White Human
The White Human in armour

The White Human

Biographical information

Other names
Hero of Winter, the Man who Saved, The Unknown Saviour
Builder, hunter
Date of birth
Unknown, before FA 1500
Date of death
Axe, swords

Physical description

Over 6 feet
Hair color
Eye color
"Known by many as only the White Human, a legend who saved the lives of thousands during The Long Winter. He was loved and respected by all around him, and was posthumously knighted by Emperor Konivaru for his heroic actions. "
―About the White Human

The White Human, or also named The Unknown Saviour, (FA  ? - FA ?) was a human legend who saved the lives of thousands during The Long Winter, when he decided to construct a place of refuge, which would help keep the people of Amsnorth safe during the hard times of winter. The city that went on to be known as Winterfay, became the only city in the world at that time to employ the useage of thick hardened ironwood, which was harvest from nearby woodlands. This wood helped build houses that would protect people from the harsh and horrific blizzards that tore across the world.

After eight hard months of building the city, The White Human was praised for his actions, and considered to be a hero by nearly everyone in Amsnorth. He was called upon by Emperor Konivaru to be rewarded, but he dissapeared shortly afterwards. It is unknown who he was, or where he came from, but many tales and books have been written about who he was. Many claimed he was a god, and some believed him to be a farmer, but no one actually knows.

The White Human was the first ever human to gain worldwide praise for his actions, and the first ever human to gain a statue built in their honour. The statue was built outside of Winterfay, in the woods where he harvest the ironwood.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Little is known about the White Human's personallity, but many tales regard him as a kind, but stubborn man, who always worked, and never slacked. Whenever he had a gain or a goal, he did not sleep, eat or rest until that goal was completed. In many books, he has been called a very angry person, and some have said that he was a very honest and gentle one, but it is unknown what is true.

The White Human was painted by Yyonadovi Granith during his time in building Winterfay, and his appearance was fairly normal for a man during those times. He was very tall, standing over 6 feet, with thick blonde hair, and a face full of facial hair. His eyes were brown and kind, and he always wore thick furs with strong steel, giving off a rather intimidating appearance.


It is uknown where, who to, or when the White Human was born, but during that period in time, humans were not very populous within the larger lands of Amsnorth, so many believed that he hailed fromn the human kingdom of, Great Valous Islands. Many tales have stated that he travelled across Amsnorth, helping build small houses, huts and even inns during his early years, until venturing across the harsh Black Sea and to the Dwavern Kingdom, where he would spent most of his later life. 

Building of WinterfayEdit


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