal Ashstone. The dark-elf king took the queen to his home of Gourlay. However unknown to the king, Safdraen was already marching on the city. He had placed his forces around the city and lands, and once weeks after preperation, Safdraen attacked. He took Saaelas by surprise, and broke into the city. The wood-elves charged into the city, burning homes, and killing as they went. However Saaelas lead a resistance, and sent out ravens all across Wizardear. More dark-elves came to his command, but it was then that Jafier Heartan arrived. The human king unleashed his forces on the city, forming a small alliance with Safdraen. It was then Jafier showed his hidden talents. He shockingly transformed into a dragon, unleashing a devastating blow on the city. The elves were shattered, and Jafier burned all. He won the battle quickly, with Saaelas perishing within the flames. Knowing of Sinteal Ashstone's betrayal, he killed her, and used his new power to take control over her armies and noble houses.
  • Battle of Greatwood Gorge. As Safdraen was too busy dealing with Saaelas, Drumnur and Dargorn were moving against the wood-elf city of Greatwood. After they burnt the city to the ground, the dwarves move to more personal places of the forest. There they attacked the Gorge, a place were magical enchantments were forged. However as they arrived, they were attacked by elves defending the Gorge, along with magical creatures. This battle was brutal, with each of the lords sending out more and more soldiers to take control over the Gorge. This was the main target to deliver to the wood-elves, as the Gorge was considered their place of prayer. The battle was never finished, as Jafier had called all the kings to a battle that would settle the final outcome of the war.
  • Final Battle of Kings. The battle that was huge, yet the shortest out of them all. Jafier Heartan, Safdraen, Drumnur Boulderrock , and Dargorn Grazaxe all gathered their remaining forces into a battle held within the Dead Marshes. Jafier who had formed a small alliance with Safdraen dismissed the king, and showed his true powers. He obliterated the dwarves with waves of magic, killing Drumnur and Dargorn, but sparing Safdraen, for his support in taking Gourlay and defeating Saaelas.


With the war over, and Jafier Heartan coming out as the victor, he claimed the Golden Throne. He then dismantled all the titles of all the races, with the execption of the wood-elves. Jafier then proclaimed himself the King of all Amsnorth, and the lord of all beings.

  • Forming of the Human Royal Government. Once everything begun to settle, the humans were now the ruling beings. To make a ruling government, Jafier ralled all the noble houses of humans, and made a contract. A council was forged, and the Human Royal Government was founded. 
  • Creation of the Magical Beings. With his new powes Jafier Heartan saw the great use of his powers, and with that he used his own blood to elect members of his most trusted friends. They drunk his blood and with a spell, Jafier made them like him, thus forming the Magical Beings. As his magic spread, more people developed powers.
  • Building of the Academy. To house the growing beings holding magic, and to teach them how to control their powers, he had an academy build to serve as a school to the people. This school was built from the remains to an ancient elf building. It was rebuilt and made into the Academy of Magical Beings.


  • Was inspired by real events in which all kings of England fought against each other
  • Takes place over all the lands of Amsnorth, making it the only one of two wars to do so, the other Being the Great Purge
  • In total from all the races, the soldiers reached over 500,000

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