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"Being a wizard is a privilege and an honour. Although their training stages are now complete, they are far from finished. The world is full of stories, and hidden knowledge that has yet to be discovered."
―About a wizard

A 'Wizard' is the final stage of a Magical Being's life and the second highest in the Order, behind only the Grand Wizard/Witch. It takes around one hundred years, sometimes more to reach this level. It takes time, patience, peace, harmony, meditation and power. 

Not many have reaced this rank throughout their lifetime, but the ones who have are often called as some of the most powerful and wisest people in history.

The very first wizard was Jafier Heartan, also the first magical being and the founder of the Academy of Magical Beings. The human legend gave the term wizard to the highest ranking member, as honour to the place in which all beings are trained, Wizardear.


Being the final rank of the order, the wizard still has much to do still. There are many stages that are now open to them. Also if they so desired, they could leave their order and persue a life of their own, by having a family. However in the process they will be exiled from the order. But unlike if they were a mage, sorcerer or necromancer, a wizard or witch may still gain entry to the Academy due to their hard time and training and they get to keep their powers. This is allowed because the Order of Magical Beings still require students, and if magical beings have children, it is likely their offspring will also possess the magical talents.

While there is still much for them to learn, a wizard may now select a student of their own. In doing so, they must use all that they have learned and and pass it on to another. This takes time for one to acheive, as the order only allows the most acomplished magical being to aquire a student. The task is very difficult, which cause some wizards, even witches to make sure they are highly skilled in the arts of magic before they even consider teaching another. However they may get a taste of teaching, as a student can be selected by a wizard, and he may take them on quests, to show them how to control and use their magic effectivly. 

If the wizard or witch has had a sucssesful life, they will be approched by the Magical Council and offered a place, if they have not already. If the magical being accepts, they will put away all training and be required to become a leader of the order, but still fall under the Grand Wizard/Witch. As a council member, the wizard will have to be present at all meetings, and decide on affairs concering their own, and other people. If needed, a council wizard will travel outside Wizardear, and assist others in deadly affairs. They are the equivilent of a human lord or lady.

Azugon was the youngest ever magical being to have reached the wizard rank at such a young age. This both shocked hundreds and granted him an imedent place among the council and order. Moreusico was close to this age, becoming one at seventy-three. It is rare for a magical being to reach this rank at a young age, and those are often praised upon.


Despite this rank they can now experiment with further magic, such as shapeshifting. This skill is very difficult and even the greatest of magical beings have difficulty trying to master it. This allows them to further their magic beyond that of their other ranks. Shapeshifting is one of the most difficult to learn. 

Wizard studying

Wizard studying

They may also still chose to study within the academy's facilities, and use these to deepen their study. While most have already gained everything from the facilities, they sometimes re-read them. 

One of the biggest things a wizard or witch does at this rank is scout the world seeking to settle affairs and help the people with any problems and issues. This is considered a part of their training, and most who do always come back with greater experience. This training is possibly the most difficult out of all in their life, as affairs outside the world are very hard to judge. If a wizard choses to help in civil affairs, they will fail their training, and be exiled. They must chose their quests very carefully, and try not to dwell in with difficult people. 

Many wizards and witches take their place within cities, to advise lords or even kings. Many of their are always welcome within the cities, as magical beings are praised and loved by all across the lands. As an adiver, they may also become a member of a race council, and even command armies, but must NOT take part in civil wars. It is against their religion, as civil affairs are people battling for their own gains, and not to help others. While they can take part in dire needs, it is unlilely they will find such one.


While the wizard is the most recognized person within the order, the witches identify theirselves by wearing long cloaks and robes. The wizard is known for the long beard and hair, which is usually unkept and shaggy. Their wrinkled faces, and old torn robes can be seen from anywhere. They keep this appearance because it is a symbol of their success, as a rugged structure shows how difficult and hard their life has been to reach their stage. Some can choose not to look like this, for example Azugon, who valued his looks. 


Each wizard is extremely powerful, being the master of almost all magic. However their main skillsets come from their training throughout their life. They can become to adept to all kinds of things, ranging from magic to swordplay.

