Rising of the Dark-Elf Empire

War of the First

25,000 BPD


24,980 BPD


Most of Amsnorth


The formation of the Dark-Elf Empire, and their rising to power.
The other elvish people became servants under their rule.


Dark-Elf Empire

Wood-Elf Monarchy

Green-Elf Goverment


Emperor Shalimal
Lord Erebfar
Lord Masturis
Lord Avilos

King Andriel
Lord Karogorn
Lady Cyldra

Master Soliman
Lord Kalamon


Battle of White and Green
Battle at the Claws
Charge across the West
Sacking of Greatwood
Invasion of the Un'hugar

"The very first war fought by living mortals. This was the foundation of the lands that have came to be. Before there were no Dark-Elves, Wood-Elves or Green-Elves, there was only Elves. Since this war, they split their factions into groups and covens, to which still stand today."
―About the war

War of the First was a great war that took place around 25,000 BPD to around, 24,980 BPD. It is said to have been the very first war fought by mortals, hence its name. At the time of its events it has no name. 

The war was brought into action by Lord Shalimal of the Dark-Elves, who then proclaimed himself the Emperor of Amsnorth. This action was then called upon by King Andriel, who saw this as foolish and attacked the newly emperor. For around 6 months the war only consisted of these two men and their people, until the Green-Elves under the command of Master Soliman attacked them both.

This great war held many battles, with the most renowed one being the Invasion of the Un'hugar.



Around 25,000 BPD when the first records of mortal beings was recorded, there were only two mortal races, the Nimidorians and Elves. However the Nimidorians did not meddle with the affairs of their fellow mortals, and kept their own matters personal. Which caused the elves to fight among each other, until eventually they formed their own clans by their skin colour.

Andriel bending the knee

King Andriel defeated by Emperor Shalimal

The three clans eventually became known as the Dark-Elves, Wood-Elves and Green-Elves. After the formation of these groups, they did not concern their selves with the matters of their fellow kin, so instead selected certain parts of Amsnorth which they would call their own. The Wood-Elves took the large area around the West known as Greatwood Forest, while the Dark-Elves had control over Darkwood Forest, and the Green-Elves Greenwood Forest.

As the lands became more open to them, the Dark-Elves begun to send forth scouts and spies to locate the other memebers of the elves, to see what they were getting up to. Once they saw that they were no threat, Lord Shalimal ordered his people to relocate across the seas to an island remote.

This action was eventually discovered by King Andriel, who demanded an answer from the Lord. However after no response was made, Andriel travelled himself to meet with the lord, who at that point had named himself Emperor. Horrified, Andriel attacked Shalimal, and was defeated with ease. 

Instead of killing Andriel he sent him home, and ordered him never to cross his borders again otherwise he would end him and his people.

Andriel returned home and began to create himself an army, using the young to be trained within the arts of archery. After one hundred years, Andriel sent forth scouts of his own to discover the lands surrounding Greatwood Forest. The King founded several villages around the area, one being known as Markwall, which eventually became a great city. 

As he began to increase his lands and power, Emperor Shalimal did the same and their borders increased until they bothy collided again. This time Andriel was more powerful and he battled against Shalimal's forces, with his newly skills in ranged combat. As the Dark-Elves had never faced such weapons and skills before, they were froced to retreat, and Andriel took contorl over the northern area of the West.

The war begun when Enperor Shalimal rose his armies and banners to wipe King Andriel out. With that many battles took place around the seas and borders. But either side was not gaining the upper hand on the next. It was not until Master Soliman entered the war did they begin to dwindle on both sides. 

it was revealed to them that Soliman had been creating his own faction and goverment under their very
Battle at the Claws

Battle at the Claws

nose, and remained hidden as not to let out his secret. Soliman crushed the forces of Andriel and Shalimal and took contorl over both the West and North.

Angry over his defeat, King Andriel attacked Emperor Shalimal at his own island, using ships to sail around his islands. However Shalimal was ready for the attack and met his forces head on. The battle took several weeks, and was named the Battle at the Claws. 

The battle saw the result and death of over 300 Wood-Elves and the defeat of King Andriel as his foolish move to attack Shalimal in his own land. Master Soliman heard about the defeat of the wood-elves, and sent his spies and assassins to find and rescue Andriel from imprisoment.

After a successful attempt, Andriel teamed up with Soliman and they both battled against the emperor. After another year of war, Shalimal seemed as if defeat was upon him. However all was not, as the emperor had several tricks waiting for his foes. 

Shalimal defeated both the Wood-Elves and Green-Elves and beheaded Andriel to make sure he would never rise against him again. Soliman retreated to his homeland, but was abmushed by Dark-Elf forces who had sacked his city. Soliman was then killed by Shalimal in front of his people and proclaimed himself their new leader.


After the war ended, the Dark-Elf Empire took control over all the lands of the West and North. Shalimal tookn his gaze elsewhere and sought to seek out more lands, and increase his race.

The war has been told many times throughout history, and it is said that the war was the reason the hatred towards the Dark-Elves was so serious. At the time in history, the Dark-Elf Empire was the most powerful around the lands, but they did not know of another race growing across the seas, which would eventually become their downfall. The Dwarves.