Western Territories
West - 2
500 miles west of the
Dwavern Kingdom
The Kingdom of the Western Regions
A region within the
Human Royal Government
Rivers, forests, fertile plains, temperate to sub-tropical
73,000,000 (roughly)
Including: DwarvesElvesHauketHumansGoblins TrollsOgresFairiesGiantsLeavonDragons
Harken II Heartan (King of Amsnorth)
Oalson Thash (Duke of Üswana)
Farik Thash (Duke of Afrana)
Queen Nymeria (Queen of the Elves)
All Gods
Royalty • Upper-Class • Middle-Class Lower-Class
130,000 foot soldiers • 30,000 ships • 15,000 Calvary • 2,000 catapults • 10,000 Golden Knights
Regional capital
Couangus • Summerhold • Skytown • Invergordeon • Kabub • Munahara
Hamordil • Karthtown • Greentown • Hoobtown • Rivertown • Redtown • Reach • Falkstar • Seatown • Brightown • Morthtown • Tyrntown • Airwell
Leyawuin • Sinwach • Tomb of Devan •
Places of note
Kings' Mountain
• Plains • Ruby Ocean • Greatwood River• Greatwood Gorge • Woods of Might • Ravenfall Forest • Yaykio Temple• Old Elf Ruins • Flottria Statues • Ancient stones of Loch Aghara • Crystal Falls
Date of founding
Before the Creation Period
"The West is one of the most populated areas in Amsnorth. Its vast lands, beautiful horizons are something of sight. However greed haunts these countries like a ghost hunts a grave."
―About the West

Western Territories, also known as the West, or the Western Regions, is a constituent region that spans thousands of miles in size. It is the third largets kingdom by size, under the North, and the Dwavern Kingdom. The lands cover the entire of the western areas of the Main Lands and covers the islands and large settlments that are not joint to the lands of the West.

There are three major countries within the West: RoyalandüsÜswanaAfrana. Greatwood Forest is not a country, but takes up around 1,000 miles around the centeral areas of the West, splitting Afrana and Üswana's borders.

While the King of Amsnorth rules over the entire of Amsnorth, each of the Western Territories has a country, each of which are ruled by a different government, but they still all fall under the Human Royal Government. The major great houses in the West are: House Heartan, House Lukie, House Thash and House Wolfbane.


The Western regions are the third largest total area, behind the Dwavern Kingdom and the North. The region is greatly populated, being the second most populated area, behind only the North. Roughly around 73,000,000 people reside within the countries of the West, however this is a rough estimate. Its lands are mainly shrouded in vast lands, trees, hills, and few mountains. However its large wildernesses are home to rare beasts, and its long roads form large transport from country to country. 

The climate of the West is unlike the others, and an average day is rather dull and grey. While it is not as cold as the East, it is not as warm as the Dwavern Kingdom or the North. Its skies are often seen covered in bleak clouds, but there are many times during one month the skies will be clear and the sun will be burning at a great heat. There are several areas of the West which suffer great deals of blizzards, and horrific storms. These areas are delivered fierce blows, which can cause man problems for the people who inhabit these parts. 

The capital city of the West, and the whole of Amsnorth is Gran Sarathal, located within Royalandüs. It is the main seat of the Human Royal Government and the home to House Heartan. While the King of Amsnorth rules over all the lands in the world, each country is ruled and governed by a different lord, or duke. Each country has a capital city, and at least one or two cities.

Many of these lands are split up into several states, all of which are ruled by a Noble House, but each of them fall under the command of a Great House. Many of the noble house are ruled by a lord or a lady, while few are ruled by a highborn noble.


See main article: Races of Amsnorth

The West is home to many kinds of Races, and like most places the humans are the most populated out of all the others, followed closely by the dwarves. Goblins are also highly populated within the West, rumoured to have migrated there from across the East, as many have claimed that their food had grown scarce. Giants also populated around 3,000 is numbers, roaming across areas such as the Plains, and throughout the deep areas of Greatwood. The people there are very civil, and are much more educated 

Noble houses

Western Regions, with their Noble Houses

than any other area in Amsnorth. While some are very patriotic, the lands are home to rather rich beings, who all, despite their different religious views, still respect and honour the King or Queen of Amsnorth. Elves are not greatly populated within the West, however the Wood-Elves make their capital within the West, named Greatwood City, which is under the command of the King or Queen of the Elves.