While most Magical Beings do not prefer to use any kind of military weapon, they may be allowed to. Some legendary beings have become experts in swordplay and archery. Beings who have used swords and bows and arrows were: Jafier Heartan, Nark I Heartan, Orsimac, Azugon, Morganna, Flemorra, Moreusico, Noirin, Ilagast and Drakryn.

A wizard is also very skilled in potion making, and can craft potions to heal, curse, inflict fear and even kill. They are as skilled as even the Green-Elves in this manner. A wizard is likely to learn all about potions when they are in an early stage, and are required to identify over 200 plants in many of their tests. 

Wizards are also very intelligent, and should have read around 300,000 books in their lifetime. They are well educated, and understand almost anything. They known of every beast, creature, race and historical person throughout time. Their great understanding of history, makes them perfect teachers in cities, serving as teachers for future nobles and lords.

Taking a studentEdit

Now in their last rank, they may now take on a young magical being and let them gain their knowledge. In the process the magical being will no longer accept any further training of their own, but pass down their own to their students. 

Throughout their student's life in the academy, the master will be there always. While one of their students reaches past the mage rank, the master may take on a second student, while still assisting the last one. But they will no longer have full control over their last student, as their main focus is on the mage.

When a master feels that their student is ready, he brings the attention to the council who all agree if the one is ready to undergo the Selection, which will enable them to progress to the next rank. If the student fails, both the master and the student are punished. The mage could possibly be exiled, and the wizard could possibly have their title taken away, and be deducted back to necromancer. So before the student takes the test, the master ensures that they are truely ready before they take the test.

If a student makes it to the wizard rank, the teacher is praised greatly, and therefore considered one of the greatest wizards in the order. If a wizard teaches more than one student, and they reach this rank also, then that being is regarded as being a legend. The only two people who have trained and raised many beings to wizard rank were, Jafier Heartan and Azugon.


The wear of the wizard can be as they so desire, but they must wear the approperate robes while they are within the academy. Most magical beings choose to wear the robes no matter where in Amsnorth they are.

The wizard is known for his long pointy hair and raggid robes, and wear very tough boots to enable them to walk and stand for a great deal of time. Inside their robes are hundreds of pockets, which have small bottles of potions to help them in their quest. There may also be weapons, or other things of their wish in these. They also hold a large belt, which holds more pockets, and keys. They can now use any colour they wish, from gold, silver, bronze, and much more. However the colour of a full green robe is forbidden, as this is considered the dark magic look.


They are the greatest of their order and have mastered most of all the magical categories, but there are several in which they may now learn that they could not in the past.

  • Blood Magic (Not required, but may learn)
  • Spiritual Magic
  • Shapeshifting
  • Advanced Lightening
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation
  • Flight
  • Clone Magic
  • Earth Magic
  • Telekinesis

While this list expands on unknown magic, these categories are the most difficult to learn. The Spiritual Magic section is often compared with the Summoning category. This is due to that the magical being must tamper with dangerous forces that could risk been unleashed upon the lands. But because they have been understanding magic for decades, and sometimes centuries, they may now be trusted to throw their own selves into the Vale, to try and use the spiritual magic from the other side to enchant their powers. 

Azugon was a main magical being who managed to throw himself into the Vale, but due to his darkness and corruption, it is said that Spiritual Magic is the reason behind his fall to Dark Magic. This may or may not be true, but there have been many times when one magical being who has fallen or failed to Spititual Magic that they have become corrupted by it.

Magic StaffEdit

A Magic Staff if the main weapon of any magical being. In the wizard rank, a staff is his life, he is to treat it like another part of his body. If the staff is destroyed, they are forbidden to make another. 

Many wizards will turn the staff into a ring, this is to enable them to move freely without it getting in the way. While they can still use magic as the ring, it is less effective.

In the BooksEdit

Magical Beings, and wizards are a major part of all the tails. Moreusico is the first one we ever meet, and he is considered one of the strongest of all time. Azugon is the main antagonist of the series, as well as several others who appear over time.