Tree of the Wood-Elves, with four ravens flying around it.
"The way is life"

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Queen of the Elves
King of the Elves

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The Western Territories (main quarters)
All of Amsnorth



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Human Royal Government
Dark-Elf Supremacy
Green-Elf Government
Dwavern Domain

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House Oakwood


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25,000 BPD
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"The oldest standing government within Amsnorth. The Wood-Elf Monarchy has seen its share of death and life, they fight for what is right in the ways of life."
―About the Monarchy

Wood-Elf Monarchy also known as The Royal Government of the Elvish People is a ruling government among the elvish people. It has existed for over 25,000 years, and is the oldest standing organisation in history of Amsnorth. Throughout its time the Monarchy has played parts in almost every major war, and even though it had won many of these, the Monarchy has never been the main powerhouse.

The Monarchy was founded by King Andriel of the Wood-Elves around 25,000 BPD, when the first mortal races begun their quest for dominance. Andriel formed the monarchy and named himself king, likely making him the first ever King of Amsnorth. However after Andriel's death the Monarchy crumbled, and it was not until 300 years later did his grandchild Endrasti bring the government back to its full status.

For thousands of years the government has been one of the strongest of all global race government. After the destruction of the Dark-Elf Empire in the 15,960 BPD war the War of Gold and Black, the Wood-Elf Monarchy became the main government for the elvish people. 

The Wood-Elf Monarchy repesents hope, freedom, justice and honour. It has full control over the Woodland Realms, and consists of many small villages and towns built only within these massive woodland kingdoms. Most of these woodlands are home to powerful elvish houses. 

Unlike the Human Royal Government, the Wood-Elf Monarchy does not have a senate, but instead has a council which holds each of the noble houses. This council assits the main monarch on his or hers' leadership annd offers their council whenever required. 

The main duties of the council are also to help the elvish people, no matter if they are Dark-Elves or Green-Elves. Due to the agreement by Jafier Heartan and Safdraen, the Wood-Elves are in partnership with the humans, and have been for the past 9,000 years.

Throughout most of its run the Monarchy has been a powerhouse, and is often remarked as being the true government that actually cares for its people instead of power and gold. However there have been many monarchs who have been greedy and corrupt. 



The Monarchy was founded around 25,000 BPD when the elvish race was split upon into three subraces, known as Dark-Elves, Wood-Elves and Green-Elves. King Andriel of the Wood-Elves was the main leader of the people, and with his leadership he formed the very first army of the Monarchy, and used gold to build and create the first city within Greatwood Forest


Rivertown, one of the first ever villages created in Amsnorth

King Andriel build many castles and forts around the Western Territories, trying to find more locations and more elves hidden and living among the wastelands. Even though at this time in history there were little news of any other race other than their own, as the dragons kept to their selves, the Elves were left to build on their own. 

Andriel was the first to discover the lands across the West, and named several of the places, including: The Ruby Ocean, Trailed Mountains and Rivertown. While the wood-elves were not as populated as the dark-elves, their skills in hunting with the new weapon the bow and arrow, the wood-elves became one of the major reasons for trade among the people. Due to their skills they could transport tons of meat to and from viillages and cities. 

As the years past the Monarchy expanded, and during the events of the War of the First, it became the first government to enter a full outscale war against the Dark-Elf Empire, ruled by the ruthless and talented Emperor Shalimal

War of the FirstEdit

When King Andriel discovered that Shalimal had declaired himself emperor, the wood-elf king was furious and demanded an answer. By doing so started the first hostile move against the Dark-Elf Empire. Shalimal defeated Andriel and the king was forced to flee home.

After this event Andriel begun to plan his revenge against him, and by doing so he trained his forces to use the bow and arrow more efficently. While he still expanded upon his lands, he was more concered about making the most deadly army. 

It took 100 years before his army was ready, and due to breeding countless elves, he had a greater and
Andriel bending the knee

King Andriel defeated by Emperor Shalimal

larger army than either of the other races. However this had a downside as he made each male elf a soldier, and once they died there was few men to impregnate the females. This caused much problems after the War of the First as the population decreased greatly. 

When the army was ready Andriel launched a war against Shalimal, and later the Green-Elf Government entered the war under the command of Master Soliman. As the war waged, the Wood-Elf Monarchy held much power over the rest, but after time the Empire begun to push them back, up until the Battle of the Claws, where Andriel was defeated and captured by Shalimal.

Soliman rescued Andriel, and formed the first friendship between the Wood-Elves and Green-Elves. However despite their combined strengths, Shalimal still managed to defeat them both, and Andriel was killed which caused his son, Menelras to take over the throne. Shalimal was intending on making sure the Wood-Elf Monarchy did not try such a thing again, to threatened Menelras that if he wished to contiune his father's war, then he would burn their whole city to the ground. 

Menelras was wise and did not enter another war, but instead made a truce with the Dark-Elf Empire and form a trade between them both. This worked, and they both aside their differences for a time. It was not until the discovery of the Dwarves did the Wood-Elf Monarchy begin to talk about another war against the Empire.

Discovery of the Human RaceEdit

Around 24,500 BPD the first human coloney was discovered, which consisted of over 3,000 humans. While humans were known across Amsnorth there was none in such numbers. King Syndus heard about this coloney and he travelled to meet with their tribal leader himself.

Syndus met with Sorex Vhichi, the man that was named the leader of this coloney. It was during this period the first ever friendship started between the human race and the wood-elves. However as their numbers were not as great enough to start an army, Syndus did not ask them to begin another war against the Dark-Elf Empire, but instead kept a close eye on them. However Syndus did turn his gaze to the dwavern race that was beginning to increase across the seas. 