Great HousesEdit

These houses are the main lords of their regions and countries, and they are seen as the power house governments, While they do command and control their countries, each of them is under the Human Royal Government, which forms a global economy that includes all the countries and houses across the seas. The Royal Government only holds the global power, but does allow the Great Houses to gain full control over politics and change taxes, rent, education and military power. 

The Great Houses are as follows:

House Heartan remains the only house in the world to be of royal blood, and the rulers of that house are the Kings and Queens of Amsnorth

Noble HousesEdit

Vassels to the Great Houses, Noble Houses are the lords and ladies of their regions and lands, while they too have houses under them, which leads to the common and normal beings, the Nobles are still of high regard. Noble Houses will change anything as they desire within their lands, and can request changes to be made, by inquiring to the Human Royal Government, or the ruling Great House of their country.

The Noble Houses:


  • House Hightowe
  • House Beark
  • House Royce
  • House Merryband
  • House Gardner
  • House Undergrow
  • House Ondir
  • House Uwnu
  • House Sinmann
  • House Ealme
  • House Maydon
  • House Ramsworth
  • House Irnengs


  • House Winvin
  • House Meedeli
  • House Lanark
  • House Tennant
  • House Assac
  • House Edmeir
  • House Rosenville
  • House Noorvuw
  • House Pourbi
  • House Norbel
  • House Deansi
  • House Aildu


  • House Hount
  • House Mykelson
  • House Fitzhorn
  • House Hathdik
  • House Ronkarl
  • House Weirik
  • House Sundthal
  • House Arpol



The Western Regions were the first lands to have been discovered by the ancient elves, around 25,000 BPD.
Ancient statue

Ancient statue

However their have been even older drawings and marks that have possibly dated further back than that period. There was not any named countries back then, and it was just regarded as being an entire land, it was not until the Dark-Elf Empire decided to split the region into three parts, did their names first come into existance. 

The center area of the region was a great woodland realm, which was under the command of the Wood-Elves. It gained its name, Greatwood through its massive size, and the empire decided to leave it be, and allow the wood-elves to keep their homeland. There were many times and periods throughout the history in which major events helped shape the land as time progressed. 

Üswana was the major area in which a great deal of events happened, ranging from the Yyanga Period to the Golden Age. Livestock, settlements and the wide useage of pottery pottery—began around 17,000 BPD in Afrana, probably influenced by earlier farming practices in Royalandüs. It spread from the country and eventually begun to push across the seas, if it were not for these things, the world would have slowly advanced.

Between 18,500 and 17,000 BPD, these old human cultures developed further to the west and the north, transmitting newly acquired skills in producing copper artefacts. In Western regions, including the islands in which surround the lands, was characterised not by large agricultural settlements but by field monuments, such as causewayed enclosures, burial mounds and megalithic tombs. 

Further ExpansionEdit

Ancient Afrana was the founding culture of the Western civilisation. Western democratic and individualistic culture
Ancient civilizations

Ancient civilizations

are often attributed to Afrana. The Afrannians invented the polis, or city-state, which played a fundamental role in their concept of identity. These people's political ideals were rediscovered in the later future, and played a major role in developing governments, and courts of law. Afrana and Royalandüs also generated many cultural contributions: in philosophy, and education. 

Another major influence came onto the Western Territories, that would impact Western civilisation from the Dark-Elf Empire which left its mark on law, politics, language, architecture, government and many more aspects in western civilisation. 

When the Hauket tribes begun to settle around the wildernesses that surrounded the West, the human and dwavern governments, decided to push them back, which begun the Hauket Civil War. The war lasted around 15-16 years, with the human and dwarves eventually managed to defeat them, causing them to be forced into a reservation that took up around 2,000 miles north of the Western Regions. While the Hauket Reservation was not at this time a land in which the Hauket tribes were allowed to inhabit, the were forced to hide in forests and hills to keep their people safe. 

Middle AgesEdit

During the decline of the Dark-Elf Empire, the Western Regions and their governed lords and ladies, including the human king, decided to plot against the Empire. They entered a long period of change, in which many wanted to take
Old beings

Humans during the ancient middle ages

the empire from power, and replace them with a greater power. The Dwarves became the front runners in what became the War of Gold and Black. The Dwarves were known for their great deals of gold and knowladge of warfare, so they made a truce with the Humans, that would grant them further power after the defeat of the empire. However after around 50 years old plotting, the Dwavern Domain decided to cancel their furture part in the war, which left the humans on their own. It was soon after the empire discovered this, but the humans asked the aid of the Wood-Elf Monarchy and the Green-Elf Government.

