William II Heartan
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William II Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Unlikely King
Date of birth
TA 4,999
TA 5,015 - TA 5,015
Date of death
TA 5,015 (16 years)

Physical description

5.8 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate brown
Royal House

William II Heartan (TA 4,999 - TA 5,015 ) was the King of Amsnorth after the events of the Rebellion of Family, which saw his entire family of House Heartan pitty themselves against each other to win the throne. William was an unlikely king, as he was 9th in line to the throne, however his second cousin on his great-grandfather's side, Robert II Heartan elected him as his heir. This brought an uproar to the people and family of his house, and his great aunt, Elizabeath I Heartan decided to launch a rebellion against his claim. However William along with the help of many others, managed to defeat her, sealing his position as king.

William ruled Amsnorth for only 4 and a half months before he was killed by his great uncle Walter III Heartan, who took the throne from him.

Character and AppearanceEdit

William was a very noble young man, but highly kind and honourable. He loved and respected everyone he met, despite their race or religion. He cared much for any person who was weaker or poorer than him, which gave him a good reputation. 

William was a handsome man with dreamy eyes, a strong smile and glorious locks of brown hair. He had a scar through his left eye, which was considered his trade mark in his early years.


Early LifeEdit

William is the first and only son to William I Heartan, born around TA 4,999, he was the grandson to Markus II Heartan, a renowed fighter, and great-grandson George II Heartan. William always thougth to himself as a young man that the throne was a lost cause, as so many decided to fight for it. He spent most of his time within his villages around the Western Territories, where he served as a prince. He was known for his kind heart, and caring of the people. This brought the attention of Robert II Heartan who started to grow rather fond of the young man. When Robert was crowned King of Amsnorth he summond Willaim to the coronation. 

Rebellion of FamilyEdit

When Robert II Heartan made the announcement that he was stepping down as king, the world was full of questions. William curious of why he would do such a thing, travelled to Gran Sarathal. He soon learned that Robert could not father any children, so deemed himself unworthy of the throne. While his brother, Walter II Heartan was the next in line, he died at sea. Robert then elected William as his heir. This shocked him as well as thousands more, who thought William had no right. But Robert was still king at the time, so his word was law. William's great aunt, Elizabeath I Heartan was not going to accept this, so rallied her forces and caused a rebellion.

William with the help of his other family launched the war to counter her. During the one year of battling, the Rebellion of Family finally ended, with William winning the throne. With his good reputation he sought to rule through kindess, and made the world thrive.


William had only ruled for 4 months before he was killed in his sleep by his great uncle, Walter III Heartan. His reign due to being 4 months, is the shortest rule of any king in history.

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