Background Information
Type City
Location Gran Sarathal, Kolodyyne
Population 60,000
Rulers Jorthar Grumslo
Military 5,000 footsoldiers, 300 archers
Places of note Church of Maria
Date of founding
Age 19,000 years
Founder The White Human
Other Information
Summary A city within Kolodyyne and one of the larger cities within the country. It is known for its beautiful location next to a large cliffside.
Other names
Inhabitants Dwarves, Humans, Elves
Spoken Languages Rochillian, Elvish
"A city that suffered the most horrendous sufferings. Winterfay remains to this day as one of the most successful cities in the world, not due to wealth, but to its people."
―About Winterfay

Winterfay is a large city located within Kolodyyne. It was founded roughly 19,000 years ago, by an unknown human settler. Its name was given to it during its harsh construction during a sever winter than had decended upon the Dwavern Kingdom, The Long Winter. Winterfay is a very sought out city, and is often surrounded in tourists and has a strong case of immigration. The Dwarves of the city are often very hostile towards different races, other than humans, as they see other races as unwanted.


Winterfay was built around 19,000 years ago, during one of the harshest times in history, The Long Winter. This devastating winter that lasted for three years took the lives of thousands in Amsnorth. However the Dwavern Kingdom was not hit as much as the rest of the world, which cause a massive immigration. Due to the increased population suddenly flooding into the kingdom, an unknown human settler found a location that was masked by thick
Early construction of Winterfay

Winterfay during its early construction

trees, and sat close to a cliffside, to provide for fishing, and safe passage around the icy seas.

The settler begun to build small houses out of nearby trees, with the assistance of several dwarves and other humans. The built the houses to adapt to the cold winter, making them extra thick, and strong. As the news got out that they were building houses that would protect them from the cold, more people arrive to assit them.

While over the course of its construction was successful, more than one hundred people died during this time, as many could not withstand the harsh coldness from being outside for so long. They decided to build walls around the houses that they had built, which would prevent large gusts of wind from tearing down larger houses, and built ports and harbours along the bottoms of the cliffside, to allow for fisher to feed the starving workers.

Emperor Konivaru also got wind of the construction of this city, and took intrest, sending out many slaves to help them. It took them over eight months to get the city fully functional, and once it was built, it became a beacon for many people during the harsh winter. 

Once the winter was over, many residents started to give it a name, Winterfay, which would eventually be what it was known as from there on. Winterfay is considered to be one of the most loved cities in Amsnorth, mainly for helping protect a great deal of civilians during the winter, and the unknown human builder is regarded as a hero. He is known as the White Human.

Notable PlacesEdit

Church of MariaEdit

The onlu main attraction within Winterfay, is the Church of Maria, to honour the legacy of Maria the Wonderer. Maria, who was loved by thousands in her time, came to Winterfay after suffering from a serious bear attack, and lived within the city for several months. During her time there, she helped teach many people how to hunt food, helped many gain faith in religions, and helped construct a school for the young. She was so loved, that after her death, the people who respected her, built a church in her name. 

The church serves as a place where many come to find peace, or to ask for wisdom from the Maria, who many believed was watching over them.


Winterfay is not a vastly wealthy city, but better off than most in Kolodyyne. Due to its history, most of its incomen comes from travellers. However despite being a loved place, it is very costly to live within. It has the second highest tax in the Dwavern Kingdom, and due to this, it has a high population of poor people, most of which are mainly immigrants, which sparks rage among the residents.


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