The unsuccessful attempts to start a war came, when the humans tried to arise an army for a second siege of Afrana. While the humans ruled there as kings and queens, they wanted to push out the empire's control over the country, to allow them to have full command and control over the lands and politics within the country. 

During the War, the empire finally decided that they were failing against the power of the army that posed to destroy them and after 40 years of war, the empire ended, and the humans gained full control over their country.

The economic growth of the Western regions around the year 10,000, together with the lack of safety on the
Early wood-elf settlements

Early settlements of the Wood-Elves within the West

mainland trading routes, made possible the development of major commercial routes along the coast of the Black and Magic Sea difficult. Many countries made themselves independent during these times, as they did not want to become trapped within the decline of the economy.

The Middle Ages on the mainland were dominated by the two upper people of the social structure: the nobility royalty. While all the Races of Amsnorth had a royal and noble ruler, the Wood-Elves held a great deal of power and land, and used their craftsment to forge and create small towns and villages throughout the woodlands.

War of KingsEdit

See: War of Kings for more detail

With the lands crumbling into a economic state, royalty and nobillity were beginning to fall, and the poorer people were starting to riot across the West. The lands were in a close war, as the kings of the countries were debating to invade their neighbours for gold and power. 

When the King of Markwall, Edmund Undertongue started to cause havok around Afrana, a human man named Jafier Heartan decided to use his Brotherhood if Justice to remove the tyrant king. After a sucessful attack on Markwall, the people named Jafier their new king.

The other kings and queens thought it time to make war, and they invaded each other. After year, Jafier eventually won, and he crowned himself King of Amsnorth. All other monarchies were removed to reduce the power of other nobles and highborns. The Wood-Elves however were allowed to keep their own, due to their aid in the war. 

Jafier Heartan formed the Human Royal Government, which served as the power house in all the lands of Amsnorth. The economy started to climb the ladder, and new jobs were created. Farms, cities, villages and towns were built around the West, to make way for the growing population. The Age of Heroes was named after Jafier, as the crime rate decreased greatly, and the world became a flourished land.

Other Wars:Edit

Great Purge

Freedom Wars

War of Flowers


The Western Regions is one of the wealthest places in Amsnorth. It is home to more noble houses than any other kingdom, and has more than 10,000 mines and farms spread throughout its lands. Despite being a rathern politically ruled area, the people have a great deal of control over many of their lands. 

Each of the countries are ruled by a Great House, which are responsibly for brining income into the Human Royal Government. Its main income is trade, in which the lords and ladies use their goods and supplies, and sell them across the seas for a great deal of gold. The Dwavern Kingdom is the central hub for trade within Amsnorth.


There are many currencies within the lands, the three types of gold are the Golden Unicorn, Golden Yeti and Golden
Westeron Bank

Westeron Bank

Dragon. While no other gold piece can be used in another country, if the gold has been weilded down and forged into a single golden block, it can be used in any country to be transformed or sold into more gold. 


The Titan's Road travels throughout the whole of the Western Regions, its massive size goes on for more than 5,000 miles. There are over 400 inns and taverns around the road, which serve as a base for wondering travellers. Horseback is the main way for trasport across all the lands, and for some who do not own a a horse, they can hire a carriage to take them across any area within the west.

Travelling across the seas is a little more difficult, as it requires a great deal of gold to pay for both, bed and food. One could take weeks at sea, and that person will have to pay for their whole food and bed for the jounrey. Over 3,000 ships move between each of the lands each day, all which carry, food, metals, passengers, coal, supplies and livestock.


With a population ecceding 73,000,000 trying to provide food for these people is very difficult. While most of the West is rich in wildlife, paying for hunters to catch and deliver them to farms proves to be very costly. Many lords and rulers have constructed hundreds of farms across the lands and countries, with a total of around 40,000 farms spread across the whole of the west alone. 

Each farm is ruled by a noble house, and that farm is demanded to meet a certain criteria, and if not the farmer will be removed and replaced with another. Farming is something many poorer beings thrive to become, as the money and protection keep them alive and fed. 


The West is one of the many highly educated areas in Amsnorth. While the people may not be as educated as the Green-Elves of Summer of Priest, they have some of the oldest and most repected schools in the lands.

In the BooksEdit

The Westeron Regions is the very first place in which the books take place. The series protagonist, Isabella Mthendale starts off with a village located in the west, Seatown. The character spends years in the west, before he manages to pass through the west, and the Strands of the Axes and into the North.


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