Syndus entered a friendship with Lord Yagrum of the Golden Halls, anc came with an agreement to defeat

Discovering the first human coloney

the Empire and establish a new government. While the agreement was for the Dwavern Domain to take control over Gran Sarathal and become the main leaders of Amsnorth, Syndus actually plotted against the dwarves also, by planning to overthrow them with the new human race growing rapidly fast.

After the Rising of the Dark-Elf Empire ended, and Syndus was slain, the Wood-Elf Monarchy turned its attention to the humans once more. And for another 400 years they assisted the humans by teaching them hunting skills, while the humans lend their high intelligence to them. The humans became the first beings to fashion iron and copper armours, as well as tools for crafting, and newly improved ships which could carry over 10 times the normal amount. 

Second DestructionEdit

The Wood-Elf Monarchy entered yet another attempt to bring down the Dark-Elf Empire, but instead turned to an unlikely race, the Hauket. This race had won a small war against the Empire in the Conquest of the East, where the Empire attempted to seize their lands. These mysterious beings were interesting to King Andrilion, who saw them as being a race that could possibly bring down the corrupted empire.

However as the allegance of the wood-elves and hauket grew, they soon discovered that the Empire had forced other governments to bend the knee to them, the Green-Elf Government and the Dwavern Domain. This put a halt on their actions as they tried to find a way to bring the other governments to their side, but this failed and another war broke out, The Sacred War.

The Wood-Elf Monarchy lost the war, and the Hauket Tribes were forced into slavery. This loss nearly destroyed the Monarchy, and the race was forced back into the forests where their numbers had almost become too little to save their race.

As all seemed lost, the human race arrived to help their friends, and by doing so they managed to lift the Monarchy back onto their feets, and 1,000 years later the Monarchy was once again risen. This put more love between the two races at an all high, and the humans had increased in numbers and supassed the Wood-Elves and Green-Elves. The humans formed their own government, naming their selves the Human Sovereignty. 

War of King VanikimaEdit

Around 20,500 BPD a rouge Dark-Elf monarch named Vanikima had took control over the Dark-Elf Empire under influence and had full power over the courts. Instead of naming himself emperor like most the Empire leaders do, Vanikima chose to name himself King. 

The Wood-Elf Monarchy attempted to stay out of the war, but after the daughter to King Legovan was brutally raped and murdered by Vanikima himself, he entered the war out of rage. Although he was more careful than his ancestors, he did not send his entire armies into fight, but lend his troops and skilled archers to the Dwavern Domain and the Green-Elf Government. 

As the long war waged, the Monarchy begun to become more involved, and with their skills managed to take control over the southern area of the West. Vanikima attempted to take the south back, but was unable as the Wood-Elves had set traps across the border line, killing all who passed over it.

Despite all the efforts, the Dark-Elf Empire managed to defeat both the Dwavern Domain and the Green-Elf Government, which left the Wood-Elves alone to fight the increasing Empire. Legovan did not want another destruction, so instead surrendered to the King, and gave up all lands around Greatwood Forest tp prevent the extinction of his race. Vanikima honoured this, but murdered Legovan and his three sons to break the bloodline of his monarchy.

However Legovan had another daughter, which was hidden away within the Human Sovereignty under the protection of the humans. Legosandri was trained under the humans for 20 years before she made her way to her people.

Destruction of the EmpireEdit

In 16,000 BPD the Empire had made a move that made a path to their destruction. Emperor Shashev invaded a human caslte, in which over 150 humans were slaughtered brutally. Over 40 human females were captured and enslaved, which caused Lord Jeresin Houndar to form his armies to bring the Empire to justice. 

Jeresin gained their partnership of both the Green-Elf Government and the Dwavern Domain and waged the War of Gold and Black. The war was in the Empire's favour for around 5 years, until Jeresin asked his closest friends, the Wood-Elves to helo defeat them.

Fall of the empire

The Fall of the Dark-Elf Empire

With their combined forces, they managed to defeat the Empire and forced Shashev back into Gran Sarathal, where the Human Sovereignty bashed down the city gates with the aid of the Dwavern Domain, and captured the city. Shashev was hanged by Jeresin, and he set half the city on fire, to burn out all the Dark-Elves.

The Dwarves however betrayed the humans, and stabbed Jeresin in the back. Lord Drakulous Boulderarm took control over the city, and forced the humans from the lands. The newly dwavern king then proclaimed himself the new ruler of Amsnorth.

The Wood-Elf Monarchy fleed the war and went back into the forests where they remained away from the dwarves. 

Current StatusEdit

The Monarchy is still currently in tact, making it the oldest government in history, with the Dwavern Domain closely behind. The Monarchy is currently ruled by Queen Nymeria, who is considered one of the best monarchs of the whole government. 


The Monarchy has a vast army, although not as large as their rival governments. However they possess highly skilled archers, which make them the more feirce army at ranged combat. While they are the best archers in Amsnorth, they are also highly skilled in swordplay.

All of the wood-elf soldiers are archers and combat soldiers, which make them skilled and dangerous foes to face. However wood-elf leaders are not greatly skilled in strategy, which makes them valunrable whenever their leader falls in battle.


The Monarchy is a rich government, but not wealthy. They do not collect tax like most governments to, but instead claim gold from trade and by selling their skills and weapons. The Wood-Elves craft the best bows and arrows and sell them at high prices to cities

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