William III Heartan
Young William

William III Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Curly King, King Wine
Date of birth
TA 5041
TA 5103 - TA 5129
Date of death
TA 5139 (98 years)

Physical description

6.6 feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate brown
Royal House
"William III Heartan was quite possibly the most charming King of all time. With his dazzling good looks, intriguing personality, he gained a wide spread reputation."
―About William III

William III Heartan (TA 5041 - TA 5139) was the King of Amsnorth after the death of his father, Nark IV Heartan. He was one of the few kings to have a complete reign without entering some king of battle of warfare. While William was no stranger to fighting, he was rarely seen in one.

William inherited the throne at the age of 62 years old, due to his age, William did not was to rull for the rest of his elder years, so stepped down as King at the age of, 88 years old. He was the first monarch since Robert II Heartan to have stepped down as ruler, and the second king in House Heartan history to do so.

Character and AppearanceEdit

William inherited his father's charm, and was known as a very outgoing man. In his early years he was a lady's man, and loved to be in the company of women, even if it was not an intimate relationship. William was also a very kind and loving man, but also very weak hearted. He did not like the sight of blood, and if he was ever seen fighting against anyone or thing, he would often turn his head after cutting through flesh. William was also a drunk, he had spent thousands of gold on wine since his 26 years as king. 

William was described as a beautifuly handsom man, which was considered strange, due to the average appearance of his father, and his mortally obese mother. William did not cut his hair throughout his entire life, and his hair curled down to his bottom by the time he died. His hair was considered his main attraction, it was always curly and shined constantly. He also had a very thin streak through his hair, which he dyed white at the age of 20 years old. 

William was also very fashionable, and loved to attract women due to his status and looks. He donned on very highborn clothings, and favoured whites and blues over anything else.


Early LifeEdit

William is the first born out of three siblings, and was a very exicted child, many believe that he put this one to keep himself happy, due to the very hostile relationship between his father, Nark IV Heartan and Mia Heartan. At the age of 12, William left Gran Sarathal to travel across to the Dwavern Kingdom, where he spent a further 5 years. There he explored around the vast size of the kingdom, and often embarked on quests to hunt down goblins.

William did not return to Royalandüs until he was 27 years of age, and once his return he met his new siblins for the first time, and learned of his mother's death. This did not grieve William as he never held a strong relationship with either of his parents. Much to his father's wishes, William remained the Gran Sarathal to assist his father with ruling over Amsnorth, and took command of the Royal Trading Company.  

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

At the age of 31, William was to be wed to Eliana Irnengs, daughter to Lord Eric Irnengs. William's reputation as a man who enjoyed all sorts of women was known to Eliana, but this did not damper her interest in the Prince of Amsnorth. On their wedding night, Eliana attempted to prove herself as a better women than the ones William had previously encountered. It is said that William never went near another.

William's first born, Harken I Heartan was born when he was 34, and his second George III Heartan, when he was 39 years of age. William was seen teaching his children himself, instead of having a tutor hired for them. William became one of the first highborns to have never paid a dime for a teacher.

King of AmsnorthEdit

At the age of 61 years old, William's father, Nark IV Heartan had died, which meant William would be crowned as the next King of Amsorth. However William was not present at Gran Sarathal during this time, as he was within Summer of Priest, attending to some trading matters. William spent several months at sea on his voyage, and suffered through a horrific thunderstorm, which claimed the life of his wife, Eliana Heartan and his grandson, Walter V Heartan

The following year William was crowned, and throughout his years as king, he attempted to further his father's reign, by mainting a peaceful rule. This succeeded as William never once entered battle or warfare throughout his entire rule. Due to taking the Throne at such an old age, he did not want to be stuck as king for the rest of his old days, like many others before him. So when he reached 88 years old, William stepped down as King, allowing his eldest son, Harken I Heartan to succeed him. 

Later YearsEdit

William spent the rest of his years in Summer of Priest, enjoying life as he once had, and died during a travel across the country. His body was brought back to Gran Sarathal, and he was laid at rest in the Kings' Mountain.

See AlsoEdit

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