Windhark city
Northern Territories
(Excluding Elves)
Lord Robert Lukie
All Gods
(Including Humans and Dwarves)
Yellow Castle
Places of note
The Great Windmill
Dragon Statue
Date of founding
Area of Greats
15,000 years
Angus the Great
"Little is known about what goes on within the city walls, but the Lord is as sickly and insane as the King himself. Elves dare not enter, as within the grounds of Windhark, they are not welcome."
About the city

Windhark is a large city located within the Northern Territories. It is the fourth largest city in Amsnorth and is known for its giant windmill. It is the central place for power and supplies, due to its large fields of farms. 

Elves are not permitted within the city, this is due to Lord Robert Lukie's hatred towards them. Many elves that have been seen wondering the city's streets have been killed on sight, which has given the city a bad name over the past decade.


The city was built areound 50,000 years ago during the Area of Greats period. The city was created and designed by Angus the Great. Many dwarves and humans built the city, and it took nearly twenty years to complete. 

The city has often been described as a beautiful city, but many times it has been a place of horror. Over the years it has been attacked countless times by bandits and dark creatures due to its location near Evergreen Forest. 

Windhark was also the first city hit during the Great Purge, in which thousands of people were slaughtered by Azugon. Since that day the city has been recreated many times and owned several lords and nobles over the course of history.

Landmarks within the cityEdit

Yellow CastleEdit

The palace of the city is where the Lord stays. No servants are permitting within the castle and the only ones granted entry are cooks and maids, but they do not stay for the night. 

It is located in to the far side of the city and can been seen miles away from the city. It has many high towers in which have been empty for hundreds of years. However it serves as prisons to many people Lord Robert finds enemies. Countless elves have been murdered and tortured within the towers. 

The Great WindmillEdit

The main attraction of the city is the giant windmill that stands over one hundred feet in height. It is
Windhark windmill
surrounded by many hills and wilds, which allows the wind to push its way to the windmill. It is responsible for the city's name of Trade Capital. It both creates a quicker time at crafting crops and harvesting grain for quick food production. 

The windmill is also in works with the farms that surround the city, and uses the crops and foods that the farmers all grow. Inside the windmil are many servants that work on the crops and feed them through the machine that the windmill's blades work. This enables for fresh food and allows for quick production. Inside there are also several areas that focus on blending meats together, by using the leftovers from unwanted animals and compressing them together.

Windhark farms


Throughout time the windmill had grown and grown. Under the command of Lord Robert Lukie, the windmill works at incredible rates, and had caused many injuires to poor, servants and farmers over time. Due to its harsh working conditions, it has been attacked many times from bandits and thugs, as well as the people living within the city itself. However it has never been destroyed, as it is protected by over fifty heavily armed soldiers, which stand guard over it every day.

Dragon StatueEdit

The giant statue that sits within the city's main tower center reaches over fifty feet in length. Its is crafted from iron, steel, ruby, emerald and gold. There has been many questions of what type of dragon it is supposed to honour, but there have been no comfirms.

Noble ResidentsEdit

  • Lord Robet Lukie
  • Lady Leneli Lukie
  • Ser Alexander Lukie
  • Commander Derek Byozer
  • Ser Kry Gaston

Villages within the city's bordersEdit

  • Windstone
  • Greatown
  • Iverun
  • Dragontown

In the BooksEdit

The city does not make an appearance throughout the Tales of Amsnorth. But stories are told of it from afar, and many of the main events arise from this city.


The city is located around five thousand miles from the city Qhylen. It stands on its own with Evergreen Forest to its north, and the Magic Sea to its south. The Burnt Islands are also to the south of the city.